Will CBD Oil Fail a Drug Test

will cbd oil fail a drug test?

Getting an All-Clear on a Urine Test While Using CBD

We are all jumping on the cannabis bandwagon since hearing about the benefits it holds for an array of ailments. There are still those individuals who opt to keep their distance due to the reputation of this plant as a recreational drug but many have started to accept it as a 100% legitimate way of finding relief and sometimes even a cure from something as simple as a plant (and the fact that it is still considered somewhat of a taboo in some areas increases the ‘want’ for some people). There may be some fears when you have been using it for a while and then all of a sudden a urine or other form of drug test is sprung on you. You are not a habitual drug user but you do experience relief when you make use of CBDs. You know that your future may be impacted if you test positive for any kind of drug. You also know that the test is a few days off but will you test negative if you stop using your CBDs for the next few days? In this piece, I will give you all the answers you need to figure out if you will test negative or not.

Will CBDs make you test positive?

Tests for drugs in the human body are triggered by a compound in cannabis called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. In the manufacturing of CBD meds, they use a strain of marijuana that has a higher concentration of CBD and lower THC. The standard is about 0.3% which is too low to affect you in any way. It is also too low to be picked up in any urine or blood test. The problem lays in the fact that other cannabinoids in CBD may return a positive in the first round of urine samples. Once you trigger a positive in this round you will be submitted to a second round but the tests here are more accurate than the first. If you test negative in this round, as you should, you are in the clear.

Why would such a positive matter?

Sometimes a boss wants to test his employees to ensure that they are working in a sober state and this is commendable but there are no allowances made for those who make use of CBDs. Other times like when you were a party in an accident, police, and insurance may require drug tests to see who was in the wrong. Both these scenarios may see your future somewhat disrupted if you test positive. You could lose your job or you can be seen as the guilty party in the accident even if it really wasn’t the other person’s fault. This could see you landing in jail and the insurance company will be within their rights if they decided not to pay out your claim.

How long will it be in my system for?

As a step of caution, you may want to stop using the meds just to be somewhat assured that the risk of detection is diminished. So how long before the tests do you need to quit using CBDs? The bad news is that many studies were conducted in this regard but no answers had been found as yet. This is because everyone metabolizes these cannabinoids at a different pace. Some have no trace left in their system in only about 12 days but on average people only have a clean system in around 20 or 30 days.

How can I go undetected?

As mentioned above, chances are very slim that you will test positive while on CBDs and the second round of tests will most probably see you testing negative. An exception to this rule is if you use huge quantities of CBD. In order to never fall victim to a false positive result, you need to use only the recommended amounts of the oil or whichever form you take it in. If you do this the THC will be undetectable with the test you will have to endure. Testing for CBDs is currently impossible so keep volumes low in order to keep your tests clean. You will also need to be very sure that your cannabis source is one of good repute and that they can tell you exactly how much THC is in your meds.

Our opinion

We are not telling you these things in order to assist you in being deceitful but rather to inform. We know that some people find it hard to cope with pain and other conditions when they are not using their cannabis products and those are the people we are aiming to help. They need to know that they really have nothing to worry about if they use their much-needed meds wisely.

In conclusion

No, you will not get a positive result while on CBDs if you stick to the correct dosage and if you have a reputable manufacturer that supplies you as these CBDs cannot show up on tests. If you overuse or get more THC than you bargained for you may face dire consequences. Be sure that you are aware of the rules and regulations at work. If you are expected to handle heavy machinery, have other people’s lives in your hands or drive a lot of chances are you will have to undergo drug testing at some point in your career so follow these guidelines to ensure your tests never come back positive.


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