Vitamin B17 May Help in Killing Cancer

Vitamin B17 may help in killing cancer

Vitamin B17, popularly known as amygdalin is essentially a glycoside nutrient which has amazing health benefits. This vitamin on interacting  with antioxidants,  vitamin E,  vitamin C,  vitamin C aids in breaking down and removing the toxic materials from the body.

After being released in the tissues of the body,  this vitamin aids in targeting and destroying the mutated cells. Though FDA has banned the vitamin,  some physicians have emphasized on its importance for the treatment of cancer. This vitamin also plays an integral  role in preventing the formation of several diseases. Cyanide is considered to be one of the primary anti-cancer components present in vitamin B17.

Role of vitamin B17 in the prevention of cancer

Few studies have revealed that vitamin B17 has anti-cancer properties that which keeps the spreading of cancer cells to a minimum. B17 reduces the growing and regression of tumors as well as cancerous cells.

This vitamin helps in apoptosis which is a procedure of programmed cell death.  It is an integral  part of cancer treatment.  The compound is capable of killing cancer cells more than the healthy ones. In a recent study,  experts combined the vitamin with the cancerous cells. The results show that the vitamin has significantly instigated the mechanism of apoptosis in the cancerous cells.

This lead the researchers conclude that B17 can treat prostate cancer in a natural way. Animal researchers have also revealed that the vitamin assists in killing cancerous brain and bladder cells in combination with different antibody-enzyme complexes. However, an experiment with cancerous breast cells and human lungs have not shown any effect on the growth of the tumor.

Vitamin B17 aids in boosting immunity

Vitamin B17 is claimed to have specialized properties that assist in killing harmful cells and slowing down the spreading of diseases across the body. This vitamin raises the capability of white blood cells of a patient in attacking harmful cells.

Thus,  this vitamin plays an integral role in boosting the immunity system of the body. Vitamin B17 also helps in the production of beneficial enzymes in the pancreas. These enzymes prevent diseases which may occur due to the transformation of normal cells into ticklish ones.

The vitamin also supports the functions of liver and confers increased detox effects in the body. This removes the malignant cells, toxic materials and other harmful substances from the body. Thus, it prevents illness and other chronic diseases.

In this way,  the vitamin enhances the immune system of the body. Vitamin B17 releases cyanide which raises the acid content of tumors and destroys the harmful cells. Thus,  this vitamin is also  helpful in inhibiting the growth of these cancerous cells.

Vitamin B17 assists in reducing pain

In a case study in the year of 1962, it has been observed that patients treated with B17 have found amazing relief from pain.  Experts found decreased adenopathy in some  patients after  this study.

There was a considerable reduction in the size of tumors as well.  However,  the experts did not follow the patients for a longer time with an  eye to  determining  the benefits of this vitamin. Owing to  his, it is not possible to conclude whether the vitamin can be a natural pain reliever against arthritis.

Role of vitamin B17 in reducing blood pressure

Vitamin B17 forms thiocyanate which is an effective agent for the reduction of blood pressure.  Thus, this vitamin may help in lowering blood pressure. However,  it has not yet been known whether it is a long-term or temporary treatment.

After the metabolism,  vitamin B17 is responsible for the production of beta-glucosidase. This substance aids in reducing blood pressure and detox the body after interaction with intestinal  bacteria.  However,  if you have cardiac problems and experience sudden drop  in the pressure, you should not intake this vitamin.

Is Vitamin B17 safe?

Several  studies have revealed that vitamin B17 is much safer for human consumption. However, experts require more information for determining the prerequisite dosage, toxic reactions. It is still unknown whether high dosages may  lead to  long-term side effects.

Vitamin B17 results in more toxicity from cyanide poisoning after oral consumption.  It happens because intestinal bacteria consists of enzymes that lead to the activation of cyanide release. This helps in making the effects quick-acting and too much drastic.

However, the chances of its occurrence are rare if a person intakes vitamin B17 through injection. Since the evidence is clear, you should take B17 from food sources instead of high dose supplements.  Though the intake of the vitamin is much lower in dose in the form of food sources, it involves reduced risk in comparison to  pills and supplements.

Best sources of Vitamin B17

Experts use Bitter almonds and apricot kernels for creating the extracts of vitamin B17. Different kernels and seeds of various fruits consist vitamin B17. Vitamin B17 is also found in pear seeds and apple seeds. This vitamin is also present in specific whole grains and vitamins.

The exact amount of vitamin B17 in the food is not known yet. The level, however, varied with the food and depends on the place of growth, freshness, and quality of the soil. Some of the best sources of B17 are lima beans, seeds, and kernels of apricots, fava beans, almonds, wheatgrass, raspberries,  strawberries,  elderberries.

You can also take the vitamin in the form of blackberries, blueberries, buckwheat,  millet,  sorghum,  barley, bamboo shoots,  cashews, bean sprouts,  macadamia nuts. Vitamin B17 is also present in seeds of fruits such as pears, apples, plums, cherries, prunes, peaches, etc.

Recommended intake of vitamin B17

There is no recommendation on the daily intake of vitamin B17 from the USDA till now. However, several physicians who specialize in treating cancer recommend the intake of B17 in higher dosage. Healthy people who are not suffering from cancer does not intake the vitamin. Thus, it is hard to say what should be the best preventive dosage of this compound.

Currently, the length of treatment, schedules and administration of cancer with vitamin B17 is dependent on the condition of a patient. People include vitamin B17 in the diet as an integral part of the larger therapy protocol. This is inclusive of a specific diet which contains the higher dosage of vitamins that aids in boosting immunity.

There is no existence of a standard treatment plan regarding this. Vitamin B17 is commonly injected into a vein every day for at least two to three weeks. It is followed by oral intake of B17 tablets in smaller dosage.  Physicians also prescribe the extracts of the vitamin in the treatments and enemas which are applied to the skin directly.

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