The US experienced the fastest health care tab growth in over 8 years

The US experienced the fastest health care tab growth in over 8 years

The health care system is still under massive pressure after the Obama law

The recent studies have shown that the health system burns through the funding at an increasingly alarming pace. This trend was noticed at its face value in 2015, when the national spending increased by up to 6%, which equals additional $3.2 trillion in one year alone. Apparently, the growth was so fast that the US economy itself was overrun by almost 2%.

In the US there has been a constant effort in balancing the cost with the quality of the services, as well as with the easy access to all the social groups equally and at least one of these aspects was covered as a direct result of the Obamacare. The health care system is now within the reach of up to 91% of the Americans, as compared to previous years and while this may sound like a good thing, it is only half that.

This is because of the law, oblivious to long-term effects, forgot to keep track of the costs, which skyrocketed. And the reason for the cost increase overnight is extremely simple: people with health care insurance tend to go to the doctor more often than those who are not insured. Those lacking any insurance will always tend to save money instead of resourcing to professional medical assistance, even when it is obvious that they needed it.

Also, although not weighing as much, the ones who received health care insurances were in need for expensive medical treatments, adding up to the costs, while some of the already covered ones had no problems whatsoever. Meaning that the law added more expenses to the budget, simply by adding new sick patients into the equation. The cost is a major problem, because in order for a health care system to operate at its full capacity, the financial problems must be covered, otherwise the expanded coverage will do no one any good.

There are a lot of holes in the Obama law that Trump needs to take into consideration, despite his initial rushed declarations stating that the problem is easy to deal with:

  • Pharmacies recorded 9% increase in spending on prescription drugs
  • The health care insurance plans spending increased by 7%
  • Medicaid spending was increased by 9.7%
  • Medicare spending was increased by 4.5%, the lowest rate in the health care department

Not only that, but the situation seems to become worse in the near future, as it seems like the costs are starting to accelerate in an upwards trend. The president of the America Action Forum, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, declared that the problem of the health care system costs needs to be solved as fast as possible. If not, in the near future the prices will go up and will reach new heights, becoming impossible to maintain the health care department running as it is.

In other words, what Obama broke, Trump needs to fix.

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