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The accumulation of fat in the abdomen is far from simply a aesthetic defect. It is proven that the extra weight in the waist is the most dangerous and harmful for our health and become a reason for serious chronic diseases. Here are 4 proven recipes for a flat belly:

  • Diets

It is very difficult to give up from the delicious things we love to eat. But when is necessary, we must reduce the amount of calories per day. This can be achieved most easily by reducing pasta, sweets and bean foods.

Muesli, seeds and nuts act stimulating digestion. Pineapple, papaya and green tea help to burn excess fat. The vegetables should not be forgotten, because they contain many vitamins and fewer calories. Boldly eat seafood, fresh vegetables, chicken, citrus, and drink herbal teas.

Do not overdo with yogurt, eggs, beans, cheese, mayonnaise and vegetable oils. Forget bananas, pizza and breads, potatoes, alcohol (especially beer), chocolate and chips.

  • Sport

Exercises for the heart, combined with strength exercises will help to achieve the flat belly. The exercises burn excess fat and form the musculature as well.

Classical “representatives” of cardiac exercises are running, fast walking, aerobics, classes of bike exercises. They should be made regularly – no less than twice a week.

Those who love old tested methods we offer the following exercises:

– Lie on the floor, the waist should be touched to the ground. Bend your knees, hands, elbows and catch with them your neck. Inhale, exhale. Slowly raise your upper body. Stretch your chin toward your knees. If your muscles ache and tremble, then the exercise “works”.

– Lie on the floor, arms at your sides, feet facing. Lift legs at an angle such that you feel lower abdominal strong pressure (knees must remain upright).

  • Medical centers and salons

Today, many beauty salons and medical centers offer different special programs with name like “flat belly”. They are aimed at strengthening the muscles, improve skin condition, “whipping” of subcutaneous fat. With these tasks better handle physical therapy, lymphatic drainage, Myostimulation, hydromassage, pressotherapy.

Sometimes customers are treated with algae, clay, sea mud and even chocolate. All of these components enhance blood circulation, improve skin tone, improve elasticity and derived toxins. If you are taking similar procedure even once a month, the result will be visible.

  • Surgery

Abdominoplasty (Latin abdomino = belly) can help those who do not like simulators, diet and lengthy procedures. This is a surgery that is usually applied when other means have failed or you’re just not disciplined enough to follow a diet and exercises.

Depending on the problem, there are several ways to abdominoplasty, which you may specify in a consultation with a specialist.

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Here are some other unexpected tips for a flat belly

You might think that the flat tummy can be result only from heavy workouts in the gym !? Not at all. The first reasons to be glad that you do not have excess fat in the abdomen are … proper nutrition and low stress levels.

What can help you to do it:

  • Oily and fat food !?

Not all fats are bad for the figure. The monounsaturated (eg omega-3, 6, 9) fats will actually help reduce the accumulation of visceral fat. A recent study conducted at the Yale University indicates that a diet high in monounsaturated fats helps to reduce the fat around the abdomen with at least 1/3.

Furthermore, this type of fats are known as a prophylactic agent against diseases of the heart, liver, kidney, as well as against diseases of the breast and lung. They are found in great quantities in the olive oil, nuts, avocados and dark chocolate.

  • Healthy intestine !?

You might be surprised, but additional volume to the stomach is added by … The air. To avoid this, simply follow a few simple rules:

  • Eat slowly and try not to open too wide mouth. While chewing into the gullet with food falls also air.
  • Do not drink carbonated beverages. Where do you think the bubbles go ?!
  • Avoid foods which cause flatulence: cabbage, beans, peppers, pears, even some citrus fruits.
  • Use less salt – salty food provokes thirst and retain body fluids.
  • Forget about chewing gum. While chewing, you swallow too much air, which falls into the gullet, and then – in the stomach.
  • Eat regularly. Irregular eating, smoking and alcohol abuse also contribute to the formation of gases and prevent the good absorbing of food.
  • Dry bread !?

Most people believe that the bakery foods are incompatible with the good looking figure. However, this is only partly true! Bread from soft wheat varieties contains the most harmful carbohydrates for the thin waist.

You do not have to give up entirely of bread. Just buy bread from durum wheat (or rusks) – you will eat less of them, and take less calories. Furthermore, this type of bread contains a lot of fiber, which is helpful for the work of the intestine.

  • Meditation

All sorts of sins are assigned to stress!? Of course, one of them is being that the stress is among the possible causes of obesity. This makes sense – when a person is nervous, the body produces more cortisol – the stress hormone that stimulates hunger and especially the desire for sweet and fatty foods.

Furthermore, the excessive release of cortisol submits a kind of signal to the body, whicx`h starts to conserve. Thus, the body is preparing for an even stronger shock, when you need quick and easy access to energy reserves.

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So – try to control stress. You can try relaxing with mint tea and meditation (5-10 minutes each day).

How to get rid of the fat in the abdomen with exercises

Belly fat is not melting with crunches.

If you think the best exercises for belly are tight crunches, you are totally wrong. These physical activities will surely strengthen the muscles in thei belly area, but the fat accumulated there will not decrease.

Surprisingly, the best weapons in the fight for a flat belly are cardio workouts combined with a healthy diet. To get rid of the unnecessary fat in the abdomen, you only need to spend less than an hour a day of moderate or high-intensity physical activity.

Cardio methods

Walking, swimming, aerobics, spinning, group sports – almost any physical activity, which occupies a period longer than 20 minutes, burn the fat. Choose a sport that you like and start to train – but without frequent interruptions because they lead to decreased heartbeat and reduce the rate of burning calories.

The variety of physical activities

In addition to choosing exercises that you like, it is better to strive for diversity. The body adapts to even the best exercises for three to four weeks, according to experts from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA. This means that you can change the timing, intensity and severity of exercise to a higher level in order to continue to burn the same number of calories.

Instead of adding a kilometer to jogging every week, replace the type of cardio workout every month: one month running, the next swimming and cycling in the third. Another option is to distribute different types of activities during the week: For example, in Monday, Wednesday and Friday to run, and in Tuesday and Thursday to swim or ride a bike.

Proper intensity for burning fat

Moderate to high intensity of the cardio workouts is not only an excellent way to lose belly fat, but also improve the condition of the cardiovascular system. It should not be overlooked and the amount of calories burned with each sport.

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