The truth about nootropics

The truth about nootropics

The truth about nootropics is both simple and complicated

We are talking about smart drugs and the name alone is meant to make people raise an eyebrow, making the truth about nootropics that much harder to come by. Add into the equation the fact that, in some cases, the supplements have not been properly investigated and the situation will become even more complicated. In essence, the benefits of smart drugs have been thoroughly researched and, despite lacking few pieces of the puzzle, we have a good grasp of what their effects are.

Smart drugs have been created in order to cope with an ever increasing demand and the truth about nootropics is that a lot of people are using them more and more. Once taboo, smart drug consumption has escalated considerably over the several years, especially among those involved in demanding jobs. About a quarter of the students in the UK, for instance, consume modafinil, which is a prescription-only smart drug, and they are not the only ones in this position.

Other people like construction workers, real estate agents, lawyers, tech junkies working in massive companies and so on, use smart drugs to enhance their mental capabilities and they are doing so with apparently great results. According to the statistics, they are becoming more effective in performing their duties, they are able to make smarter and more efficient decisions, think clearer, have a more active memory and improved focus and attention span.

The truth about nootropics you don’t hear very often

First of all, let’s talk about the benefits a bit because this is what it all comes down to eventually. Smart drugs have gained the reputation of brain enhancers. They are considered to be smart pills, delivering immediate benefits and improving the brain activity consistently. The most compelling benefits include:

  • Memory boost – The truth about nootropics is that not only they support a more effective short-term and long-term memory, but they also prevent against memory failure due to the aging process. This is a natural effect coming as a result of biological neural degradation, a process which smart drugs postpone greatly on the long run.
  • Protection against anxiety and depression – Even though it has not been clearly determined that smart drugs have any effect in countering the depression symptoms for good, there is evidence that they can protect against them, as well as they can alleviate the manifestations quite a bit.
  • Greater mental energy – The consumer will be able to think clearer, make faster decisions, assimilate new information easier and with increased efficiency and so on.
  • Protection against the downside of the aging process – In other words, smart drugs protect the brain against aging. Usually, the brain is the first organ to experience the effects of the aging, which is why it is the most important to protect over the course of the entire life.
  • Improve mental alertness shortly after consumption – It is one of the immediate effects and some health specialists claim that they provide the user with the same mental alertness as cocaine does, just without the side effects.

So what about nootropic side effects? You do not hear much about this aspect on the internet, like if they did not exist. And, weird as it may seem, they don’t. But let’s clarify this aspect a little bit. The actual truth about nootropics is that they have not been analyzed enough to set a guideline regarding the long-term regular consumption.

Differently put, we still do not know if smart drugs have any dangerous outcomes in the long run. There are no relevant studies to have analyzed their effects in this regard. What we know is that they are beneficial and effective shortly after intake, but the truth about nootropics is that we have no idea if the organism will be affected negatively over time.

However, we do have some relevant data regarding the side effects, strictly related to exaggerated use. When the safe limit is being exceeded, smart drugs may cause headaches, insomnia, fatigue, hyperactivity, digestive problems and several other mild symptoms. It is crucial to respect the indications on the label and not overreact. Also, you may want to consult your health specialist in order to make sure that you are not sensitive or allergic to any of their ingredients. Even though they are classified as safe for human consumption, there is always better to play it safe.

The truth about nootropics is that they are effective, safe and increasingly sought after in the supplementation market. Consume them in a responsible manner and gain immediate benefits.

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