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A woman’s most feared enemy is aging. It may seem a little bit weird to name this natural process an enemy, but take your time and consider its effects as a whole. For every man the aging process never brings anything good, on the contrary. As the time passes you will become less energetic and your body will experience severe changes. Some of these will include gradual muscle dystrophy, bone, joints and ligaments weakness and skin damage, these side effects being the most common ones. Of course, there will be much more than that involved and as your immune system will start to perform increasingly poorly, you will be suffering from a ton of illnesses, depending on the style of life that you have chosen. It may seem a bit strange but, from all the array of symptoms, women will fear skin aging the most and this opens new problems that need to be solved. But why is skin aging so horrible and why does it affect women more than men (although that is debatable in some cases)? In order to answer this question we need to take a look at a woman’s typology and what makes her hanging on to an impeccable look and this will allow us to realize why she is so scared of a perfectly natural process. You know how it says that women age faster than men? That is only partially true. But what does this even mean? How can women age faster than men? I mean, isn’t this the same process for everyone? Why would it affect us differently in regard to gender, or any other criteria for that matter? Well the saying is not to be taken literally. What is actually says is that the women are the most affected by the aging process, more than men are. And if you take a look at our society, you will notice that mostly the women are those trying to delay the aging process by any means necessary, because society says that a woman can only impress if she’s beautiful. That sounds misplaced, but it is true nevertheless. A wrinkle on a woman’s face will have a deeper impact than it would on a man and the reason is simple. The most powerful asset that a woman has is her physical beauty, beyond any other characteristics that one may cling on.

               The problem

The problem is pretty simple actually, but solving it is what gives us headaches. It is not easy to take on a natural process and hope to delay it with minimum efforts. There is no such thing as magic and aging will reach us all eventually. What can you do is to try and prevent it as much as possible and as a woman, you are almost obliged to do so. We have all seen what TV stars are going through in order to maintain young and fresh looking and you have probably always wondered why they doing so much effort to avoid something perfectly natural. Well, it is not that easy as it may seem. The society nowadays shares almost no resemblance to the same society existing 50 or 60 years ago. Maybe the premises are the same, but in essence society changed and it is an ever demanding need for beauty that every woman has to comply with. This is the reason for which whenever a worldwide famous star is caught off guard, without her makeup or with signs of aging, it instantly becomes first page news. This is society telling us that aging is not a beautiful process and that we need to do everything in our power to delay it.


               What can you do?

What can you do, indeed? For the most part the aging process gets delayed by common things such as a healthy eating diet and regular workouts. How simple is that? Well, you should know that this is actually true. By keeping your body in shape, it means that it will adapt to those changes that the aging process will bring into your organism and it will slow down its effects. Through exercise you force the blood flow to intensify and you will stimulate your muscles, bones, joints and all of your major organs to strengthen and keep up with the effort. Every time you do that, after each session of physical effort, your body will adapt to the changes that it is subjected to and it will become stronger. This will lead to an increase in your immune system’s ability to tackle any aging related affection better and more efficient. You will remain healthy for longer periods of time and you will look 5 to 7 years younger than what your real age is. All this just by working out. Of course your eating diet will also have a significant impact on your body’s ability to overcome the aging process. Keep in mind that the more bad you eat the faster your body will lose its ability to regenerate and heal itself, because aging is actually damaging in a whole variety of ways. Through the aging process, your body experiences organ damage, as the tissue starts loosing cells that will not regenerate at the same rate as they used to. You body will lose its efficiency when it comes to assimilate important nutrients and vitamins and this means that you need to do everything in your power to stay healthy and have a balanced diet that will help your organism getting every nutrient it needs. This means that you should eliminate junk food from your menu and start focusing on vegetables, fruits, meat, paying attention to everything that your body needs in order to maintain healthy and strong. What you eat will also affect your skin condition and skin is the first to show aging signs, which means that you need to pay extra attention in this area. You may not have known this, but your skin is the largest organ on your body and as it will be the first in line for cell damage as you will age, it means that the first measures that need to be taken are related to your skin’s health. There are many solutions through which you can improve your skin’s condition and delay the future implacable age related effects on it and some are more efficient than the others. Let me tell you about one that I have used for myself, even though I am not in the category of those affected by the aging process. Nevertheless, I told myself that it wouldn’t hurt to help my skin regenerate faster and have a smoother and a healthier look. The product I am talking about is called Pura Bella Skin Care and is quite revolutionary, if my research proves to have delivered legitimate results. Furthermore, as I said, I have used it myself and this is something that adds weight to the product’s reputation. Even some of my family members used it and they were also pleased with the outcome. What this product actually does could not be called miracle, but it is not far from it either. First of all, there are no miracles, especially in this branch, but this one comes very close to what a definition for miracle is. The effects started being noticed after around 2 weeks of regular usage and I am more than pleased with the results. Give it a try and you may found that this is exactly what you were looking for and you might end up using it on a regular basis.

As a woman that cares about her physical appearance, you need to take into consideration every method that will help you in this regard, including natural supplements, balanced diets, a regular workout program and, all in all, a healthier lifestyle. Among all, your skin will be the first to receive the punch thrown by the aging process and this should be your starting point. Do some research of yourself, try and find out what suites your best, because not everything that works with others is guaranteed to work in your case also.

This being said, every woman should take care of her appearance, because a beautiful woman is what sets the world on fire. And every woman’s beauty starts with her skin, which makes it the most important asset that you posses.


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