Skullcap Extract Benefits, Uses, and Side-effects

Skullcap Extract Benefits, Uses, and Side-effects

What is Skullcap?

Skullcap can be described as an herb characterized by ridged leaves and small flowers that can be either, pink, white or even purple. The name Skullcap stems from the fact that the two lobed flowers resembled military helmets worn by the British soldiers in the early days.

What is the herb skullcap used for?

Though not backed by scientific research, this herb’s extract has been used as a cure for many conditions. These conditions include rabies, epilepsy, allergies, and skin infections. Moreover, another type of skullcap, which is the American skullcap, can be used to cure anxiety and depression.

Also, the herb is used in:

  • Insomnia cases
  • Stroke situations
  • Paralysis resulting from stroke
  • Fever
  • High cholesterol,
  • Reducing nervous tension
  • Inflammation

What are the health benefits of skullcap?

  • Fighting cancer

Based on expert research it has been noted that extract derived from the Chinese skullcap can suppress cancer cells. It does this by utilizing some of the flavones, which act as antioxidants for the plant. The flavones are known to be radical in the way it spreads, which ultimately inhibits viral infections.

Baicalein, which is one of the flavones is not flawed by causing additional mutations. This is a major challenge facing most of the available anticancer drugs.  This herb has also experimented on other cancerous cells, which include fibro sarcoma, known to be extremely aggressive. It was observed that there was notable suppression and minimized migration and reduced tumor volumes making the drug have potential as an anticancer natural medication.

  • Reduces anxiety

Based on the fact that the herb has observable anxiolytic activity in both animals and humans, both Europeans and Americans have used it as a nerve tonic. The main purpose of a nerve tonic is to reduce anxiety. Oxidative stress has been noted to be the causative agent to most brain related problems, which include Alzheimer disease and at times depression. The herb contains bioactive elements, which work to combat these toxins greatly reducing the oxidative stress levels. This makes this herb a notable solution to anxiety related problems.

  • Dealing with inflammation

For most people who are affected by arthritis and inflammatory bowel ailments, the go to the drug is the skullcap. The reason for this is that Chinese skullcap contains some biological compounds, which are known to deal with inflammatory conditions. These anti-inflammatory compounds are the reason why this herb manages to handle Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer disease.

  • Reduces risk of heart attack

When experts researched on the cardio protective properties of baicalein, it was noted that it contains antioxidant proteins, which greatly counteracted alterations that cause a heart attack. The results also showed that if baicalein based treatment is administered as pretreatment, it possible to eliminate completely some heart problems like myocardial infarction.

  • It reduces fever

This herb has also been noted to reduce body temperatures among people who are affected by allergies. Additionally, combined with other medicinal herbs like rhubarb it can lower the high fever, reduce coughing and shortness of breath.

  • Can treat epilepsy

Treatment procedures like the Ayurvedic techniques combined with herbal medications have been noted to treat epilepsy. One of the most prominent species of the herb used to treat epilepsy is the Ramayana #16. Additionally, skullcap can be combined with other ingredients, which include honey and other Ayurvedic compounds to reduce muscle contractions and nerve based problems. Further research on this herb shows that its users experience delayed periods between the occurrences of the sizes.

Side Effects of Using Skullcap

For most Chinese herbal physicians, skullcap is a prescription for most health problems. Though the herb has numerous benefits, it is characterized by several side effects. The following are some of the side effects of the herb.

  • One can experience Drowsiness

The American skullcap is generally a powerful sleep inductive drug. It is not advisable to take it in the morning when one is planning to work with heavy machinery or more demanding tasks.

  • It may cause hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is the reduction of glucose levels in the blood. Some chemical elements that make up the Chinese skullcap have been noted to reduce the glucose levels. Low levels of glucose in the blood can be the cause of some physical faintness. Some of these problems can be mental mix-up fatigue and even muscle feebleness. That said this herb is not meant for those with hypoglycemia and diabetes.

  • It can cause Seizures

The American skullcap contains some chemical compounds which have been associated with muscles contractions and convulsions. If the Skullcap is consumed in its extract or essence form it may contain a high concentration of these compounds. Ultimately, this makes American Skullcap inappropriate for those who are experiencing epilepsy and nerve related problems.

  • other relevant side effects

Not all side effects of using this drug are extremely negative. For some users, it brings a sense of unsteadiness and excitement. Other side effects caused by the use of both American and Chinese skullcap herbs include stomach pain and upsets. It also worth noting that, in extreme cases, the Chinese skullcap can cause damage to the spleen.

Based on the above information it true that Skullcap is a beneficial herb. It has been used in treating many health related conditions. Some of these conditions include sleep disorders to heart-related problems, others include physiological problems like depression and anxiety. That said, as is logical with other drugs, it is important to conduct a thorough research before any decision to use the herb. Use a physician’ advice before using the herb extracts.

Skullcap Extract is also one of the main ingredients of Nerve Renew supplement.

Skullcap benefits

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