World Health Organization will label being single as a disability

World Health Organization will label being single as a disability

Being single, about to become an official disability

Although being single may sound awful, meeting a soul mate is also a tricky thing, because of the plenitude of things that could go wrong. Everybody has had disappointments in life, because of hanging out with the wrong partner, which has led many people to choose a solo life for themselves. In the same category, we could include those who have not been brave to initiate a relationship, or who have been unable to find the type of partner they have been looking for.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a statement, claiming that it will enlarge the category of the disabled, by adding single people into the equation. This could sound like an insult for those in question because being single does not come with any physical or emotional disabilities. However, the real purpose of the new classification is to allow those who are being single to get the same benefits in regard to In Vitro Fertilization that the couples get.

Even more, being single will now fall into the same category as those who are infertile. As a result, individuals who are not part of a couple, or are gay, both men and women, will be able to ask for state funds for IVF if this is what they wish. It is a feature that has not been available until now.

The public response has not been favorable

At least not entirely. Although there are some who consider the initiative as welcome, due to the benefits granted to those who are being single, a large percentage of the public response has considered otherwise, especially pro-life activist voices. According to them, the initiative is abusive, because it aims in redefining the term infertility, but also because it labels those who are being single as ill.

The WHO has not yet officially adopted the new terms and how exactly will the government react to the proposition is still unclear.

Are those without a partner disabled?

Setting aside all the controversy surrounding the subject, as well as ignoring the cases when some people simply cannot seem to find the match to start a couple with, is being single an actual impediment to one’s happiness? Let’s have a look at some facts and see how celibacy could potentially influence one’s life:

  1. Flirting does not come with guilt

Once you have entered a relationship and stopped being single, regardless whether the relationship is serious or not, flirting has to become a thing of the past. Lacking a partner to give you jealousy crises is priceless.

  1. Free to take care of yourself

According to several studies, more than 60% of those involved in a couple life have gained more than 14 pounds, usually shortly after the beginning of the commitment. Resourcing to celibacy could allow you to take more care of yourself.

  1. Less drama, fewer reasons for anxiety

Finding a bad partner could totally lower your self-esteem and destroy your inner peace for months or even years and sometimes long after the relationship has ended. Being single takes away all that risk altogether.

  1. There are no restrictions

Do you want to come late at night? No problem. You want to sleep over at some friends several nights a week. Again, not a problem. When you are in a relationship, these are just some of the things you will not be able to do anymore.

  1. Free to travel anytime you want

If you are a traveler and cannot be satisfied by spending too much in one place, being single may be for you.

So, it turns out that there are more ups than downs in this regard. Celibacy is not as bad as you may have thought, is it?

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