Simple Ways To Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine

Simple Ways To Boost Your Energy Without Caffeine

How can I get energy without caffeine?

Can’t wake up to start your day without your coffee? Would you like to change that habit for some caffeine-free method? You can boost your energy and get ready for a full day by trying different and simple methods like the ones mentioned below. When energy runs low, many people reach for the quick fix that goes by the name of coffee. Actually, they will reach for anything that will give them energy. Yet, more often than not, that energy-booster is the coffee.

Nobody says that a coffee now and then is bad for your health. But when the only thing you rely on when it comes to boosting your energy is coffee and you go for it several times a day, you should take into consideration other ways of keeping your energy at satisfying levels. Here are a few simple ways to pack yourself with energy.

Have a healthy snack and treat yourself to whole grains

You can start your day with a whole-grain sweet pot for breakfast instead of the coffee you have on a cold stomach. A recent study published in the journal Appetite concluded that the people who replaced three servings of refined carbs with whole grains each day noticed a significant improve in their energy levels. Now, don’t take this to an extreme and have 6 servings of good carbs a day. The people who participated in the study and had so many servings felt sluggish. This happens because whole grains trigger a surge of serotonin which will make you feel drowsy.

Learn something new

You might wonder about the veracity of this tip. How could you get more energy by learning something new when you’re already exhausted? Well, a recent University of Michigan study showed that learning something new will perk you up. According to this study, the most common things people do when trying to gain some energy around 3 pm on a work day is to check the email, make a to-do list or something similar. All these strategies prove to be ineffective. Learning something new actually is the one that works.

The explanation comes from John Caldwell, Ph.D., a fatigue management specialist and former NASA researcher who says that “the more actively you can engage your brain, the more alerting an activity is going to be.” He adds that people “can actually overcome a good bit of sleep pressure just by engaging in something interesting.” Therefore, go for a short work-related podcast or a short tutorial on something you’re interested in. You will get back in shape and extend your knowledge, too.

Listen to your favorite music

Music has energizing effects. You might have noticed that listening to the radio while driving actually makes you drive faster. That’s because music boosts one’s energy. Some researchers from London found that solo singing will work as an energy booster and will decrease tension almost as much as a cardio workout would do. So, just pick one of those songs that make you sing at the top of your lungs and then let the concert begin. If you stand up, you get extra energy.

Massage your ears

Yes, sometimes it can be as easy as that. Simply massaging your ears will help you beat exhaustion. How does that actually work? When you apply pressure to the outer rim of yours, your whole body may invigorate since the energy pathways or the acupressure meridians pass through this spot of your body. When you massage your ear, you unite all of these energy meridians and you help the energy flow. Use your pointer finger and thumb to pinch the outer rim of your ear and rub up and down for 10 to 30 minutes.


You might have wondered why darkness makes you reach for your bed. Well, a simple and rough explanation is that light awakens your brain and darkness makes you feel sleepy. According to a 2013 study from the Lighting Research Center in New York, there’s a difference in the type of alertness you experience depending on the color of the light you use. Therefore, researchers noticed that a blue light is a less powerful energy-booster on an afternoon than a red light. The thing with red light is that it will trigger an edgy, even irritable alertness. The blue light instead will provide you with a calm alertness. So, go for some blue bulbs for your desk lamp. It will be perfect for your afternoon needs of energy. You can keep the red bulbs for your bedroom since the alertness it triggers can turn into sexual energy.

Pop your favorite gum

You can use gum not only to refresh your breath but to invigorate your body as well. A 2012 study carried out in the UK showed that the participants who chewed gum for 15 minutes felt an increase in their alertness than those who didn’t chew a piece of gum. The author of the study, Andy Smith, PhD., says that “chewing gum increases heart rate, which increases blood flow to the brain”. He adds that “it also stimulates the autonomic nervous system, which can increase alertness.” Go for a mint gum since mint will stimulate your nerve fibers.

Have a short cold shower

Ending your morning shower with a couple of minutes of cold water will help you wake up. If you can’t stand cold water for too long, splash cold water at least on your face. This should help a sluggish brain to wake up.

Have a serving of laugh

A peal of laughter a day will keep fatigue at bay. Laughter will increase your blood flow within 15 minutes. Check the latest episode of your favorite sitcom, read some jokes or go for a short stand-up comedy video. It will be enough to shake you and get you back on track.

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