Signs of Losing Muscle Mass Rather than Fat

5 signs which indicate that you are losing muscle mass rather than fat

5 signs which indicate that you are losing muscle mass rather than fat

Many people confuse losing weight with just numbers. You need to understand that instead of just observing the weighing scale when you’re trying to lose weight, you have to look at the type of weight loss which you experience.

You need to understand that if you’re losing muscle mass, it would actually be detrimental to your body. Ideally, when you’re attempting to lose weight you should always try to lose the fat which is accumulated in the body. Only once you are able to lose fat, it would become easier for you to stay fit. On the other hand, if you’re losing muscle mass, not only you would gain more weight but also the metabolic activity in your body would slow down further.

When you compare the number of calories which are burned by muscles than with fat, you would realize that muscle burns a lot more calories. Therefore, losing muscle mass would result in more deposition of fat in the body.

Rather than just estimating the amount of muscle in your body versus the amount of fat, it is a better idea to consult your personal trainer or your doctor in order to conduct the skin caliper test in order to find out about the same.

However, if you’re losing muscle mass, there are few signs which can help you in detecting it entirely so that you are able to modify your workout regime or your diet in order to lose the fat rather than muscle mass. We would today share with you five such signs which you have to look out for.

Losing more weight:

When you have been exercising or following a particular diet plan for a longer period of time, you would at least know the approximate amount of fat which you should reduce each and every month. If you are losing out a higher amount of weight, that generally indicates that you’re losing muscle mass rather than fat. Ideally, if you’re losing more than 2.5 pounds each and every week that means that you are losing out on the muscle mass. Most of the people are happy when they start using a large amount of fat.

That is why they do not even look into the fact whether the weight loss which they are experiencing is healthy are not. If you continue at the same pace of exhilarated weight loss, it would result in a lot of other problems which we have highlighted below.

Feeling sluggish

When you’re losing muscle mass, the amount of energy generated in the body would be on the lower side. You need to understand that if you’re overworking or if you are having a consistent schedule, the muscles would not be able to repair themselves. This would lead to muscle mass loss rather than fat loss.

When the amount of muscles in your body decreases, the amount of energy produced by those muscles would also decrease. Also, this would result in a consistent feeling of lethargy which would make you lazier. The loss of energy would get more and more pronounced over a period of time. Eventually, you would not be able to even perform day-to-day activities appropriately.

Not giving rest to your body

When you’re working out consistently, your body would in between get the time to repair that the lost muscles. However, if you’re not giving proper nutrition as well as time to your body to repair itself it would waste away the muscles instead of building them.

You can easily notice this when you’re not improving your workout routine on a consistent basis. If you’re not able to lift heavier weights during a workout, it indicates that you are actually suffering from muscle loss rather than fat loss.

Mood swings

Muscle wasting would result in the loss of energy and this would result in consistent mood swings. During normal times, you can get easily dejected and frustrated as well. Also, since you would be lethargic, it would be very difficult for you to initiate any action or to be in a cheerful mood. This is another sign that you are actually burning muscles rather than fat.

As you lose the muscle mass more and more, the mood swings would become more and more severe as well. Due to this very reason, it is important to stop your current routine and ensure that you are losing fat rather than muscle mass.

Difficult to maintain balance

When you’re working out on a consistent basis, your balance over time would improve as well. Also, the control which you have you over your body would consistently improve as well. On the other hand, when you’re burning muscles, the body would not have enough amounts of calories in order to communicate with the remaining muscles in the body.

Due to this very reason, you would often face problems in maintaining equilibrium as well. This is particularly evident when you’re going for high-intensity workouts. Moreover, the performance of your body would not be as efficient as earlier.

Instead of risking the loss of muscles in the body by following incorrect diet or workout program, it is a much better idea to use effective weight loss products like CLA Safflower Oil which would ensure that not only you are able to lose weight accurately but also you would not have to take the risk of burning muscles as well.

So, if you’re afraid that you might lose muscle mass in the body rather than fat, it is important to look into these 5 tips of muscle loss. Once you are able to detect the problem, it is time to change your workout or your diet plan.

This would ensure that you are able to retain the present muscle mass in the body and concentrate once again on losing the weight. You need to keep in mind that not each and every type of weight loss is healthy. Due to this very reason, you have to be sure that you are losing the fat in the body which would make you much healthier.

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