Sex and obesity – are there any connection?

Sex and obesity are there any connection

Could obesity be an obstacle for your sexual relations? And can the best sex help in the fight against excess weight?

Here are some reasons why scientists believe that between sex and overweight have a connection and if you lose some weight the sexual desire will return and you will increase your libido:

  • Being overweight negatively affects the sexuality

A research, conducted in Germany shows that slim people more frequently have sex. In another study is reported that overweight women less fantasize about sex. Experts explain this with the biochemical processes taking place in the fat cells and the transformation of testosterone – the main hormone that affects sexual desire in another hormone – estrogen.

  • Being overweight does not affect the sexual self-assessment

The slim people can be just as unsure as the fat people. Sexual self-assessment is formed from early childhood, it is built on the attitude of parents towards the child. If a child feels loved and protected, it grew up with the belief that it will be wanted and loved, regardless of how it looks.

  • For a woman, it is hard to believe that the man pays no attention to her appearance

Since childhood girls get used to receiving approval from those around them, especially from boys and men. So, the women who previously used to getting compliments are trying to see themselves through the eyes of others. And if the woman is not happy with her body, she will hardly believe that a man also does not look at it critically. In fact, it is quite true.

  • The sense of awkwardness of one’s own body is not caused only by the fact that is overweight

As a rule, people who feel such embarrassment are especially those who are always unhappy with themselves and their lives. Such people only see their failures and do not pay enough attention to their advantages.

  • Losing weight activates the intimate life

It is true it has both physiological and psychological reasons. Due to the reduction of the amount of fat in the body is formed more testosterone. And more testosterone means a stronger desire for sex. On the other hand, when you manage to lose weight, you feel stronger and more confident.

  • Sex is a good motivation for weight loss

Overweight “technically” cannot interfere in bed, but it affects badly the overall health and with this – your potency. According to the results of an Italian study the thick subcutaneous fat deprive a man of his sensitivity to caresses. Of course, losing weight solves this problem because in sex are especially important your personal feelings and senses.

  • Active sex helps you to control weight

During sex is spent significant amounts of energy and a large number of muscles are loaded as much as when you do exercise. And thanks to the pleasant sensations are produced hormones that positively affect your health status and help maintain good tone. Sex is a favorable precondition for successful weight loss.

Firing up your sexual energy with diet for weight loss!

If you want to get the most out of your sex life and be always in shape then this diet is for you. The main thing before bed is not to eat saturated fats and rich in starchy food. And the lethargy will disappear on its own and your partner will get more passion and tenderness. Using these simple tips on diet, you can have an ideal weight and hot sex will help you burn the unnecessary fats.

So here are a few nutritional tips for sexual power:

  • Limit foods such as beef, lamb, pork, up to three or fewer times a week.
  • Avoid mayonnaise and various sauces or eat them less, there are so many recipes for salads without mayonnaise.
  • Do not fry! It is better to cook in foil or using the oven.
  • Fresh fruits are healthy, eat them in large quantities.
  • Avoid eggs, solid and fatty cheeses.
  • Moderate consumption of caffeine.
  • Avoid alcohol or reduce to maximum its consumption.
  • The amount of salt and sugar should be reduced as well.
  • The main thing is not to overeat, much better is to eat less, but often – about six or eight times instead of the usual three times per day.
  • Liquids should be drunk half an hour before meals or after meals.
  • It is important to refrain from candied or dried fruits.
  • Give a chance to snacks such as yogurt, milk, cottage cheese milk. These products are essential for people who monitor their weight.
  • Sugar is better to be replaced with fruits, spices or herbs.
  • Don’t use white flour and white sugar and foods that contain large amounts of sugar.
  • Try to remove from your diet canned and packaged food, and ice cream, jams, jellies, jams, chocolates, candy, salted nuts, and anything fried.
  • In the morning is nice to start with a warm glass of water before eating.

Here’s our idea of a menu to improve your sexual power:

Breakfast: cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, barley) with skim milk and fruit, two eggs and a few slices of cheese or 150 g of cottage cheese, a slice of bread, green tea and black coffee without caffeine.

  1. Lunch: soup or salad of fresh vegetables, meat or fish.
  2. Afternoon snack: fruit and nuts.
  3. Dinner: baked potatoes, salad, vegetables, fish or light meat, peas or corn, fresh fruit, and juices.
  4. Before going to bed: a fruit or a glass of low-fat milk.

Still looking for motivation for weight loss: see several benefits

Besides looking better, losing weight can bring you many other benefits associated both with your social life and health and mostly your self-esteem and confidence.

  • At work

If you eat healthily, it will not go unnoticed by your colleagues. And when your weight goes down, you will see that they look at you with different eyes.

  • Save money

Fewer calories mean less food, and that means less spending. If you calculate you may be surprised how much money you will save a year from food.

  • A greater desire for sex

Losing weight leads to increasing the libido – a sexy body, less fat, more attractiveness, more confidence.

  • More friends

Good-looking people have more social contacts. This is not the rule, rather regularity. Children with normal weight are more popular and this in some way is transferred into adulthood.

  • A bright smile

Healthy lifestyle and losing weight can have a positive impact on the health of your teeth. And this will bring you a lovely smile and remember that the smile always makes you attractive.


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