Sex and sports – a perfect combination

Sex and sports - a perfect combination

Sex and sports – a perfect combination

Sex and the successful relationship are closely related. And this is another good reason to improve your sex life.

Sex is a way to have a happy and successful life, according to a study by scientists from Texas. The study included men and women satisfied with their intimate life, but at the same time pleased with their professional and social progress.

The results show that the sex improves the health of the body, but due to hustle and busy days, it remains a minor part of our daily lives.

What happens in the body during sex?

Sex engages the genital system and the sex hormones. Recent studies have shown that there are no significant changes in the testosterone of the body of a man after sex and regular sex life even lead to a moderate increase in its levels.

By women, the female hormones are not so important element when practicing sports. Changes that occur in the body are not so important for the sports skills and there are other essential conditions such as motivation, mindset, happiness and so on. The sex lasts between a few minutes and an hour (usually). The average cost of energy while having sexual intercourse is about 50 to 100 calories.

However, in the sports world, it is believed that sex before sport reduces the aggressiveness of the athlete and harness the emotional energy to another wrong place.

There is no doubt that sexual intercourse is a weapon against stress and leads to the release of the hormone of happiness – endorphin.

If you do not make regular sexual intercourse, you become susceptible to all diseases and this indirectly affects the work and social relations.

People who regularly consume their relationship receive more hormones to the brain that make them intelligent and witty as opposed to those who rarely have the opportunity to indulge in passion.

Mental stability is the next in the list of the beneficial properties of sex. The intimacy gives you emotional, physical and spiritual balance. During sexual intercourse arteries in the brain relax, thanks to the release of nitric oxide. It cures headaches and reduces tension. Sex improves reflexes and senses. It cures depression and is a huge plus for people suffering from low self-esteem.

There is a theory that sexual intercourse before the competition is reflected in a fundamentally different way by women. While by men the sexual intercourse could have the bad effect of their sports goals, by women is quite the opposite, sex before the competition can increase their results.

Is there an interface between both “sports”?

The main interface between regular sexual intercourse and regular sport is testosterone. Strength training raises the testosterone level, which is most pronounced in severe demanding exercises such as squat, thrust, bench and so on.

The regular sexual intercourse also raises the testosterone levels. Moreover, the high levels of testosterone at the same time increase the sexual desire, muscle cell anabolism, the training performance, and durability. I.e. the combination of sex and sports lifestyle has a good effect. You can safely train for having better sexual intercourse and have sex for a better workout.

Numerous studies prove that there is a direct correlation between sex and sport. sexual intercourse and sport are the perfect combination and actually the two activities go hand in hand. It turns out that sports no matter whether they are indoor or outdoors, make us naughty, no matter how tired we are. And all this has a scientific explanation.

No matter what you exercise – fitness, dancing, aerobics, football or something more extreme and loaded with a lot of adrenaline, you probably noticed that despite the fatigue at the end of training you have the strength and desire to have sex.

Appetite for sex after a physical activity until recently was considered as a peculiar for men only, but recent studies show that the libido of women is also directly related to the practicing of different sports. The effects are accumulated with the time and the more you train, the more the results become more visible, while with some ladies the effect comes even after just one workout of 30 minutes.

The explanation of everything mentioned here includes both biological and psychological and social reasons. In terms of biology, the most important role is played by testosterone levels that increase while physical activities.

As you know this is a male hormone, but it is produced in the female body, just in much smaller quantities, secreted by the ovaries and adrenal glands and also as by men plays a role in the sexual function and in strengthening and building muscles. Moreover, this hormone stimulates the secretion of pheromones and suppresses depression and chronic fatigue, which are definitely an obstacle for the good sex life.

The hormones are raging after sport

Furthermore, the release of testosterone during a workout, in the body is observed the preparation of sex cocktail of endorphin and adrenaline. Endorphin is directly linked to the sexual arousal and helps more easily to reach orgasm, which quite vividly explains the sex drive after training.

According to other studies, the physical activity contributes to the saturation of the genitals with blood, making these areas more sensitive and they respond sharply to any sexual impulse.

The result in both sexes is improved mood, more energy, more frequent sex and increased libido, faster orgasm, more intense orgasms and better physical performance in bed.

Note that usually very good is not good and this maxim applies here in full force. Too much exercise can have the opposite effect, so do not overdo it, and train to stay in shape.

If you make cardio exercises and strength training for a long time and too intense, they can suppress the secretion of hormones associated with the wild and good sex. In case that you over-train regularly, your body can be stressed out and replace the production of beneficial hormones with hormones of stress like cortisol, for example. Good sleep and rest also have an impact on the production of testosterone.

If you still don’t believe in scientific researches, go to the gym and share your results afterward.

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