Semen – How to test and improve its quality ?

Semen - How to test and improve its quality ?

Wearing a phone in the pocket damages the man’s sperm

Semen quality has dropped significantly and brings serious reproductive problems, according to a new study.

Several studies indicate that smartphones have a negative impact on us. The latest analysis by a team of Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa found that wearing a mobile device in the pants pocket for an hour a day “boiled” the sperm of men.

According to prof. Martha Darfeld electromagnetic waves are reflected destructive to the sperm.

She warns men to be careful about their sexual health and not be addicted to their mobile devices.

During the tests were examined 106 men over one year. 47 per cent of them were addicted to smartphones and all of them been identified reduced viability of the sperm. Active sperm was in much less quantity than the others.

Men can check the quality of their semen through smartphones

The smartphone already help when choosing a bra, measure the bust, so what else they can do?

Men can now check the quality of their sperm by ejaculating on a smartphone equipped with a special device and application.

The device is a work of Japanese prof. Yoshitomi Kobori, a visiting professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has constructed a special lens that can be mounted on the camera on your mobile phone. When it falls on a drop of semen can be filmed a video that will be given to a medical laboratory for analysis.

The new invention will help many members of the stronger sex, who have concerns to give semen samples in clinical conditions. But instead, most of them use mobile devices that can assist them in order to know the quality of their sperm.

Some tips from us for better sperm

  • Men, if you want children wear loose boxers and sleep naked
  • Sleep naked at night slows aging
  • Casual sex treats infertility
  • Women prefer handsome men for fathers of their children
  • Intelligent men produce better quality sperm

Men who are planning to become fathers need to put wide boxers. Future dads categorically are forbidden to wear narrow and tight body in underwear. Evening time is best to sleep naked, advised American specialists.

Doctors believe that underwear affects sperm quality. The reason is that overheating caused by adhering to the body tissues is dangerous for the semen.

These conclusion specialists have come after they studied 501 men who were trying to have children. They were divided into groups. Men at first wore wide, loose underwear and they slept naked at night. The second group of men was with close-fitting underwear day and night.

As a result among men in the first group the level of the damaged DNA of the sperm was 25 percent less. DNA fragmentation, which results in an inability for fertilization, has been less frequent.

Statistics show that 50% of cases the cause of infertility lies in the human body, and in particular, the inability to deliver the female reproductive cells healthily and active sperm.

If you are concerned about the quality of your sperm, there are several things you can do.

  • First – do not panic!

Unless you have not tried for a year, generally do not have to worry. But if past more than a year time, then you will need to talk with your doctor.

Common misconceptions of men on the amount of their sperm

What we have not heard of sperm and male potency. The truth is that any rampant myths in which people believe and this can lead to some misconceptions about sex. Now we will tell you more about sperm and will share some interesting facts. Some people think that they can understand the quantity of sperm they produce, just by looking at the amount that ejaculating.

  • The volume of produced semen is not a measure of potency. Semen is mostly seminal fluid, so what you see visually, doesn’t give you an idea how sperm is contained therein. To understand this, the sperm must be seen under a microscope by a specialist.
  • Some people believe that uncircumcised penis can damage the fertility of a man. There is no link between circumcision and sperm count.
  • Another misconception is that a man can show how potently is through sexual performances. The presence of sex drive can be nice, but there is no relation to the number of sperm.

Natural ways to improve sperm count

There are several things that will help to increase sperm count:

  • Stop smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is not good for health. Studies show that besides damage to your overall health it can also affect potency. Research shows that the number of sperm by men who smoke is 17% lower than by non-smokers.

  • Do not drink alcohol or do drugs

Excessive intake of alcohol or drugs can definitely impair fertility. Men who consumed alcohol (more than 4 drinks a day) can have problems not only with the number of sperm but also with sexual activity in general. Besides the effect on potency, drinking can prevent a man to have or keep an erection as well as can cause other sexual problems.

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle

A healthy diet, exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can improve potency. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is good for your overall health. Researchers found that antioxidants such as those found in fruits and vegetables are very useful when it comes to potency. It is important to keep a healthy weight. Men who are overweight are more likely to have problems with sperm count and sperm quality.

  • Do sex

Some couples mistakenly believe that too much sex affects the sperm count. It was believed that men with low sperm counts avoid intercourse to help build more sperm. Even abstinence to improve the somehow quantity of sperm, it may have a negative effect on sperm quality. When a man makes regular sex every time he ejaculates, he released some of its defective sperm – sperm damaged, and makes room for new quality. Morning sex can also be helpful. Studies show that sperm counts are higher in the early hours of the day.

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