A revolutionary HIV vaccine will be tested on 600 subjects for the first time

A revolutionary HIV vaccine will be tested on 600 subjects for the first time

The very idea of an HIV vaccine is revolutionary

An HIV vaccine has been unheard of until now. And this is because of how vaccines work. Nowadays, there is a lot of debate on whether they are dangerous to children or not and there are even organizations aiming to prohibit vaccination, on the premises that they cause autism, among other health problems.

This is why, especially in the US, this anti-vaccination movement has been associated with a great increase in the number of smallpox cases among the children.

What people tend to forget is that thanks to vaccination a lot of diseases have been eradicated and many others, some even potentially fatal, are being held under control on a daily basis. Among these, polio, tetanus, measles and smallpox are among the top killers that have now been “domesticated”.

But how exactly do vaccines work?

The procedure is pretty simple. Most people tend to think that vaccination means injecting agents of the disease into the organism so that the immune system will fight them and fight them and learn their metabolism. Which is only partly true, but this is where anti-vaccination freaks tend to lose their minds. Explaining this is what will also explain how HIV vaccine will work.

Vaccination relies mainly on injecting disabled agents of the disease. By disabled we mean agents of the virus of bacteria that have been weakened so much that they can no longer replicate or that are even dead and worthless, other than as a studying material for our immune system. This is particularly important in the case of the HIV vaccine because it is a dangerous disease for which we currently have no cure, other than preventing measures at best.

The HIV vaccine is set to reduce the numbers of those infected each year and diminish the incidence of the disease in the society. In 2015, over 36 million people were AIDS carriers and almost 2 million of them were children.

The numbers are almost equally higher today, despite our sustained efforts to contain the spread. Education is a big tool in the process and the same goes for vaccination. The HIV vaccine is a new promising treatment that has been discovered by a team of researchers from the Western University.

The solution has been called SAV001 and it has been developed quite a while ago, yet never passed phase 1, which is laboratory experimentations. Now, the scientists have claimed that it is ready to go to phase 2, which is human trials.

The researchers’ aim is to see if, by using the SAV001 HIV vaccine, they can make the immune system to create antibodies to fight the AIDS virus. The problem with this virus is that it goes undetected and the immune system does not consider it a threat.

Its ability to fly under the radar is where all its power comes from. Now, the SAV001 looks like a highly potent solution against the disease. After many tests that have taken place, researchers have concluded that this innovative solution can destroy the agents of the disease and prevent their spread throughout the organism. In other words, it is mainly a prevention tool healthy people can benefit from, but also those who are already sick.

Even though it is still in its initial phases, it has been programmed to enter phase 2 in the next fall, followed by a phase 3, which is the worldwide testing on over 6.000 AIDS patients. An effective HIV vaccine could mean the end of the global epidemic that is lasting for almost half of century.

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