Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

This May Be The Reason You Haven't Been Able To Lose Weight

This May Be The Reason You Haven’t Been Able To Lose That Extra Weight

Sometimes despite our best efforts, it seems there is no way we can lose that extra pound. A look at the data from the Australia National Heart Foundations Annual Health Survey showed that more than half of the population between the ages of 25 and 49 are trying to lose weight.

Perhaps, this is the reason why any fad diet gets instant attention. Unfortunately, it does not mean that more people are getting slimmer. In fact, most people who have tried one or more of these diets failed. In some cases, some have seen the opposite effect. Instead of losing some pounds, some have actually gained more while on these diets.

So what could be the reason why it is so hard to lose the extra pounds? We take a look at four factors that could bedevil your effort to lose weight.

You Pay Too Much Attention to Restriction

Most people follow one diet or another in order to lose weight. Unfortunately, most of us view these diets as a specific regimen that is restrictive in nature that we need to follow for a short period of time.

Most people believe that the effective diets are the one that is hard, with some element of punishment and eliminates some of their favorite foods. Unfortunately, as humans, we don’t like feeling restricted. This means we pay too much attention to the restriction and crave for these foods that we should be avoiding.

This is one of the major reasons why most diets fail in a long term. The cold truth is that we can’t be on this restriction forever, sooner or later, we will go back to the same foods we are supposed to avoid and start gaining weight all over again.

The only solution is to go on a diet that doesn’t make us overly restricted. The diet may include social eating and some regular “cheats” treats.

You Are Either “Off” or “On”

Starting a new diet program every new week may be working against you. The dieting cycle is too small to achieve any positive result and in fact, may give you the opposite result in a long-term. Losing weight and gaining them right back has some significant effect on the body’s metabolism in a long term.

Our metabolism reduces every time we lose weight, no matter how small and this makes losing weight more hard. It is therefore recommended that you commit to long-term eating patterns if you want to lose weight in a long-term instead of quick fix weight loss tricks that may be damaging your metabolism.

You Don’t Pay Attention To Metabolism

We do everything possible to “lose weight” or reduce the number of calories we take in order to lose some pounds that we inevitably start losing a certain amount of muscle mass.

Muscle mass is a body tissue that burns calories. It sometimes combines with the dramatic calorie reductions that occur in a long-term to decrease metabolic rate. In most cases, it means that the diet and calorie restriction doesn’t have the effect it once had and no longer able to burn calories efficiently since it has become used to calorie deprivation at regular intervals.

We can control this situation by combing a controlled calorie restriction with the type of exercise that helps in muscle building when we want to lose weight. If you are increasing your muscle and restricting calories you eat, you will become better at burning calories more than when you don’t engage in any muscle building exercise. Fortunately, you can be increasing your muscle using CLA Safflower oil which when combined with weight training results in body mass, solid arms, and leg press. Consuming 6g of safflower oil for one month will help you shed the extra fats and gain the lean muscle mass. Buy CLA Safflower Oil Here!

You Are Not Serious About Losing Weight

While it can be said that most of us will like to lose weight. Unfortunately, most people are not seeing any result because they are not actually doing what they are supposed to be doing in order to successfully lose weight and keep it off for a long term.

For instance, you still eat large portions despite the fact it makes you gain weight. You also skimp gym sessions and don’t really engage in any exercise to compensate for the extra calories you are eating.

Moreover, our modern day life has subjected us to living practically hunched in front of computers and eating unhealthy snacks which are not conducive to weight control. Most of us need to get more physical activities and also commit to eating less daily in order to start seeing results in our weight loss efforts.


The number of people that are overweight or obese is increasing in the United States, the UK, Australia and most developed countries of the world. By correcting these mistakes that are sabotaging your weight loss effort, you can finally begin to make some progress and edge closer towards having your perfect body.

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