Probiotics Power – The first line of defense

The power of probiotics

Probiotics are the first line of defense

Not only the first line of defense, but it seems like probiotics are the most important one. Probably a lot of you are already familiarized with the term. There are tons of articles online, praising different products and health supplements containing probiotic strains and a wide variety of bacterial charges.

But where does this hype come from and why are people so fond of getting them? Several years back you had no way of getting too many probiotic supplements. So what changed in the meantime? The answer is knowledge. We grew more knowledgeable. As simple as that.

Information is the key in understanding probiotics

Due to a lot of researches and studies, we now know a lot more about probiotics than we ever did and it is what drives us into researching this field even more. Recently, scientists have discovered that simply regulating the intestinal flora, you might get a lot more benefits than we have previously thought.

Some studies suggest that probiotic supplementation could prove to be an effective remedy against affections like depression, Celiac Disease, Alzheimer’s, different types of cancers and so on. Sure, the studies are only in their early phases, but this is what we said when it was thought that the same bacterial organisms could regulate our digestive processes.

Who knows what the future may hold for us in this regard? We are already using probiotics in order to counter a lot of health affections. This may have skipped your attention, but doctors are prescribing probiotics as well. They are doing so when the patient has to take powerful antibiotics to counter biological infections.

Antibiotics are highly efficient bacterial killers, which is both a good and a bad thing. It is a good thing because this method is the most effective one of getting rid of any potentially life threatening infections, but it has its downsides as well. Among these, the fact that antibiotics also destroy our digestive flora is the most important one.

In these cases, doctors will prescribe you certain strains of probiotics, designed to cope with the problems and restore the gut flora as soon as possible. In this regard, probiotics are used as treatment for antibiotic related health problems, including diarrhea.

Probiotics and immunity, a useful insight

The fact that doctors are prescribing probiotics should not come as a shock. This is how most of the professional and acclaimed drugs today have been treated. Before being regulated by the FDA, they were mainly avoided, or sold only to those brave enough to try them out.

Since FDA does not regulate food supplements, which is exactly what probiotics are being perceived for now, it is understandable why some people avoid them altogether. But this is not what we should be doing, and understanding what probiotics actually are and how do they work is the key.


They have been linked to our immune system’s functioning for a long time now. It is already a known fact that, without a proper bacterial balance, our natural defensive system would be completely ineffective. These good bacteria are the reason we have an immune system in the first place. In fact, if we were to write down a list of benefits, this would be the number one and the most important we would need to mention.

Our immune system is the epiphany of bacterial warfare. Not everything entering your organism is good. As a matter of fact, most that does is bad. An effective defense system is crucial in keeping the harmful agents away, which is where the good bacteria come in. And the probiotic supplements, since we are at it.

The good bacteria that form our digestive flora are what keep the infectious agents away. As soon as the gut flora is being destroyed, the incoming harmful microorganisms will have no barrier to overcome, as everything will be flat and defenseless. This is why, when taking antibiotics to kill an infection, you may possibly open the door for a whole other range of problems.

It is why doctors are prescribing probiotics. The intestinal flora is strictly related to digestive efficiency, as well as with an elevated immune response. You believe these are all presumptions? As a matter of fact, these are all facts, beyond any reasonable doubt. It is why some probiotic strains are even presented in the Doctor Oz’s show.

What benefits should we expect from using probiotics?

Not only that we are going to talk about what is possible, but we are also going to mention what is certain. There are probiotic facts and probiotic presumptions, as many health specialists suggest that they may have a lot more benefits to provide us with in the near future. But let’s stick to what we already know and get straight to the point.

As Doctor Oz has shown during his shows, probiotics are definitely on the rise and there is but one way of understanding why: presenting the benefits. This being said, this is what we already know for a fact:

  1. Probiotics are essential in the functioning of the digestive processes
  2. They are the key that sets in motion the immune system
  3. Some specific strains are known to increase the metabolic rates
  4. With higher levels of energy, due to an efficient digestion, you could find the support you need to lose weight in an effective and natural way
  5. Provide you with improved mood and better night sleeps
  6. The nutrient absorption will increase significantly
  7. You will forget about bloating, gasses, and digestive problems as irritable Bowel Syndrome
  8. Some researchers suggest probiotics could be used in treating depression

The last point is the conclusion of some of the latest studies that have taken place. As it turns out, probiotics are actually being taken into account in mental discrepancies as anxiety, stress and depression. It may sound weird to say the least, but researchers have identified links between the gut bacteria and one’s mind set on a long term.


It is because of that gut-brain axis, as it is being called. Despite of the fact that we still do not know how this functions, one thing is for certain: this connection exists, it is not a mere hypothesis. All we need to do is to find out its internal mechanisms. So far, researchers have found out that some gut bacterial strains produce dopamine.

This is a hormone known as the “love hormone”, due to the fact that it is usually associated with feelings of love towards a certain person, as it is released in the brain in high amounts in such moments. But it goes well beyond that. Dopamine is also being produced whenever we are doing anything pleasurable, and it is known to be the single most effective remedy into fighting depression in some measure.

The fact that some gut bacterial strains could produce it is mindboggling, true nonetheless.

What is the power of probiotics?

The true power of probiotics is that they provide us with a healthier and optimal biological functioning. According the years of research in the field, we have a lot of reasons to go for them, whether it is for immediate purposes or on the long run. Because, as it has been revealed, we may discover a lot more application for probiotics in the following years, some of which could potentially change our understanding on how they work.

There is a lot to be gained, but very little to lose, when taking them, because they pose no risk to your health. In the health industry, probiotics are probably the most reliable, trustworthy and efficient supplement. There is no wonder why increasingly more people are becoming interested in these products.

Ultimately, the power of probiotics is that we can draw benefits from using them for years. If we are to assign a product that could be as closely related to the definition of a panacea, then probiotics would definitely fill in the gap.


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