Children May Benefit From Probiotics Healthy Bacteria

Children May Benefit From Probiotics

Will it be wise to introduce your baby to Probiotics?

In instances of shopping for the snacks and meals for infant, probably you have noticed Probiotics have already infiltrated those items. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that offer manifold health benefits. In infants, these microorganisms can fight problems like eczema and colic.

However, the question is whether if it can boost the baby’s health. Research keeps exploring for this answer. Probiotics have different categories, each having its definite benefits. Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are the 2 most commonly prescribed probiotics for its capacity to boost the digestive function.

Though there are needs for further research, these bacteria allow the food to pass freely through the guts. It ultimately assists the digestive functions and fetches relief to sufferers suffering from diarrhea, bowel syndrome or lactose intolerance.

The way these probiotics is not known in detailed until today’s time. In addition, there is the scarcity of scientific evidence about the benefits of these bacteria.

A baby gets born with a few million bacteria in the gastrointestinal system. As the baby passes through the birth canal, the baby picks a few microbes from the mother’s body. This prompts the healthy as well as unhealthy bacteria in colonizing in the GI tract.

After the baby is born, adequate nursing can enhance the count of good bacteria. It is because the breast milk comes loaded with probiotics. This is a fiber that is indigestible for the body.

However, it is the food for the healthy bacteria to grow. Even if the breast milk can carry these fibers, it is crucial to note that the Probiotic supplementation is not a necessity in bigger babies.

It is wise to apply Probiotics on babies consuming antibiotics

In instances, the baby needs to consume antibiotics, physicians sometimes recommend the Probiotics for infants. It will keep the balance between the harmful and healthy bacteria in the guts. However, in some instances, prescribing probiotics to children can result in a detrimental outcome.


This ailment is one of the most common troubles observed in infants. If an infant is suffering from diarrhea, application of probiotics can produce a worthy outcome. Lactobacillus comes especially suitable in these instances and it comes effective as well as safe for the baby’s health.


It comes up from various research observations that infants consuming Probiotics suffer from the lesser extent of colic bouts. The result comes more positive if the infants get introduced to  the probiotics within the first 3 months of birth. Babies that take Probiotics will have smaller crying spells. These babies will suffer from, stomach upsets less frequently. However, more researchers need to be conducted before the use of Probiotics gets standardized.


There is evidence that Probiotics can cure eczema. Though it cannot prevent eczema directly, it can inhibit sensitiveness towards certain allergens and Hence, can safeguard the babies from eczema attacks.

Immune System

Consuming the Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus strains reduces acute respiratory troubles that get triggered by allergies as well as from common cold. However, the majority of the experts share a view that contradicts the claim. Hence, you need to approach the situation being wise and considerate.

In case you are a breastfeeding mother and you aspire to promote the probiotic growth in your baby, it will be wise if you boost the milk by adding vegetable and fruits. Bananas, apple skins, and onions will serve your purpose in this regard.

If your baby is on a solid diet, yogurts will be the best option to try in this regard. This high-fiber food comes loaded with probiotic content. It can offer the fuel that the bacteria in the gut need for thriving. With that said, if your baby is too small that it cannot intake dairy products or other solid items, supplements can be a good option to try.

Probiotic supplements suitable for infants are available as a powder, drops, as well as chewing tablets. You get these products available at the online stores as well as in the grocery shop, nearest to you.

However, before starting the application, you should always consult the pediatrician about the suitability of such supplements on your baby. It is important that the research catches up the prevailing trends.

Hence, the doctor will never prescribe probiotic but, can assist you in digesting the entire information. Subsequently, you can come up with the most effective and the safest action and approach for tackling the ailments in your little one.

What are the benefits of introducing the baby to probiotics?

  • Probiotics prevent the death of the intestinal tissues in babies

Especially in babies born prematurely, intestinal tissue death is one of the biggest challenges. These challenges can get reduced significantly if the baby gets introduced to these helpful bacteria. Intestinal tissue death is an alarming extent as it retards the intestinal functions. Thus, it is definitely beneficial if probiotics get applied to the infants.

  • Prevents diarrhea and fever

Newborns are highly vulnerable to catch diarrhea and fevers. As it comes up from a research recently conducted in Israel, infants served formulations containing probiotic, catches these ailments, less frequently as compared with the one, not getting the serving.

These ailments can result in a devastating outcome if it happens frequently. In that regard, introducing the baby to these beneficial microorganisms can produce a delightful outcome.

Introduction to probiotics boosts the immune system in infants

The biggest benefit in introducing the babies to these healthy bacteria is that it promotes the immune functions and system. Hence, the babies will be lesser vulnerable to the ailments that babies usually catches. As there come improvements in the immune system, the babies will maintain better health. It will foster a better development of the baby.

Another significant benefit in introducing the baby to probiotics is that these microorganisms fight skin allergies. This is one of the most common problems, observed during the infancy stage.

Probiotics can even fight the challenges from asthma and other respiratory ailments. Colonization of these healthy bacteria in the GI tract will shield the baby from threats of food poisons and other digestive ailments, common in infants. Thus, it is surely a wise act to opt for the probiotics for your baby.

Always introduce probiotics to the infants and newborn after consulting the pediatrician

Even if the benefits of probiotics in infants and newborns stand beyond the scope of the debate, you should always consult the pediatrician, before applying these bacteria on your child.

Though to a very little extent, there are chances that these bacteria can trigger adverse effects on your baby. The pediatrician will be the right person to judge the suitability of the specific strain on your baby.

Hence, you can expect for the sweetest outcome and can rely on the safety. The pediatrician can even suggest a special care that you need to take while introducing your baby to these bacteria.

Good parenting is all about securing the future of your ward. The biggest asset that you can present your baby is a sound health. The probiotics are the most effective solution to boost the health and wellbeing of your baby.

Introducing these healthy bacteria to your baby, you can ensure that the baby develops better health and stay safe from the majority of the ailments that are common in newborn and infants. Include the pediatrician in the introduction process to reap the maximum benefits.

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