The benefits of probiotics not everybody knows about

The benefits of probiotics not everybody knows about

The benefits of probiotics are a part of life itself

It is easy to understand the rise of interest regarding probiotic supplements among the general population, especially when taking into consideration the large numbers of studies done on this segment. We now know enough about the subject to declare once and for all that the benefits of probiotics are indistinguishable from the well-being of any living being.

They are often confused with gut bacteria, but that is not the whole truth. In fact, the term probiotics refer to the entire culture of bacteria, both living inside and on us. We tend to focus on those living in the gut region because they are those whose presence is the most obvious and their effects the greatest.

The digestive process could not be as effective as it is without the benefits of probiotics and the helpful hand of the microorganisms living and thriving in that region.

Now, the important part is that not everybody is aware of the importance that these agents play in our everyday life and scientists have proven that their influence goes past beyond increasing the digestive efficiency.

As a matter of fact, you can use them to treat acne and psoriasis and they play a major role in protecting the body against different health affections on a long term.

Knowing how to use them could make the difference

The first time that the benefits of probiotics began to be marketed on a larger scale was when the yogurt Activia hit the market. It is produced by Dannon and prior to that, there was not much interest in the topic.

It was only after that that an apparently simple brand of yogurt caused a switch in the general perception. The benefits of probiotics suddenly took the public by storm and the product had a great success since then.

However, it is crucial to identify the exact products you need for an effective result. Not all yogurts contain the proper probiotic mix and some are actually quite ineffective in delivering any valuable content at all.

This is because, regardless of what it is being marketed, yogurts are not that great in filling up your needs. In order to receive the full benefits of probiotics, you need to look elsewhere, because all of the yogurts you can buy from the market contain, almost exclusively, dead or disabled agents.

If the units are not active upon ingestion, then we cannot talk about the benefits of probiotics in the first place.

The best probiotic sources are those that do not come frozen or combined with artificial additives and preservatives that could interfere with the precious content. Also, there is another aspect you should take into account.

The benefits of probiotics are basically reduced to scratch if you do not resource to a healthy eating style as a whole. Before adopting any measure in regard to your body’s probiotic needs, make sure you are on the right path in terms of eating habits. Otherwise, the benefits of probiotics could be quickly surpassed by the downside of a poor dietary lifestyle.

The benefits of probiotics in a healthy individual

The first that immediately pops out is the one encompassing all the little “favors” the digestive system will gain from. Nowadays, doctors prescribe probiotic cocktails, especially strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, along with all the cultures containing them, in order to treat especially the recurrent digestive problems.

This means that they are being used to restore the intestinal flora, reduce gasses and bloating and support a more efficient digestion as a whole.

But these are not the only benefits of probiotics that you need to know about. According to multiple studies, scientists have discovered links between the gut bacteria imbalance and the evolution of anxiety and depression.

It is already a known fact that the digestive system has a hotline to our brain and the fact that the bacterial mass in the guts could trigger complex processes in the brain, even leading to mood changes was indeed new, but not that unexpected.

Although additional research is needed in order to put the stamp on the paper, the perspectives are definitely worth considering, especially since the studies have revealed that there is an undisputable link between a number of good bacteria in our guts and the factors leading to depression. And this is not all because the benefits of probiotics are not even resumed to the digestive system.

Aside from the obvious, the benefits of probiotics include strengthening the immune system, prevent and fight against allergies, protect the skin and improve its health and protect against urinary tract infections, particularly in women.

How can we tell the good probiotic sources from the bad?

As we have already mentioned, yogurts rate low on the scale of importance, primarily because they have a low content of units. A healthy functioning human being needs approximately 5 billion units of probiotics per day, more or less.

Most of these come from the food we eat, but not everyone reaches this golden number, especially due to the downs in their eating habits.

Which is why specialists recommend us to look for foods with a large content of active bacterial units, such as tempeh, kefir, kombucha teas and pickles. These are only some of the sources you can introduce in your diet, but for urgent cases, there is nothing that beats the supplements and that is when the benefits of probiotics become obvious.

Unlike regular probiotic food sources, supplements have a high probiotic content, usually combining different strains, with tens of billions of units. If you are looking for a fill-up, this is the way to go. However, just for safety measures, you should consult your personal doctor before taking the matters into your own hands.

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