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So here we are, ready to take on a much tackled problem of our society, probably one of the highest public interest that many people have discussed on numerous occasions. It is about human relationships, marriage to be specific and not only that, because marriage, as a social process, bares little to no weight in the matter we are about to deal with. What is far more interesting is a natural process that is unrelated to anything imposed by our social views and that is sex. Now, I know you think sex is extremely simple and that you are a sex guru that needs no information related to this subject, but let’s talk about it anyway. It is not as much about sex at it is about how a man expresses his manhood and how it is received by women.

PHGH - Natural Male EnhancementI know, you were thought that in a relationship it does not really matter your sex abilities when considering the bond between the two, but more like their communication skills and the way they manage to get along to one another. While this may actually be a fact, let’s not overreact and take into consideration that sex is actually quite a big deal when talking about the perfect relationship. Another aspect that I would like to talk about is that what is real and what is not has been greatly deformed by the porn industry. Much like women and men alike value those ideal body types, which will lead them to depression. I have to tell you that sex life is nothing like you see in the movies. There is no superhuman ability to hold on to and no woman prefers having a 2 hours sex session if you will leave her unsatisfied. This is called quality over quantity. This means that your focus should be on performance rather than endurance and women want to feel loved and appreciated. How many of you have dreamt to be porn stars when they were young? I have to admit I am guilty as charged and this has probably been everyone’s wish as a puberty fantasy. What could be more appealing than to have sex the entire day, right? If you think that is every man’s wish, you are wrong and you should talk to a professional porn star. What, were you expecting me to say psychologist? As a matter of fact, no one can expose this matter easier and more efficiently than those involved. You see, every man has a different organism and different needs, but what does not vary is one’s sex lust and predisposition. As a man you will find it increasingly difficult to have sex when you narrow the breaks between the sessions. Your body needs to have time to build up its cravings. You cannot simply perform like a robot day and night and many porn actors actually encounter real problems on the filming set.

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But let’s look at this problem from another point of view. OK, so we have established that a woman does not necessarily values the quantity of the sex acts, but the quality. You probably have heard of feminine orgasms, right? No, I am not talking about a sci-fi concept feminine orgasm is actually quite a real deal. The problem is that women experience orgasms under certain circumstances that men are not really educated in. It is a science field that you should have a university degree in just to be able to comprehend what we are talking about. It is called foreplay and while it may be a completely alien concept to some of you males out there, foreplay is actually something that exists. And it is a part of the sexual process. Well, let’s not overreact, part of some sexual processes. For a woman, the foreplay is a lot more important than for a man (no shit, right?) but not for sentimental reasons, but for physical ones. A woman’s orgasm is a lot harder to obtain than that of a male. Which is around 4, 5 seconds, if horny enough. A woman may need more than 15 minutes to achieve that wondrous state. And that is for the happy occasions, because it usually requires more than that. That means that you should be able to learn about the importance of foreplay in the sex act and treat it like it would actually matter. Because it simply does. Do you know that there are a lot of women never to have experienced orgasm? I know, why would you know that, but the matter of fact is that there are.

Now if you think orgasm is a petty thing to consider when looking at the functionality of a relationship, you will be amazed to find you that 7 out of 10 women admitted to have breaking up with their male partners simply because he could not “deliver”. Not in terms of quantity, because many of those mentioned in the interviews were “professional fuckers”. The thing that they completely lacked was their ability to deliver the quality they needed to. And this lead to frustration from women’s part and this was the first step towards a failed relationship.

What should you do?

OK, so are you ready to admit that you are a faulty human being and your capacities may be well under those of sex gods’? This means that you are on the right track. What you need to do now is to get over your ego and start making a change in your life. This way not only you will completely change your life, but you will also alter your relationship for the better and you will keep your woman satisfied and happy. Because sex is as important to her as it is for you.

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Step one: Workout more.

Laziness is what makes your junk play dead all the time. Because I know you also have those moments when you simply cannot put your Johnny to work. Not only that, but your performances will suck, simply because your physical condition will be that of a rabbit – 10 seconds act. By working out you will stimulate your blood flow in your entire body and this is something your manhood really needs in order to deliver the expected results. You will be more than satisfied to notice the results, not to mention that you will also develop a nice looking body that will drive a woman’s sex drive. And this time your performance will be notably improved.

Step two: Stop eating crap!

This is another important aspect, since the way you eat will severely influence your performances and determine the quality of your seminal fluids. But I guess you could not care less about this aspect, you care more about your sexual performances, which means that you should also consider it as of major importance.

Step three: Get help.

I recommend this step only if you have went through the first two steps and failed to meet the expected results. But what is this step about? No, I am not talking about Viagra, for instance, because that is the final resource when you realize that there is nothing left for you to do. Viagra is depressing. Instead try and focus on something else. For instance, let me recommend you a product that I have personally used for…couple of times, since I don’t actually need it but was interested in its effects. I care about the truth, you feel me? You know what I mean. Anyway, the product I am talking about is called PHGH – Natural Male Enhancement and it is quite a piece of art. What this does is to increase the blood flow in your system and deliver you the results that you are looking for.

I admit that these are only minor resolutions to a potentially more serious problem. I mean, if you think your problem is more serious than just casual “organ malfunctions”, then maybe you should see a specialist. After all, one man’s working tool is one man’s manhood. No one wants to endure the shame of feeling inadequate.

So let your ego aside and work on dealing with the actual problem. Another aspect that I forgot to mention is that you should give up your bad habits. So no alcohol and no smoking starting tomorrow. It has been shown that both smoking and drinking a lot of alcohol on a daily basis will have a meaningful effect on your love life. And I am not talking about a mild one, but a game changing effect. For the worse. Scared? You should be. Don’t waste any more time and get to work. You can change your life if you really want to.


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