PhenQ All-In-One Weight Loss Supplement Review

PhenQ review

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ, the number N weight loss pill, one of the many in line, waiting to be bought. I know what you are thinking. Hey, I mean all you have to do is to write “lose weight” or “weight loss” or “get in shape” in our search engine and you will get tons of similar results – tablets, pills, programs, drugs, innovative methods, training schedules, dieting, alternative medicine gigs.

There is plenty to choose from, trust me. And the worse is, you have no idea what to choose  I know, I have been there. Every pill you get to see claims to work in a specific way. You soon get to the conclusion that you need a stack of pills to get the effect you are looking for. Now there is this PhenQ, seemingly coming out of nowhere and, by now, you must have learned not to trust anything you put your eyes on, right?

At least this is what I have learned and I would advise you to do the same. As a result, the name PhenQ did not impress me very much. It is all about the research behind the product that matters, not the shock-value of the statements about it.

So what is the first thing you need to know about PhenQ?

Several things, actually, but, you know, “one thing” sounded better:

  • What does it do?
  • Does it work?
  • Is there actual research backing the claims up?
  • What do the consumers say?
  • Are there any side effects I need to know about?
  • Why is it different than other products?

This is my personal skeptic’s list. I have learned that being a skeptic is the best way to avoid getting stung, so I have adopted this attitude like my second nature. In my book, as long as a product, regardless of its health sector it is being included in, takes a green light on all these points, I’ll take it if I need it. As far as I know, this list has never let me down. So let’s see.

The first question is the easiest to answer to, yet the answer is more complex than you might think. Ok, PhenQ is being promoted as a weight loss pill. This doesn’t tell me anything about its efficiency, whether I should trust it will deliver as intended and, in short, it is a void statement, for the most part. I was mainly interested to know if and why is PhenQ special and what makes it different than other products.

Here is the deal. It is not just about weight loss effect, it is about how the effect is achieved.

Is this mind-blowing or what? If it is, good, because it is worth it. Never minding the official claims, simply by reading the product’s label we can draw the following conclusions:


  1. Boosts the metabolism so that the body burns more fat than usual, even when lacking intense physical activity. Despite the effect is greatly enhanced when you combine it with regular physical exercises, you should experience minor effects when laying on your ass all day too. Like I did for most of my life. But don’t expect too much in that case.
  2. Reduces and even ceases the fat production, thus diminishing weight gain over time. Regarding the prolonged use, it may even stop it completely. I am not at that stage yet, but the math shows it should.
  3. Cuts down on the appetite. Want to eat less? This is your chance. This is probably the first noticeable effect of PhenQ; it both reduces the appetite and brings the satiety closer to more normal values. So no more eating like a wild beast after the 40 days of the flood.
  4. Refills your batteries. You know how you feel like a mummy when you take on a drastic diet? The energy is all drained and you can barely have enough to not die, right? Well, one of the effects of PhenQ is that it should counter that side effect and bring you back on track, especially when combining it with a more active lifestyle.

What did we learn? – Even though we may perceive PhenQ as another weight loss pill, the process by which it achieves these goals are more complex and comprise in 4 different stages and these are not claims needing to be proven because all you do is to read the label. The ingredients used in creating the formula are quite common, easy to find in similar products as well.

The secret? – The obvious question, right? If the ingredients can be found in other products too, what is the catch? The secret is a-Lacys Reset. A new ingredient, not as new as to be deemed experimental, but newer than anything found in the composition of PhenQ.

How Does PhenQ Work?

Now, I have to say, this was a question of crucial importance to me. I cannot purchase something I have no idea how it works, despite the fact that it works flawlessly. I guess you can call it paranoia, doesn’t make one difference whatsoever. I have to know what I put inside me before putting it, otherwise there is no point in talking about safety or efficiency.

I did my research and here is where we have a breakthrough. Two points I need to make:

  1. PhenQ contains strictly natural ingredients, it submits to the US and UK pharmaceutical standards and its formula it is being created in FDA approved facilities across the US territory.
  2. There is actual science backing the claims up

The first point was pretty much self-explanatory, but I had to take a closer look at the second one. I needed science facts, not science claims and I was not disappointed. But before getting there, let’s clarify 2 aspects that are usually of great interest among the consumers:

PhenQ dosage

It is really simple. It is recommended to only take 2 pills per day, without exceeding the dose. I know it is pretty much self-explanatory, but many people tend to do it in order to increase the effects, so let’s get that out of the system right now. Overdosing will always come with various side effects and since this product contains caffeine, is pretty easy to deduct what some of those side effects might be.

Also, regarding those who are caffeine sensitive, you might want to cut on your caffeine consumption, at least for the period you are using PhenQ.

PhenQ Price and Guarantee

The offer stands like this:

  • 1 bottle – $69.95, with $10 savings from the retail price of $79.95
  • 2 bottles + 1 FREE – $139.90, with $99.95 savings from the retail price of $239.85
  • 3 bottles + 2 FREE + 1 FREE Bottle of ADVANA CLEANSE – $189.95, with $209.80 savings from the retail price of $399.75

ATTENTION: Since a bottle contains 60 capsules and you must take 2 every day, it means that it will cover your one-month-needs. Meaning that with order options 2 and 3 you get 1, respectively 2 months worth of PhenQ FREE of charge. Good to know.

Money Back by any chance?

Absolutely. As stated on the official site, every customer has a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, meaning that they can safely return whatever is left of the unused product and they will get a full refund. Shipping charges excluded, of course, but hey, can it get any better than that? A lot of health products manufacturers do not offer such a guarantee at all, or the timeframe you have at your disposal is extremely short.

In this case, you have 67 days, after receiving the order, at your disposal to decide whether PhenQ has actually delivered according to the claims or not. If not, you have plenty of time to return it and get a refund.

The Science Behind PhenQ

The Science Behind PhenQ

People are frightened by the word “science”. It has become trivial because so many use it in contexts that have nothing to do with what actual science represents. You know what I am talking about. It is pseudoscience, mimicking the real deal but not quite. Pseudoscience means false science, including false or deceptive evidence, which does not stand to rigorous research.

  • This is why I was particularly interested in thoroughly researching the science backing PhenQ.

Is it legit, does it support the claims and what could it tell me? These were questions I had to answer and it was actually quite easy. The majority of the ingredients found in PhenQ posed no serious questions because their effects have been proven a lot of times in other products too.

  • But how about a-Lacys Reset?

This is where the science begins. Not unlike other products, I was quite pleasantly surprised that this virtually new ingredient has some serious science behind it. Like any other weight loss pill or any drug for that matter, its effects have been analyzed by comparing it with the placebo effect. This is naturally towards the final stages of the research when human trials were already deemed safe and harm-free.

Turns out that a-Lacys Reset beat the placebo constantly during the trials and a pattern has emerged:

The subjects involved in the study who were given PhenQ:

  • Lost 7.24% of the body fat even during short time consumption
  • Lost 3.44% of their total body weight
  • Gained 3.80% of additional muscular mass (I know, it was a surprise for me too)

In all the trials, the formula delivered constant and better results than the placebo which actually left no room for interpretation.

PhenQ Ingredients

Everyone is on the lookout for all-natural. It is our motto in everything we do, wear and eat and primarily eats. No matter the type of the product, we look for a natural composition or as close as possible to the definition.

That is the right attitude and you should keep it. Avoid artificial additives or chemicals and artificial ingredients. The more natural, the better. In this regard, all you need to know about PhenQ you can find out by reading the label and the conclusion is this:

PhenQ only contains natural and safe ingredients.

This is not something to dispute, it is crystal clear and just so we can exemplify, here is the list of ingredients that the formula comprises in:

  1. Capsimax Powder

This is actually a blend containing piperine, vitamin B3, caffeine, and capsicum. Piperine and capsicum are the first components responsible for the fat burning effect. They are pepper plant extracts and it is thanks to them that the thermogenic effect in the organism is delivered and supported. What this means is that the body will accelerate the fat burning processes. Science has shown that the same happens when you eat peppers, even though that the effects are minor.

  1. Chromium Picolinate

It is actually quite a common mineral, usually located in vegetables, wholegrain, and meat, responsible for mainly reducing and even cutting the carbs and sugar cravings. If you ask me, this is a must-have for any weight loss formula and it usually is, for the most qualitative products around the market. Simply by reducing the sugar and carb cravings, your weight loss efforts will be cut down to half.

  1. Caffeine

No matter how you put it, caffeine represents the daily energy source for a lot of people. No wonder it is included in so many weight loss supplements and PhenQ is no exception. It increases physical and mental alertness, supports focus and greatly reduces the fatigue during the day. In relation to physical activity, caffeine is the boost you need for improved performances.

  1. Calcium Carbonate

This one has been included in the PhenQ formula for two reasons:

  • It supports the bone structure
  • It prevents the body from increasing the fat deposits
  1. Nopal

It is a cactus that has a fiber-rich content, which is to say it is the perfect addition if you are looking to reduce food appetite. In addition, due to its high amino acid content, it increases the energy levels and reduces the effect of fluid retention, which often adds to the excess weight.

  1. a-Lacys Reset

An original PhenQ ingredient and the one that delivers the most potent weight loss effect. It decreases body fat and supports the development of muscular mass over time.

PhenQ Benefits

PhenQ Benefits

It is all about the benefits. In the end, there is nothing more important than that. Now I would like to make a distinction here. PhenQ is not a miracle working product. I know that for a fact. How? Because there is no such thing, period, and I will always take any such claims with a grain of salt. Fortunately, there are no such claims attached to PhenQ. However, one thing is certain:

When combined with a healthy and active lifestyle and a balanced diet, PhenQ benefits should be quite visible fast.

Overall, these are the most important benefits you should get:

  • Effective weight loss over time, an effect which accelerates when you modify your lifestyle accordingly
  • Fat burn
  • Energy levels increase during the day
  • Reduced food appetite and less sugar and carb cravings
  • A more positive mood
  • Slight muscle mass increase, depending on your efforts in this regard as well

If we are to notice a downside to PhenQ, that would be the fact that the results cannot be obtained in a couple of days. There is a reason why 1 bottle contains 1 month’s worth of tablets. And there is a reason why it is recommended to order 2 bottles.

Keep in mind

  1. Every person’s organism records the effects at a different pace. Depending on each individual, in particular, the PhenQ results may appear sooner or later.
  1. Changing your lifestyle in addition, like adopting a more active physical program and modifying the eating habits, could significantly boost the effectiveness of the supplement.

PhenQ Side-effects

There is no long version of the answer to the side effects question. I only have the short version to give you and that is: No. According to all the tests and trials, PhenQ does not deliver any short or long term effects.


  • Do not take it if you are under 18 years of age
  • Do not take it if you are pregnant or nursing
  • Do not take it without consulting your health specialist about the ingredients

Especially the last point is important, because, even though the ingredients are all natural and safe for human consumption, 2 people don’t have the same organism and metabolism. Some may be sensitive to caffeine like I have already mentioned.

Important: As an addition, you should always consult a doctor if you have any dangerous physical condition or if you had one in the past. Better safe than sorry, right?

Final Verdict: Is This the ULTIMATE Weight Loss Pill, or Not?

I would like to make 2 points here, in relation to the question “Is this the most potent weight loss pill”?

  1. I have no idea

I cannot claim PhenQ is the most effective weight loss pill to date. How could I, I have not tried them all. I don’t think this is the real question we need to ask “Is this weight loss pill effective”?

  1. I am almost sure it rates among the top weight loss pills on the market

I have several reasons why I believe that:

  • We have scientific data backing the claims
  • We have a lot of positive feedback from the consumers
  • The formula is transparent and the ingredients have been tested and proven to work
  • It supports weight loss by taking on all the aspects: fat burn, energy increase, food appetite diminishing, fat gain prevention

The verdict is this:

If you intend to doubt its efficiency, I don’t blame you, being skeptic it is a good thing. However, as far as I can tell, there are very few reasons to do it. All the evidence supports the official claims.

Despite the fact that the results do not come overnight, when using PhenQ on a regular basis, you should be able to significantly reduce your weight over time and maintain a healthier physique for longer. Especially when combining the supplement with a more alert lifestyle and a more balanced diet as a plus.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much weight can I lose?

This is an impossible-to-answer question. Let’s be realistic here, there is no telling how much weight you can use while doing anything. Not even going to gym and adopting the same exercising program as the next guy.

Every organism functions differently.

This means that you should expect for PhenQ to deliver its effects at a different pace than in the case of any other person.

  1. Does it require lifestyle changes too?

Only if you want visible and long lasting results fast. Considering the ingredients contained in the formula, the benefits should become visible even without any significant lifestyle changes, but it will take longer to do so.

Put some work into it, lazy! Nothing is gained for free.

Workout regularly, eat healthier, sleep as you should. And stop complaining!

  1. How should I take PhenQ?

2 pills per day, 1 in the morning, the other in the evening.

Don’t forget: The supplement contains caffeine, so you may want to avoid taking it at night. Also, make sure you are not sensitive in relation to this ingredient.

  1. Where can I buy it from?

You can only take it from the official website, which is a good thing because they also have a lot of useful information for you over there.

  1. Is it being shipped all over the world?

Yes. What? The answer is yes.

  1. Does it come with a Money Back Guarantee clause?

You know it does, 60-day Money Back Guarantee Full Refund No Questions Asked.

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