Perfect Biotics Slim Review

perfect biotics slim

What is Perfect Biotics Slim?

Perfect Biotics Slim Review: Although the market is filled with products that, more or less, do the same things, Perfect Biotics Slim is being promoted as a special type of probiotic supplement, whose effects are vastly diverse, including weight loss assistance, among other things. This is a particularly bold claim since people are not used to associating probiotics with weight loss.

But in order to have a clear comprehension of what the effects of Perfect Biotics Slim are, we first need to understand the notions that form its base – probiotics. The topic has reached the general public’s perception in the 80’s but only years later the true effects of the gut bacteria emerged. What is more important is that, although a lot of studies took place, we are still oblivious regarding all of their benefits and scientists have even discovered links between the gut bacteria and brain activity.

However you would choose to look at it, one thing is crystal clear: the good bacteria play a major role in our health, protecting and supporting the functioning of the organism. Studies that have analyzed the impact of the bacterial cultures on our wellbeing found out that a lot of our biological processes are influenced by the gut balance between good and bad bacteria.

It turns out that these microorganisms are essential to our optimal functioning and that whenever there is an imbalance occurring at the digestive level, the effects can be widely visible as a result. The internal bacterial balance can be disrupted due to several factors, most of which are our own doing, making us directly responsible for the aftermath. In general, the good bacteria can be destroyed by many different factors:

  • The exaggerated use of antibiotics

Whether you are taking them to treat a serious infection or rather a minor one, the effect is still the same: antibiotics will destroy the problem causing bacteria, along with the good one. It cannot distinguish between the two, hence it kills everything. This is one of the main reasons a lot of doctors prefer to prescribe probiotic supplements like Perfect Biotics Slim, for instance, in order to restore the disrupted internal balance.

  • Poor lifestyle habits

Both smoking, drinking alcohol in excess or consuming drugs have a major impact on our bacterial mass. So is eating a lot of processed sugars and junk food, which will feed the harmful microorganisms, allowing them to multiply out of control and take over the ones that work together with the organism, in order to protect it from threats.

Aside from this, a sedentary lifestyle, combined with the lack of sleeping, will weaken the immune system, opening the door to all kinds of threats, including digestive problems and frequent infections. Why do you thing specialists recommend regular sleeping patterns, weekly, if not daily, physical activity and a proper diet on top of all that.

Eating fruits and vegetables, for instance, feeds the good bacteria, allowing them to thrive and overcome the bad one.

  • Medical conditions

Certain health affections break down the immune system and disrupt the natural balance in our guts, permitting the microorganisms to cause digestive problems, even degenerating in other health issues and infections. In this case, probiotics like Perfect Biotics Slim could help, but even more important is the professional medical assistance, since probiotic supplements are not meant to be regarded or used as remedies for anything.

  • Environmental pollution

This is an actual fact. According to several studies that have taken place over the years, it has been established that the more an environment is polluted with toxins, the freest radicals form inside the body, which is basically cells attacking our organism at a cellular level. The same effect will occur in the gut region, where more than 70% of our immune system is located, in alliance to the good bacterial mass.

  • Constant stress

Remember how we mentioned the fact that researchers have identified a link between good bacteria and the brain processes? This is it. It turns out that, at a biological level, the state of the brain influences the state of the bacterial mass living in our guts. According to our mental state, whether it is sadness, depression, stress, anger or happiness, our brain releases chemicals that will eventually influence how our organism functions in those moments.

Depression and anger tend to leave us emptied of energy and promote apathy and these factors are the same that could disrupt the natural bacterial balance in our guts.

Now Perfect Biotics Slim has stepped in the light and the claims associated with its usage are interesting, to say the least. Several studies claim to have attributed weight loss to the effects of Perfect Biotics Slim, but is this a trustworthy claim? In other words, could probiotic supplements help us in losing weight when we consume them? Even more, is it safe to say that the good bacteria in our guts are also responsible for accelerating the fat burning processes?

Who Makes Perfect Biotics Slim?

The manufacturer of the Perfect Biotics Slim product is Probiotics America, a long known name in the probiotic industry. The figure associated with the product seems to be Doctor Cary Nelson, a nutritional specialist certified as a family practitioner and a doctor at the same time.

How Does Perfect Biotics Slim Work?

It is the one question that usually clarifies all the aspects regarding a certain product’s mechanism of function and this time is no different. What Perfect Biotics Slim does is to restore the lost bacterial balance by adding 30 Billion CFU (Colony Forming Units) into the equation, feeding the debilitated mass of bacteria in our guts.

A specification is needed here because there is a major difference between the probiotics harvested from regular food sources and those coming from supplements like Perfect Biotics Slim is. Usually, probiotics are marketed by food companies, like Activia and its famous yogurt, with its potent bacterial content. However, the major problem with these types of bacteria is that they cannot withstand the acidic environment of the stomach.

Several studies have analyzed the resilience and the adaptability of the microorganisms said to reside in various food sources and it turned out that too few of them make it to the inner layers of our guts. For the most part, they are being damaged or completely destroyed on the way in, leaving only small traces to reach the destination.

However, not even those will have too much of an impact, because they will be taken over by the preexistent bacterial microorganisms, thus their influence on our functionality will be minor. Sure, including probiotic food sources in our regular diets will make a difference in the end, but the effects are too weak to count as effective.

Contrary to that, supplements like Perfect Biotics Slim function completely different. Unlike those coming from foods, the supplements contain more adaptable probiotic strains, mixed in a more potent cocktail, designed to both withstand the potentially lethal gut environment, but also to thrive and multiply, destroying any trace of bad bacteria. At least these are the claims, but can we get to the bottom of it?

Perfect Biotics Slim Ingredients

The original site presents the Perfect Biotics Slim content in great detail:

  • 30 Billion Colony Forming Units
  • 13 probiotic strains, highly adaptable and bile resistant

The 13 probiotic strains contain:

Aside from these, other ingredients include vegetable cellulose, microcrystalline cellulose, stearic acid and silica.

Should You Take Perfect Biotics Slim?

This is an interesting part because it comes in conflict with what it is being claimed about resourcing to alternative medical treatments. In general, if not in all cases, every doctor on the face of the earth will tell you the same thing. Treating your affections at home, with homemade tools and techniques and a precarious knowledge set is almost always set to fail. You cannot possibly know what you are suffering from because you are no expert and a lot of diseases look alike and share the same symptoms.

Even more, you cannot test the effectiveness of a specific treatment, if you are not educated in what causes the symptoms, as well as how the treatment is supposed to work. But doctors seem to tolerate probiotic supplements like Perfect Biotics Slim and even prescribe them in the case of digestive imbalance. How so? Well, first of all, Perfect Biotics Slim, as well as any other probiotic supplement, has not been accepted by the FDA as a medicine. It has been classified as food and it is generally considered as something you could supplement your daily diets with.

But it is not meant to be consumed either as a medicine nor as a prevention, in an attempt to avoid certain diseases. So, taking these factors into consideration, should you take Perfect Biotics Slim or not? And what is the most important aspect, should you ever take probiotic supplements?

The evidence points toward a positive answer for several reasons:

  • Perfect Biotics Slimm, along with other professional probiotic supplements, restores the gut bacterial balance, fighting against the digestive problems.
  • It contains highly resilient bacterial strains, providing you with a lot more benefits than those taken from food sources.
  • Since the content is natural, the side effects are almost non-existent
  • Perfect Biotics Slim merely assists the body in its natural functioning, it does not come with any additional additives or dangerous components.

Perfect Biotics Slim Benefits

Although we have not found significant differences in terms of benefits between Perfect Biotics Slim and any other similar probiotic supplement, there is something that stands out in this regard and that is effectiveness. Sure, almost the entire panel of probiotic supplements will regulate your digestive imbalance and every single one of them will restore the bacterial mass back to its normal values. However, what differs is the degree by which the effects become visible.

Among the regular benefits like calming the digestive discomfort and repelling problems like constant gasses, bloating, abdominal pain and diarrhea, there is one that has been promoted as intriguing by most of the users and a lot of specialists alike: weight loss.

Can Perfect Biotics Slim actually assist in weight loss processes and if so, what are the means by which it does it? The secret, if there is any secret in the first place, lies in the mechanism by which the probiotics themselves function. Obesity, for instance, is primarily caused due to digestive problems.

I agree, there are a lot of factors influencing the appearance of the disease, but every single one of them goes through the stomach. You start to gain weight when eating more calories than you can consume, from sources rich in fats and sugars, which will eventually increase the LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein), also known as bad cholesterol, adding even more to the effect.

You also start to gain weight when adopting a sedentary lifestyle, lowering your metabolic rates and consuming lesser energy by the day. You are stressed, you do not get enough sleep or not having enough physical activity. All of these can be translated through “too high-calorie intake, too low spend rate”. As easy as that. So where do supplements like Perfect Biotics Slim fit into the equation?

The nature of probiotics is simple. They are formed by bacterial strains feeding with certain sugars in our organism. When consuming fruits and vegetables, the digestive system works more efficiently, because we are feeding the probiotic cultures already living inside our guts and the effect is greatly enhanced when adding supplements like Perfect Biotics Slim into the equation. As a result, the bacteria living in our guts will increase our metabolism by speeding the digestive process. All that Perfect Biotics Slim does is to provide our organism with the tools it needs to upgrade its functionality with one more level.

Perfect Biotics Slim Side-effects

According to the Perfect Biotics Slim manufacturer, the product has been tested and it showed up negative in delivering any type of side effects. However, the same manufacturer claims that, out of precautionary reasons, the clients should always consult a nutritionist or doctor’s opinion before using the product. This means that, in certain conditions, just as any other probiotic supplement, Perfect Biotics Slim can cause certain side effects, when the medical condition of the user is not in a pristine state.

If you are suffering from any disease that could interfere with the effects of the Perfect Biotics Slim supplement, you should refrain from using it. Also, from a personal experience with probiotic supplements, during the first days of usage, Perfect Biotics Slim could cause some mild bloating, until the organism gets used to the probiotic cocktail.

Perfect Biotics Slim Pricing and guarantee

This is always a sensitive subject, for both small and big companies, but especially for the big ones, like Probiotic America is. Unlike their competitors, the offer almost seems too good to be true. The offers are divided into 3 packages:

  1. 1 Bottle, containing a 30 day supply, for $39.95
  2. 3 Bottles, containing a 90 day supply, for $101.87 – 15% discount
  3. 6 Bottles, containing an 180 day supply, for $189.36 – 21% discount

But what is more interesting about Perfect Biotics Slim is the refunding offer it comes with. According to the manufacturer, if for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the result, all you have to do is to return the recipient in a time frame of 90 days after the purchase. It does not matter if you have opened the can. It does not even matter if you have consumed the entire product. And, most of all, it does not matter for you to have a reason to return it, other than “it did not work as I thought it will”

You will be refunded in full, no questions asked. As I have said, the offer really packs a powerful first-sight punch, but this does not mean it is fake. The name of the manufacturer stands as a proof of its legitimacy.

Bottom line: Should You Take Perfect Biotics Slim to lose weight?

This is the quintessence of the article. Is it worth buying Perfect Biotics Slim for weight loss purposes? Before drawing the conclusion, here is the deal. Probiotic supplements like Perfect Biotics Slim have not being designed to treat anything and are not supposed to be used for these purposes. Weight loss, in particular, is a process requiring multiple factors working together, in order to reach to a safe and clean result.

You need to approach the matter from multiple points of view. This means that, aside from using Perfect Biotics Slim, there are changes that need to be brought in relation to the regular physical activity. Adopt a constant program of exercises and stick to it. Also, change your dietary habits, eat healthier and, for the most part, try burning more calories than you consume.

This way, the Perfect Biotics Slim effect will be that it only contributes in easing the digestive process, allowing the body to function at higher rates, by burning more fat and developing a faster and more efficient metabolism. But if you want the Perfect Biotics Slim to deliver the expected results, you first need to completely change your lifestyle as it is. Only then will you be able to see the signs of a better and healthier lifestyle.

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