Niacin and increased oxygen flow

Niacin and increased oxygen flow

What are the advantages of increased oxygen flow?

There are several ways by which to receive increased oxygen flow and for those of you wondering why it is that important, here is the answer. Athletes, in particular, are the ones who will benefit the most, due to the boost in the physical capabilities. When more oxygen reaches the vital organs, especially brain and heart, the body will experience a significant physical support, allowing for better performances, improved strength and more stamina to work with.

The same goes for a regular individual who, although they might not need the same amount of support, they can still reap the benefits of the increased oxygen flow, provided by the niacin supplements. The stamina boost and the uplifted physical capabilities are welcome regardless of the goals set by every individual in particular. It will allow for improved mood, a more active body and an increased quality of life.

How does niacin work?

Niacin is the official name of vitamin B3 and it is extremely important for the overall functioning of the body. Not all effects have been proven beyond any doubt, but the large majority of them are obvious and many people use niacin for all sorts of reasons, aside from the increased oxygen flow coming along with it. The most sought after effects are:

  • Cognitive support. Vitamin B3 is useful for increasing alertness and improving memory and attention span, while also supporting a more efficient thinking process.
  • It is the perfect cure against pellagra. This is the disease caused due to niacin deficiency and it goes without saying that providing the organism with the right supplementation eliminates the symptoms and cures the disease.
  • Lowers the level of bad cholesterol, while increasing the levels of the good cholesterol.
  • Good for skin protection. It has been shown that vitamin B3 supplementation reduces the impact of sunlight radiation that could cause skin damage. At the same time, it will reduce acne, redness and skin itching, as well as promote cellular regeneration.
  • Promote a more active sexual lifestyle. In men, it has been proven to reduce the incidence of erectile dysfunction and in women, it promotes a natural vaginal lubricator.
  • Provides assistance against diabetes.
  • Prevents and removes the risk of contracting heart diseases.

In addition to increased oxygen flow and the above-mentioned effects, niacin is also useful in promoting the eyes, liver and other organs’ health, which makes it rank high among the most sought after nutrients.

How does it cause increased oxygen flow?

Weird as it may seem, the effect is closely related to one particular side effect caused by vitamin B3 supplementation. It is called the flush and its symptoms may be unpleasant for many, although there is no reason for major concern. It is a completely natural reaction, which is why it is not classified as a side effect, but more as something you need to expect when consuming niacin supplements.

It is characterized by redness and itching at the level of the face and scalp and the sensation will usually disappear on its own after about 30 minutes to 2 hours in most cases. The situation differs when the flush is the consequence of exaggerated niacin intake, at which case you need to consult a doctor. The good thing would be to do that prior to taking any supplement at all, for a plus of safety, although vitamin B3 is considered safe for human consumption even in the case of higher doses.

But how exactly does the whole process work and how can niacin promote a healthier circulatory system and increased oxygen flow? It is all due to the fact that vitamin B3 enlarges the blood vessels, as well as the capillaries, leading to increased blood flow and nutrients. At the same time, the body will receive a boost in oxygenation, greatly increasing the physical capabilities as the muscles, the heart and the brain are being supported by the sudden blood flow.

When this effect occurs, the subject will personally experience the flush symptoms, aka the itchiness of the skin, combined with redness and a sensation of hot. The effect will remain active for up to 2 hours, but the organism will feel the boost in energy for longer than that as the increased oxygen flow will support the physical activity for the entire day.

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