NeuroHacker Qualia Mind Nootropic Review

What is NeuroHacker Qualia Mind

NeuroHacker Qualia Mind is one of the best brain supplement for better mental performance that is now available on the market. The ingredients inside this amazing brain supplement are promoting long-term brain health. NeuroHacker Qualia Mind is made for increasing brain performance, better focus and increase the energy.

Discover the amazing benefits by using this amazing brain supplement with zero side effects making NeuroHacker Qualia Mind the safer brain health supplement you can find.

About Neuro Hacker company

Neurohacker company was founded in 2013 by Jordan Greenhall MD and James Schmachtenberger MD and the main mission was to create top nootropic supplements. The priority was to help the body to self-regulate, rather than overwhelming the body with chemicals.

NeuroHacker company has hundreds of employers now and they were awarded best nootropic supplements 3 years in a raw. The company is selling its products in over 50 countries and they are working closely with companies like Amazon, Next Health, Pharmaca, etc.

NeuroHacker Qualia Mind Benefits

Are so many benefits by using NeuroHacker and I will give you a short list. One of the most common problems is the brain fog and with this brain supplement, you can see the results of brain lifting fog in 40 minutes after taking the pill. Is already well known that this supplement can amplify your willpower and upgrade energy.

NeuroHacker is used by students as well because can fuel the concentration and focus and not least can heighten creativity. Other benefits of using Qualia Mind Brain supplement are:

  • Decrease Procrastination
  • Promote Mental Clarity
  • Boost brain nutrition

Neuro Hacker Qualia Mind is the result of thousands and thousands of hours in research by the top specialists in the United States.

Qualia Mind Neurohacker

Why NeuroHacker Qualia Mind?

You can order NeuroHacker brain health supplement risk-free having the option to return it within 100 days and receive a one hundred percent money back guarantee. You don`t even have to return the package or give any explanation or a reason. The only thing you have to do is to make a 2 minutes phone call or simply send an email and the money will be refunded in 3 days.

NeuroHacker Qualia Mind Ingredients

Every time you want to use a new supplement you have to check the ingredients and to make sure that they don`t do more harm than good. So let`s take a look at this amazing brain booster ingredients:

  • Vitamin C is also known as L-ascorbic acid is not only one of the best antioxidants but also used by the brain for neuronal function.
  • Vitamin D3 is a vitamin that activates the enzymes in the brain
  • Niacin is probably the most important vitamin when it comes to brain health. Niacin is also known as Vitamin B3 and plays an important role between nerve cells
  • Vitamin B6 and brain have a close connection making the neurotransmitters to release dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine
  • Vitamin B12 is good for memory and the adults are using it constantly for better focus too
  • Pantothenic acid is not well known like the rest of B vitamins but it`s playing an important role for our brain health. Pantothenic acid is also known as Vitamin B5.

This is the most important ingredients but are others like acetyl l-carnitine, taurine, organic berry, benfotiamine, DHA, Coleus forskohlii root extract, etc. A common question we receive is “Does Qualia mind have caffeine?” and the answer is yes, Neuro Hacker Qualia Mind has in its composition Organic Coffeeberry and whole coffee fruit extract. The concentration of coffee inside this nootropic is 209mg per dose.

You can see the full list of ingredients in the picture below.

NeuroHacker Qualia Mind Side-effects

After hundreds and hundreds of tests the results are simple, there are no side-effects of using NeuroHacker brain supplement and this is in part of the amazing ingredients found in this product but also because of the best scientist and doctors that blended all those ingredients in a powerful and safe pill.

You can find thousands of testimonials online and more than 90% are positive. In my opinion, NeuroHacker Qualia Mind is the safer brain supplement you can find on the market.

Does NeuroHacker Qualia Mind work?

The company is trying to make the best possible brain supplement with the highest quality from ingredients to customer service. For this product have worked top MDs and PhDs across the country in order to make a safe and reliable product.

The product was tested by the Cambridge Science quality tests and the product received positive feedback from them. The results are published online so everybody can see them:

  • 85.4% increased concentration avoiding distraction
  • 37.2% increase the planning skill score
  • 32% better visual representation
  • 17% increase verbal communication
  • 13.5% increase in short term memory

The company is also one hundred percent transparent and they published the research behind their products making this nootropic supplement safe and give a health boost to our brain.

Where to buy NeuroHacker Qualia Mind

You can order NeuroHacker Qualia Mind directly from the company website. We advise you to buy directly from the company website because if you have a problem they can sort it fast for you.