Nerve Inflammation Symptoms and Causes

nerves inflammation causes

What is inflammation of the nerves?

Nerve inflammation can affect people at any age. When the nervous system structure is affected, inflammation may occur. This is mainly caused by diseases and nerve damage which affect the nervous system. This nervous system can be located outside the brain and spinal cord. Various things can damage the nervous system temporarily or permanently.  The autonomic nervous may also be affected. It is characterized by pain, changes in sensations, weakness, the loss of tactile sense, muscle force and reflexes. Diseases, injuries, and poisons are the leading causes of inflammation of the nerves.  It occurs because of damage to the nerve cells.

There are many causes of nerve disorders. Some cause unbearable inflammation and others cause mild inflammation.  Below are some of these causes.

Injury – Nerve inflammation

When you get an injury on your body, it can cause nerve inflammation. When the nerve gets injured, it can cause inflammation. Injuries can be physical, chemical and radiation injuries.

Physical injuries like nerve compression or direct injury of the nerve can cause inflammation. Many of the people involved in car accidents, falling, bone fractures and other kinds of injuries are likely to get their nerves damaged.  Compression of the hand, for instance, can cause pain and numbness in the fingers.

Chemical injury can cause damage to cells due to poisoning. The noxious substances can cause inflammation when it comes into contact with nerves. When the nerves get into contact with some toxins, it can damage them chemical also can affect the chemical contents of the nerves. Some medicines can also cause chemical injuries when injected into the nerves.

Radiation injury can also cause inflammation of the nerves. Radiotherapy has strong radiation rays which are used to kill cancer cells. Many types of cancers are treated using radiotherapy. This exposes patients to the risk of getting their nerves damaged. This radiotherapy affects the nerves and can damage it causing inflammation.

Vitamin B deficiency – Nerve inflammation

Vitamins are important components of the balanced diet. Inflammation of the nerves is highly associated with deficiency of Vitamin B. Deficiencies in Vitamin B like vitamin B1, B2, B6, or B12 are often associated with this nerve condition. It is always good to eat foods rich in vitamins because they are protective food.

Inheritance – Nerve inflammation

Some of the inflammations are inborn. A child can be born with it. This means inflammation of the nerves can be genetically transmitted. Some types of nerve inflammations like Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and Amyloid polyneuropathy can be inherited. A parent who is affected can transmit it to the child. These cases are rare and not common.

Infections – Nerve inflammation

There are many diseases that can cause inflammations of the nerves. These diseases affect nerves of the body and can even damage the nerves. These diseases include: leprosy, Lyme disease, syphilis, Cat scratch disease, Diphtheria, Chickenpox, Herpes simplex infection. These diseases cause damaging of nerves. Some other diseases conditions can be predisposing. They attract other conditions that can bring inflammation of the nerves.  They lead to inflammation of the nerves. These include diabetes, porphyria, beriberi, cancer, and hypothyroidism.

People living with diabetes suffer from nerve damage especially when the disease is progressing. Diabetic neuropathy is a complication which may affect all types of neurons. It mainly affects sensory nerves. This causes numbness and burning. If you are diabetic and experiencing this, you can seek a professional help.

Cancer can cause nerve pains in various ways. Some types of cancer can cause nutritional deficiencies which can affect nerves.

Toxins – Nerve inflammation

Some of the toxicity of certain environmental pollutants, drugs, and other chemicals can develop inflammation of the nerves. Those toxins can affect the working of the nerves when they come into contact with the skin or blood. Some insecticides, mercury, lead, chronic alcoholism, and methanol can also lead to nerve inflammation. When consumed it affects the sensitivity and sending of signals within the nerves. Most toxins substances can be taken unintentionally. You should contact a medical professional as soon as possible.

Medications – Nerve inflammation

Have you ever been to the hospital and given medicines? Not all drugs work well within your body system. Some drugs used to treat cholesterol, arthritis and high blood pressure have side effects that causes nerve inflammation. Excessive and prolonged intake of these drugs is associated with this condition of nerve inflammation. Some medications like chemotherapy for cancer and certain drugs for treating HIV can cause pain and nerve damage. This can also result in inflammation of the nerves. One of the best supplements in 2017-2018 is Nerve Renew.

Immune mediation – Nerve inflammation

The immune system is our defense system. Without strong immunity, we are at the risk of infections. The immune system can mistakenly attack body nerves causing inflammation. A fatal disease can affect the immune system. It changes the working of the immune system and makes the nerves their target enemy. This is a rare condition.

Motor neuron disease – Nerve inflammation

Motor neurons are very important nerves. Motor neurons in your brain and spinal column are the nerves that communicate with all the nerves in the body. Some diseases like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease can worsen nerve damage. It affects the signal transmission in the nerves and may cause paralysis.

In conclusion, there are hundreds of things that can cause nerve damage. Majority of them causes inflammation of the nerves. The list above is a list of some common causes of inflammation and you can seek a professional in case you have nerve inflammation to avoid further pain. Peripheral nerve damages are common in elderly people.

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