Nerve Damage Treatment

Can you repair nerve damage

Can you repair nerve damage?

Nerve damage is a very serious problem and there are only a few cures available for it. In today’s world, nerve damage has become one of the most common problems and many people suffer from nerve damage. Now before we dive deep into this article you should know what exactly our nervous system is.

Nervous system: Our nervous system controls all the functions our body does. From breathing to picking up a cup, everything is possible due to the help of our nervous system. Our nervous system is not very rugged and it can easily be damaged. Whenever any nerve of the nervous system is injured then it is known as nerve damage.

Many things can cause nerve damage. The main things that cause nerve damage are diabetes, alcoholism, drugs, tobacco, cancer, HIV, shingles, neurofibromatosis, arsenic, mercury, etc. To lead a healthy and long life you should avoid any type of exposure to toxins. Exposure to toxins can easily cause serious damage to your nervous system. There are three types of nerves in our body:

Motor Nerves: Motor nerves control the motion of our body. Motor nerves are the reason we are able to walk and use our body for doing the motion. Whenever motor nerves are damaged, the person suffers from paralysis. Paralysis is of two types: permanent and temporary (it depends upon the amount of damage to the nerves).

If patient’s motor nerves are not damaged too much then he or she will not suffer from paralysis. The earliest symptoms of motor nerves damage are muscle twitching, numbness, muscle cramps, muscle paralysis, muscle wasting, muscle weakness, etc. Motor nerves can become unhealthy (damaged) very easily if you do improper exercises. Thus, never do heavy exercises without a professional fitness trainer otherwise, you might damage your motor nerves.

Autonomic Nerves: Autonomic nerves control the non-voluntary actions of our body. Only because of the autonomic nerves, we are able to digest, beat our heart and do other involuntary actions without thinking. These are extremely important nerves are if they get disturbed then a person can suffer from many problems.

These problems will depend upon the amount of damage done to the autonomic nerves. If a person’s autonomic nerves are not in perfect condition, then he or she will not be able to alter their heart rate by exercising. Moreover, they will not be able to digest most of their food. The earliest symptoms of autonomic nerve damage are diarrhea, vomiting, heartburn, constipation, etc.

Sensory Nerves: Sensory nerves control the sensations felt by our body. These sensations include everything we feel on our skin. We feel Itchiness, burning sensation, pain and other sensations because of our sensory nerves. When the sensory nerve of a person is damaged, he or she gets abnormal sensations or not feel anything at all. Sensory nerves are easier to damage than the other two.

Worst thing about nerve damage

The worst thing about nerve damage is that it is extremely difficult to diagnose. Doctors can diagnose if you have neuropathy or not but it is almost impossible to diagnose its cause. In most of the cases, doctors have to guess the cause of the nerve damage and do the treatment according to their lucky guess.

As the source of the neuropathy is not identified, giving accurate medication becomes impossible. It is a very serious problem and there is no solution available to it until the time of writing of this article. Doctors do not just wildly guess the location of the nerve damage but most of the work is based less on accuracy and more on guessing.

Why is nerve damage almost impossible to diagnose?

I stumble upon this questions many times and its answer is very simple. Diagnosing the exact cause and location of the nerve damage is nearly impossible because; patients cannot tell it. I am not blaming it on the patients of the nerve damage but the main reason of this problem is patients not being able to tell the location of the pain.

As the patients suffering from nerve damage can only point out the location where they are feeling pain, however, that location cannot tell us the location of the nerve damage. Knowing the location of nerve damage is almost impossible because of such reasons.

Is it possible to repair nerve damage?

The simple answer would be yes, but it takes a very long time for a nerve to regenerate itself to perfection. Regeneration period of a nerve can extend up to many years depending upon the amount of damage done to the nerve.

Nevertheless, you can take some steps to speed up the process. I have made a comprehensive list of all the strategies that you can do for fastening the nerve regeneration procedure or ease the pain caused by nerve damage. Nerve Renew is a supplement well known on repairing nerve damage.

  • Do not touch alcohol: You should always avoid alcohol if you have any sort of nerve damage.
  • Use essential oils: A simple message done with essential oils can do wonders. You should contact a professional masseuse and get yourself a nice little massage. However, contact your doctor before doing so.
  • Do yoga: Yoga can help you increase the blood flow in your body and improve your overall health. Yoga is very beneficial for fastening the process of regeneration of nerves too.
  • Meditate: Meditating for 10 minutes is more beneficial than it sounds. It can help you relax your mind.
  • Take a hot bath: A hot bath is very relaxing and thus, it helps in regeneration of nerves.

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