Natural Methods of Reducing Nerve Pain

Natural Methods of Reducing Nerve Pain

In as much as there are many medications and treatment options out there, the best remedy has to be natural.  The option has to be purely natural, from the ingredients to the final product. Have a look at the following natural options of relieving nerve pain and discomfort and get to decide what suits you.

Good Food and Nutrition Practice

The type of food you take determines the overall health presentation. Your body is like a student, you have to train it effectively to get the best result. If you feed it with trash, you get trash in return.  Good food doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated; it just needs to be balanced and beneficial to you. Food is about quality and not quantity.

If you take food that makes you uncomfortable or brings your nerve pain, stop taking it. Good food and water are essential to make your hair and skin look healthy and attractive. Water will help you in joint lubrication and muscular activity. Good dieting involves the following practices:

Total Stoppage of Alcohol and Smoking During Dinner

You should know that taking liquor during dinner may offer a temporary reprieve to nerve pain but not a lasting solution. On the contrary, alcohol exposes you to liver problems and inflammation. Smoking as a means of pain alleviation is highly discouraged. Smoking does not relieve you from nerve pain but makes it worse.

Taking Antioxidant Rich Foods

Antioxidants help you to clean your system by inhibiting oxidation related effects. Foods such as kidney beans and dark chocolate have known antioxidant properties.  In such foods, digestion is successfully carried out. In most cases, you will find the doctor advising you to always take antioxidant-rich food as a long-term remedy for neuropathy. However, it’s crucial that you combine the antioxidants with other natural methods.

Taking Green Juice

Though it might appear as not pleasing and tasty enough, juice from green fruits and vegetables has known medicinal properties. Fresh vegetable and green fruits are highly rich in vitamins that are essential in relieving muscular discomfort. Vegetable juice is a good immune booster. Green juicing supply your body with crucial vitamins and antioxidants.

Instead of taking bottled juices containing artificial preservatives, train yourself to take green juice often and you will experience the best muscular results. You can always make your own green juice at home. Get fresh vegetables such as spinach and blend them. It’s very simple and the returns are quite impressive. With this practice, you are able to gain long-term remedy for neuropathy.

Omega-3 Rich Fatty Acids

Even though many times you are advised to avoid fat rich foods, it’s important to regulate the fat intake and not totally do away with. Body swells and inflammation may have a negative effect on the nerves as they get pressed becoming painful and unbearable. For you to ensure that this does not happen, you should take highly rich Omega-3 food such as fish. This will for sure reduce the chances of an inflammation occurring.


Herbal medicine has been practiced from time immemorial. Herb such as ginger and turmeric offer anti-inflammatory effect in case you experience neuropathy.  Pain and swelling can easily subside with the usage of ginger or turmeric spice. You should, however, consult your doctor before using the herbs to get proper dosage

Nerve Pain Supplements

It’s important to know that one of the main reasons for nerve pain is a vitamin deficiency. There are so many multivitamins out there but I will always advocate for natural supplements. You should take supplements that are purely natural. A very popular and effective natural supplement is the Nerve Renew from Neuropathy Treatment Group.  It is proven to be effective in relieving nerve pain caused by nerve damage. If you experience cases of neuropathy or know someone who does, advise them to get Nerve Renew.


Exercise not only improves blood and lymph circulation but also keeps you free from nerve discomfort and pain. Proper exercise should be modest and regular. Here are a few practices you should emulate to keep neuropathy away.

Body Massage

Massage offers a more practical option to drugs. Good massaging not only relaxes you but also aid in blood circulation. It is believed that good massage not only relaxes you but also aid in body fluid circulation. It’s believed that for you to effectively ease muscle cramps resulting from neuropathy, have a frequent massage.  Frequent spasms can also be controlled by gently massaging.


In this practice, tiny needles are placed on the nerve channels to prevent pain signals from being sent to the brain. In this case, the brain does not interpret this as pain. Acupuncture is a traditional practice popular among the Asian community. Special pain relievers ‘endorphins’ are released into the body to effectively relieve you from nerve pain


If you can afford the service of a physiotherapist, it’s highly recommended that you seek the service of one in case of muscular pain or discomfort. The therapist will help you exercise from the comfort of your home if you are not able to get to the office. Physiotherapy is very effective in improving nerve performance.

Low Impact Physical Activity

The most common low-impact workouts include yoga and walking. Both practices are very therapeutic especially if you add meditation to them. Yoga offers muscular strengthening and blood circulation. This reduces the chances of neuropathy.


Now you understand the two most important natural remedies for neuropathy are diet and exercise. Good dieting is not about taking expensive food. It’s all about taking food that benefits you. Good food has to have enough vitamins and beneficial ingredients to help your body work effectively. Exercise, on the other hand, doesn’t have to be physically involving. Regular light physical activities such as yoga and walking are necessary to facilitate circulation, thus lessening the chances of neuropathy.  It’s worth noting that Neuropathy is not only manageable but treatable too. You only need to know how to go about it. The simplest practice is good dieting and regular exercise and you will keep nerve pain away.

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