Medical marijuana soon to be legally endorsed in New York

Medical marijuana soon to be legally endorsed in New York

The controversies about medical marijuana last for quite a while

Not so long ago, medical marijuana was taboo in most of the societies. After several dozen studies, its beneficial impact has been noticed, reanalyzed and finally accepted. This does not mean that it has been generally changed the face of modern medicine, because, despite its biological benefits, medical marijuana is still under debate regarding its legalization in several states.

Today, this drug is legally accepted in 28 US states, some of which are: Vermont, Oregon, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii and so on. However, only is some the said weed is allowed in order to treat chronic pains. In general, it can only be released on prescription for patients suffering from:

This is not an exhaustive list, since there are other affections included in this category, usually depending on each state’s regulations. Regarding the use for chronic pain, it is legal in some states, illegal in others. Like in the case of New York. New Yorkers already had the legal permission to get medical marijuana using prescriptions, but the affections they could treat did not include severe or chronic pain.

Until now. A recent announcement coming from the State Health Department stated that chronic pain is not part of the top affections that can be treated using medical marijuana based on prescription. The Health commissioner, Dr. Howard A. Zucker declared that this new decision came as a result of several scientific literature reviews, which showed that medical marijuana is highly effective in treating chronic pain, regardless of the nature of the affection causing it.

In this regard, a program has been released in January of this year, whose aim was to train both nurses and physician assistants to determine which patients are eligible for the drug, from the chronic pain point of view. Over 10,000 patients were found eligible for the treatment and, starting with the beginning of 2017, they will have the opportunity to take medical marijuana to legally treat their chronic pain symptoms.

Interesting facts about medical marijuana

Since they are uneducated on the subject, many, if not most of the people, tend to confuse the legalized drug consumption with the illegal use. The medicinal use is based on harnessing the benefits of certain compounds find in the drug, while carefully measuring the doses and their impact on the organism. There is no similarity between this system and the erratic occasional consumption of the casual consumer. He has to the way of monitoring the intake and control the doses according to its needs.

In other words, the recreational use is different than the purposes of medical marijuana. And there is even more. There is also a great difference between the recreational drug, usually consumed through smoking, and the legalized, medicinal one, which mostly comes in the form of sprays or tablets containing its basic ingredients. The weed coming in the form of cigarettes has turned out to be particularly effective in the case of chronic pain.

Which is why it has been approved for legal consumption in New York.

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