Rules for losing weight you should forget

Rules for weight loss, which you should forget

It is time to get rid of some false statements about losing weight. To help yourself remove some extra pounds you should not believe that:

Detox diet is a good way to purify. WRONG.

First, we must clarify that we are not “dirty”. Second, lung and liver of a healthy person are enough to eliminate toxins from the body.

Detox diets usually restrict certain types of food and deprive the body of nutrients. If you restrict the body of these foods in the diet and then include them, the natural reaction of the body is to increase the weight. Instead thinking about detoxification, look for a way to eat a balanced diet without too much to limit yourself. Perhaps the key is to reduce portions, not food.

If you remove 3,500 calories from your diet, you will lose half a kilo. WRONG.

Not always the equation between less calorie and more lost kilograms works well. It is true that to lose weight, the body should burn more calories. But the weight you lose is a combination of fat, water and tissues and the metabolism gets used to these losses, making weakening increasingly difficult.

Therefore, experts in nutrition and fitness coaches change periodically the diet and the types of exercises. First, you need to determine what type your metabolism is and how many calories you should eliminate from your routine to lose weight. For this purpose, it is best to consult a specialist.

Carbohydrates are your worst enemy. WRONG.

This is true, but only if we talk about refined carbohydrates like white flour and sugar. But carbohydrates that come from fruits and vegetables, legumes, whole grains are not only very healthy but also contain fiber and nutrients.

If you want to lose weight, you need to go to the gym every day. WRONG.

Regularly eat, when you exercise is very useful, but training must be adapted to the needs of your body ,not vice versa. If you undergo your body of a heavy load, you might hurt yourself. And if that happens, sometime probably will not be able to train at all. Build muscle mass gradually and enjoy the exercises you do.

Late dinner leads to weight gain.

It is unknown. It is true that some studies have shown a link between eating in the small hours and weight gain. But the debate whether to eat at that time and what to eat is still open. Time for dinner depends on when you go to bed at night and when getting up in the morning. Rather than commit themselves to a specific time, experts advise eating dinner be done two hours before bedtime.

You’ve heard all sorts of claims related to fighting weight. Some are useful, some of them are correct, but some of them are just ridiculous and should not pay attention to them, especially when we train. Several false myths of weight loss, which you should not believe.

Skip breakfast to cut calories.

Many people underestimate the breakfast, but it shouldn’t be that way. It is the most important meal; it gives us strength for the day. Furthermore, the study of New York University shows that when you eat well at breakfast, during the day you will take fewer calories throughout the day. And most importantly, on breakfast, we take nutrients that are lost during the night.

Food without any fats does not mean it is the right food for your diet.

You’ve heard that if there is no fat in the diet, it is perfect for fighting weight. When you buy food without any fats, they are replaced with carbohydrates, which also prevent the fight against weight. Sugar also is a factor that should be followed when buying different foods.

You need medications for weight loss.

On the market, there are a number of medicines that can help you lose weight. They can really help, but this weakening will be short and when you stop to take the medications, you will start to gain weight again. While if you do it naturally by combining exercises and proper nutrition, then it will be more easily to maintain your weight.

The fruits are caloric.

You’ve heard this statement as well, but it is absolutely wrong. You cannot gain weight if you eat more fruits but when you eat more hamburgers. Fruits give you all the necessary nutrients and they have no facts. For these reasons, you cannot gain weight if you eat fruits.

Stress “burns” fats.

False. The hormone adrenaline, which is released during stress helps the breakdown of fats but causes a strong sense of hunger. As a rule, the energy value of the “extra” food exceeds the “burned” food at a time when you are under stress. At such moments we often take sedatives or strong alcoholic drinks. Note: Alcohol and drugs stimulate the development of cellulite.

The raw products are better than cooked.

Yes and no. Some vegetables, such as eggplants and green beans contain toxic substances that are neutralized after the heat treatment. Furthermore, raw products are not always absorbed from the stomach.

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