This is how you live your life in the new year

This is how you live your life in the new year

Here is how we can decrease our chances of dying in the new year

The new year versus the one that has just passed. What can we change, what do we want to accomplish and how can we improve ourselves over the next 12 months? Decisions, decisions, decisions. What is more important, how can we evade the stigma of death that seems to have stained 2016 from the beginning to the end?

Death is a natural outcome and it is, for the time being, the most certain thing in the universe. Yet, we fear and respect it with the same intensity, no matter how familiar it may seem and 2016 has given us plenty of reasons to become familiarized with it. During the past 12 months, we have learned that if we were to put the highest price on something that would be life itself. All other commodities are expendable and secondary in importance because their value suddenly drops to zero if you die.

Life is the greatest asset and we should try to preserve it for as long as possible. Something we spectacularly failed at in 2016. So how about the new year? What should we expect and how can we maintain our health in a world that constantly wears it off?

In the new year, let’s take a step further from death

Easier said than done, right? Well, not entirely. Despite 2016 has been packed full with terrorist attacks and a lot of victims all over the world, the most common and prolific killers have remained those we have always fought with, emerging from our own lifestyles. And these, these we can control. It is in our power to change our odds, so here is where we need to focus our attention on:

  1. Protect your heart

Heart disease is among the top killers every year and it all stems off of the way we treat our bodies. In this regard, there are several aspects you need to take into consideration:

  • Smoking clogs the veins – And this is just one of the effects. Not to mention the countless toxins flooding your system, the clogging of the veins lessens the blood oxygen levels, affecting both the heart and the brain.
  • Sedentary lifestyle – Try hitting the gym now and then. It won’t kill you. Not doing it, however, it just might. Save a few hours every week to exercise a bit and you may save your life.
  • Dieting – It does not mean that the new year should come with this stigma, but consider lowering the level of processed fats and sugars in your diets. Your heart will be grateful.
  1. Lay low on the extreme sports

No pain, no gain and no risk, no reward. I know all these slogans and all the adrenaline junkies know them too. This does not mean that you should take them for granted. According to the latest statistics, thousands die every year due to extreme sports accidents, as well as due to accidental injuries coming from common activities like riding a bike, for instance.

Also, plenty of people tends to get in trouble by taking drugs without a prescription or without consulting a health specialist in advance. If you are looking to improve your odds of surviving throughout the new year, take these things into consideration too.

  1. Take prevention seriously

Once you have gotten sick, there is a whole different path you need to follow. Prevention is easier and it comes with fewer costs and health risks than when you have already developed the disease. Same goes for cancer especially, which is highly spread among the population, again, because of the people’s poorly chosen lifestyle habits in particular.

Smokers, heavy drinkers, those who live sedentary lifestyles, as well as those who will avoid regular consultations, are all at risk of developing various forms of cancer in the future. Cut the risk in the new year and take care of yourself. You might live longer that way.

  1. Forget about alternative medicine

Here is the deal. People need to learn the fucking difference between real medicine and the one created by uneducated people, based on what they think might work. Mistreatments are one of the most potent killers in the US in particular, where there is this new wave of self-educated people, who believe they can resource to nature and simplicity to achieve better results than modern medicine.

Let’s cut the crap please, at least for the new year! You are in no ways more knowing and educated than a doctor with decades of hard work and studying as his background and your arrogance will only get you killed. As long as you are not a specialist, listen to the ones who are!

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