Jessica Alba Lost 11 Inches in Four Months

5 Secrets to How Jessica Alba Lost 11 Inches in Four Months

6 Secrets to How Jessica Alba Lost 11 Inches in Four Months

Do you know that there was a time a time that Jessica Alba, a popular American Actress was not fit? According to her, she didn’t like how she looked.  She had to deal with inflammations which made her look less attractive. Things were dull and sad for her until she met Kelly Leveque, a nutritional consultant. Kelly taught Jessica the importance of proper nutrition and the role food plays in our body. Food is the main source of energy in your body and it has to be effectively used.  Kelly was able to share the secrets and the reasons behind Jessica’s adorable body.

Have a look at the following six secrets to how Jessica Alba lost 11 Inches within four months.

A Green Rich Breakfast

Good breakfast has to be green. Jessica’s breakfast contains avocado, spinach, and protein powder or nut milk. This kind of intake gets you ready for the day. It prepares you for an eventful day. Whether you are going for an office work or manual labor, learn to take an effective green rich breakfast. It fuels you to work effectively. It’s also good for students. You will be able to learn with ease as you feel less tired in class.

Breakfast should not just be a cup of tea or milk and doughnut. You have to make it green to complete it. You never know, you might be the next Jessica Alba that masses will admire. Proper body framework is not entangled to only physical workout. You don’t have to overly depend on the gym to gain or lose a particular body shape. Offer your body what it needs and you will achieve proper body shape.

Balance Protein, Fat, Greens and Fibre

All the four ingredients are very beneficial for a complete diet. It’s important that each time you prepare to eat, make sure that your plate has balanced proportions of the four components. Let your fat intake be a healthy one. The four balanced proportions help in controlling eight different hunger hormones. They also play a vital role in glucose regulation.

Commonly known as the fabulous four, protein, fat, greens and fiber makes a richly balanced nutrition for any one. Good for both kids and grownups. Do you want to look fabulous? If you do, supply your diet with balanced fabulous four. For example, if you are taking beef, it usually goes well with broccoli or spinach. With the beef, you stand to gain protein and healthy fat and with the broccoli or spinach, you gain vitamins and fiber.

Consistency and Love

Get to do what you love during workouts. If running or spinning gets you excited, then do it. Always have an x-factor within you.  Give your body what it needs and enjoys. You should not copy or try something that your body does not agree. In whatever you do as an exercise or weight loss activity, give it love and consistency. If it means shouting, go for it but don’t overindulge.

Avoid Food Drama

Many times you feel the urge to go for yummy quick foods and forget the nutritional type. These usually turn off your hunger hormones. You should not be obsessed with food, it can be toxic. Always try not to think about food so that you can be able to shed off the extra weight you are holding back. Instead, put on your mind on important things such as family and friends. Holding on to such memories will help your body eliminate the excess weight on your body.

Clean Vegetables and Fruits

Greens and fruits are essential in our body for they supply essential vitamins and minerals. It’s however important to take they clean. Jessica insists on the importance of kitchen hygiene especially in preparing salads and green juice. Whenever you can, get to prepare your own food. This is important especially if you are a family. In doing so, you will be able to properly clean them and observe the necessary food hygiene practice.

Corset Diet

Can you tie a piece of cloth around your tummy all day? Many will doubt the effectiveness of the corset but according to Jessica Alba, it is an option to getting rid of the baby fat. Many people cannot believe that as pretty as she looks, Jessica Alba is a mother of two. It is amazing, right? Losing baby fat is one of the most challenging things in weight loss, especially if you want it done fast. Jessica had to tie a corset around her tummy to upset the baby fats and it worked. Do not let the baby fats rob you of your pretty figure. She had to tie the piece of cloth every single day and night for about three months. This is to train the waist to assume a certain pattern. You can also do it. Go and get the corset and experience the difference.


Jessica Alba’s ‘four months record breaking’ baby fat weight loss experience is not only amazing but admirable too. It gives hope to the newest moms and mothers who have a problem in getting their shape back. There are no pills involved in Jessica’s case and you should feel safe to try it. You don’t have to compromise your health like in other methods. Get to a routine that you appreciate and do what you enjoy doing.  Also, learn to take food in right proportions and nutritional requirements. Be consistent in your routine and train your body to assume the shape you want.