How to Increase Your Sex Drive

sexual drive

There are a lot of men types and a lot of women prefer different characteristics when referring to what makes a man appealing. You have probably encountered these types of women, essentially looking for submissive men, who they can manipulate and control, but this is not the fun fact. The real thing to be considered here is that there are men that are constructed that way. But what we are talking here is a small part of the population, because the large majority of men embody the classic male prototype that we are used to. But have you ever asked yourself what makes a man to be what it is? More precisely, a man? If you have, I bet you have never been able to find a satisfying answer to that, so let me enlighten you. There are crucial differences between men and women and you probably already know this. Men are stronger, they have more muscle mass, deeper voices, more hair and generally a more aggressive attitude, although this can also be pretty common among women also.

OK, we have established the differences, so far so good, but we still have not answered the prime question and that is what makes a man a man? I have one word for you: testosterone. Yes, that is right we are talking about pure body hormones and their impact on the human being. In fact, the testosterone is not only responsible for these particular characteristics, but also have a huge impact on the development of a man’s body. This includes increasing the regenerative capacity, better sexual performances, and great endurance and stamina levels and so on. Bodybuilders, for instance, take testosterone supplements in order to boost their performances. This will help them gaining more strength and determination and it will boost their confidence and morale. This is why, when experiencing a lack of testosterone in your system, while being a man at the same time, obviously, your overall performances will start plunging and you will feel increasingly tired, lacking strength, and most important of all, you will lose your sexual drive, which can affect your sex life more than you would want to. And the main problem is that you will not even know where it all comes from. You start blaming the stress, the busy working schedule and so on, when, in fact, you are experiencing a drop in your testosterone levels. Knowing what the problem is it is just the first step, but next you need to figure how to solve it and this is a whole other issue.

how-to-increase-libidoAs I said, you don’t usually know when you are suffering from testosterone loss, because you need to keep an eye out for those particular symptoms that will let you know something is wrong. Among the most unwanted side effect that a testosterone loss may cause is poor sexual performances. Trust me this thing hurts more than anything. Sexuality is the engine of our society. As a woman, displaying it is part of the natural life, a basic instinct that drives us to constantly seek our partner, plus that it gives us confidence in our abilities. Same goes for man. Despite not having to be as flashy as a woman, because a man is expressing its sexual behavior differently than a woman, this area also concerns us so, not being able to perform, will have a serious impact on our intimate lives. A man takes pride in his sexual nature, it is what drives him to make contact with a woman in a first place, therefore it is perfectly natural that we try and preserve this asset. This is why potency pills have been created. But this problem goes beyond potency pills, because that is practically the last resort in this matter. You don’t want to start taking pills and medication which can come with various side effects, but look for alternative treatment methods, including working on your testosterone levels.

Let me tell you a secret. Several years ago I have been involved in a relationship to a girl which had one thing on her mind: sex. It may seem like the perfect girlfriend, but let me tell you, it can be a pest to have to satisfy an ever demanding sexual lust that simply cannot be satisfied. Of course, we had to talk our way through the issue, but that does not seem to have been enough. What I discovered next was the result of pure accident. I was doing gym workouts for a week when I suddenly noticed an increase in my sexual appetite. At first I did noticed the change, but I was not able to connect the dots. Only later have I observed the relation between physical exercise and sex drive. The reason is this. When working out, your muscles will start consuming energy and this means that they have to be properly oxygenated in order to sustain the continuous effort. As a result, your blood flow will increase, irrigating the stimulated areas, including a particularly special one. Furthermore, your testosterone levels will increase, so that your body can handle the effort, which will translate in higher stamina levels, as well as higher endurance and increased strength. That is right, is as simple as that; go to the gym and most of your problems will be a thing of the past.


However, if things would be that easy, we won’t have to worry about anything, right? Unfortunately, this is just scraping the tip of the iceberg, because this advice can only be followed by those healthy and capable individuals. But what about those who experience testosterone loss for other reasons than just situational or occasional drops. There are people who constantly lose their testosterone levels due to stress, poor diets and various genetic problems and they will find it hard to deal with such problems just by going to gym and work out. Plus, many of them will not find the time to do that. This is why alternative solutions had to be found and so they have.

Let me tell you about one particular product that I have tested out of sheer curiosity, not that I needed it, because the gym was doing wonders already. I was, however, curious and I have purchased a small sample to see how it goes. The supplement I am talking about is called Spartagen XT and it is virtually a new product in its branch and I believe it is one of the most effective ones. As you can tell, I have not tested other similar products, but what I did was researching this branch and finding out more about customer feedback, about manufacturers, ingredients and overall effectiveness and this helped a lot in deciding whether is good for me or not. And I must tell you, it works like a charm. Try it and you won’t regret it!

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