How to get motivated to do sports

How to get motived to do sports

Finally, spring came and you threw the winter clothes. Now is the time to get back into shape. Summer is near and if we want to look stunning on the beach, we have to start immediately!

The good news is that spring gives us many opportunities for training and variety in diet. Getting into shape can be really a pleasant and refreshing experience. How? Here are some tips from me.

Buy new sportswear for the spring

That does not sound much like fitness advice, but I think this is an important step. New sportswear and colorful sneakers will give you the necessary mood and desire for action and motivation to look and stay perfect. Most importantly, the clothes to be comfortable – this is particularly true about the shoes.

Do your workouts outdoors

Warmer weather gives us new opportunities to exercise outdoors. I love this part of the year, because instead of the treadmill at the gym, you can jog in the park or in the mountains. You can make squats, sit-ups, push-ups, jumps and everything with your own weight, and which does not require any equipment. You can ride a bike, skates or climbing a hill near you … Just Keep Moving!

An Australian study found that the highest levels of endorphins are achieved when you are doing exercises outdoors. Moreover, you will get more vitamin D from the sunlight, and it’s good for bones, teeth and the cell growth. Only 5 to 10 minutes outdoor exercises a day will help you relieve the seasonal affective disorders such as insomnia, fatigue, anxiety and irritability.

get motived for outdor workouts

Find a partner for the workouts

There are many people who do not like to work out alone. If you are from them, just find a suitable partner with whom to share your workout. You will have an additional impulse to be strict and a partner, which can help you with the exercises.

  • Be persistent

Exercising should be regular – most preferably 3 times a week, if possible. Duration: at least 45 minutes. It is better to have 2 or 3 sessions per week for 45 minutes each day rather than 10 minutes a day, which won’t cause any energy consumption.

And it is better to do one workout instead of none. Regular physical activity controls hunger, improves the functioning of the blood vessels and increases muscle mass. At first the loss of weight does not make a great impression, because fats are replaced by muscles which weigh more.

Replace your usual breakfast with fruits and vegetable juices

Juices are full of vitamins and minerals and will cheer you in the morning and before training. Furthermore, they have a clearing effect on the liver and on the whole organism. After winter must do some detoxification.

Try a new sport

Try something you have not tried before. Maybe you will like it. For example, yoga or dancing will help you keep the flexibility of your muscles, among with the other benefits to the body.

You can replace your cardio workout with Cango jumps (aerobics on special shoes), zumba or rope jumping.

Learn to think positively

Start to think that every day you are approaching one step closer to your goal. Iimagine how great you will look in your favorite summer dress or shorts.

Five reasons to start do sports

Sport, whatever it is, is important not only for your health. Undoubtedly, people who practice some kind of sport or make any physical activity are much healthier and more vital.

which sport to choose

Thousands are the reasons for you to start exercising  actively, but we have listed five that will definitely stimulate you to start doing physical exercises:

  1. You’ll think better. Studies have shown that after training people are more focused than ever. According to the study those who waste energy have much healthier brains than those who did not make any physical effort. Moreover, you will be better at work,in the decisions you make will be more easy. You’ll just simplify your life.
  2. More physical activity means a better figure. You will quickly get the desired shape and maintaining of the figure will not be a difficulty any more.
  3. If you start any sport activity your blood circulation will inevitable increase, which will make your skin look younger and fresher.

Daily exercises and workouts will load your days with lots of smiles and happiness. After the exercises you will feel energized, and the reason is in the dose endorphins that the body will always receive after training.

  1. Sex will definitely be better. The main reason is deep in your mind. If you were worried about your look or that or something does not seem perfectly in you, when you start training the sport will help you get in shape.

Consequently, you will feel more relaxed and confident in bed, and you can fully enjoy the experience.

  1. You’ll sleep better. Do you have trouble sleeping? So you do not exercise regularly. The exercises bring tone and help you sleep like a baby. Just do not forget to stop the workout at least three hours before bedtime.

Sport gives us a lot of things that we do not even feel and see. The physical characteristics are only some of the advantages

Remember that the age is not a barrier! You are never too old and it is never too late to start your own exercising plan.

how sport help our health

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Jane Peterson is a supportive nutrition and fitness coach and registered dietitian nutritionist known for her health advices and innovative ideas to inspire and motivate people to reach their goals. She has a passion for personal training and enjoys motivating people, using specific exercise programs and track their progression for success. As a parent herself, Jane Peterson knows what it means to have to work hard to keep a good shape during pregnancy and after having a baby. She is interested about improving the way children eat, pediatric nutrition and family meal planning. Jane has several years of personal and professional experience and is practicing as a freelance food and health writer. She works personally with a small number of hand picked clients, transforming their health and their physiques using her four key elements of wellness: lifestyle, exercise, nutrition and supplementation.

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