How to achieve ketogenesis

Ketogenic Diet Review

You see one of the things that we’re trying to achieve with the ketogenic diet is a reduced level of inflammation. People don’t really talk about that much because it’s hard to find it on the market.

You talk about weight loss all day long but you can’t really talk about reducing inflammation because nobody really cares unless they know what you’re talking about. But the fact is by reducing inflammation you are allowing yourself to reduce a lot of weight. You see, losing weight or being overweight in the first place is an inflammatory state.

Ketogenic diet for obesity

Obesity is very inflamed cells. It is an inflammatory state. So if we can reduce inflammation we are reducing weight. That’s one of the first things that I lost and remember I was 280 pounds before the first step and for me was reducing inflammation out of my body and the ketogenic diet has very strong evidence at modulating inflammation.

Can the Ketogenic diet help with inflammation?

Again the ketones reduce inflammation. So what I’m getting at with all of this means that that first week we want to eat foods that aren’t inflammatory. So I know this is going to be hard for you. But if you can make this commitment the first one to two weeks of keto keep dairy out of the equation.

That means start adding almond milk or almond milk creamers to your coffee instead try going that route. It’s going to make a big difference if you can reduce the inflammation, you make it so that the ketones can do their job better but it also makes it so that the transition into ketosis is significantly easier way easier and you don’t end up having the bonk because a lot of people quit the Keto diet in the first week and it’s simply because the first few days you’re battling some blood sugar issues and you’re feeling kind of cruddy. So we want to combat that.

Foods to Eat on a Ketogenic Diet

By taking a little bit of a sacrifice on the dairy and stuff for the first couple of weeks and eating anti-inflammatory foods and keeping the meats really clean and organic and non-GMO. Trust me, it truly does make a difference I’m not just saying that and this leads into the next thing I want to talk about which is the Keto flu. Now one of the reasons why you may not have started the keto diet or why maybe some of your friends are afraid to start it is because they’ve heard of the Keto flu.

Now the common misnomer there is that the Keto flu is where you’re going to completely just feel like you have the flu you’re going to feel lethargic you’re gonna feel sick going to be vomiting. It’s not quite that way. I think some of it’s psychosomatic and I think some of us create that.

The reality is you feel a little bit run down you feel fatigued you have a headache and you feel kind of like how you would feel if you didn’t replenish your electrolytes after a long workout or a long hard outdoor work out in the sun. And the truth is that’s exactly what’s happening.

You see, when you start a ketogenic diet a lot of times you’ll find that you lose three or four or five pounds of right out the gate. And this is simply because you are initially losing water weight. Don’t worry. That’s just an initial waterway. The rest of it is fat that you’re truly losing. So what ends up happening is for every one gram of carbohydrate that you normally are storing you hold over three grams of water.

So normally when you’re consuming carbs you’re holding a bunch of water all of a sudden you get rid of carbs you’re losing all that water. Well along with that water goes electrolytes and your electrolytes are totally out of whack and your body’s out of balance.

And what ends up happening there is the body doesn’t know what to do. So it thinks that your sodium levels your potassium levels your magnesium are completely out of whack. So it’s very important that you add electrolytes back in and then you won’t be dealing with the Keto flu as much.

What supplements to take on Ketogenic Diet?

Are so many supplements this days the claim you will lose in a safe way but to be honest I bet that many of them are scams. I`m looking at the comments on Facebook or other websites that are promoting Keto Diet and almost all are negative. I say almost all because I found one with over 90% of positive reviews and that supplement is called Keto Ultra Diet. It`s also true that I wrote a review about another weight loss supplement called Purefit Keto but this one has so many negative reviews that I don`t recommend it.