How is Hemp CBD Oil differnt from Medical Marijuana Oil

How is Hemp CBD oil differnt from Marijuana CBD Oil

Manufacturer and differences of hemp oil and medical marijuana oil:

Many are overstrained by the different and often erroneously used expressions of cannabis, marijuana, and hemp and therefore throw everything into a pot. And that is often in the wrong! If we speak of marijuana oil, this cannot be compared with the hemp seed oil and vice versa. Marijuana and hemp are both of the subspecies of the cannabis plant, but the oil is completely different and subsequently used. Here in this article, we have mentioned various differences of hemp oil and medical marijuana oil:

The Production:

For the production of medical marijuana oil, the dried flowers are used, which have a high content of THC and CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabinoid are the most widely known substances of the marijuana plant and they are also responsible for the intoxicating high effect. For the production of such an oil, the flowers must be heated to at least 70 degrees so that the THC and CBD can be released and develop its psychosomatic effect. For the production of hemp oil, an extremely gentle harvest is important, the seeds first have to be freed from their solid and protective shell and then pressed in a so-called oil mill. The temperatures at which the seeds are squeezed should not exceed 50 – 60 degrees as otherwise the important and valuable ingredients from the seeds would be lost. The production at the temperatures just mentioned is also called cold pressing. The yield per hectare of cannabis is about 180 to 350 liters of oil. Note, however, that this hectare of plants can not only be used for oil production. Also, the flowers, buds, styles, and leaves of the cannabis plants are processed for different purposes. The seeds are only a valuable byproduct.

The Process:

As with the name, hemp seed oil is obtained from the seeds of the marijuana plant and finally cold-pressed. Cold pressed hemp seed oil or cooking oil, therefore, has nothing to do with any form of drug use when one can still speak of a drug in marijuana. Genuine marijuana oil is obtained exclusively from the female buds or seeds of a marijuana plant, which is rich in THC and CBD and can thus bring medical benefits. Only these active substances are able to influence the human cells and receptors in an organism psychosomatically. At the same time, it provides valuable nutrients, minerals and essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6). Although hemp seed oil contains these ingredients, the benefits without the activation of CBD and THC are more likely to be found in the food and cosmetics industries.

In industrial hemp cultivation mainly the hemp fibers are obtained, which are finally used in the textile or paper industry. The seeds of the hemp plant are therefore only a by-product of this production. However, the seeds are picked up here, collected and further processed. Thus the cultivation of marijuana or cannabis plants is a really worthwhile undertaking, which many advocates also follow outside of medical view.

The application:

Hemp seed oil should be used predominantly cold. By heating, important ingredients are simply destroyed so that the hemp oil itself can hardly have any effect. Also, the classic production variant of the cold press would no longer make sense if you still heat the oil afterward. Hemp oil tastes predominantly nutty, making it ideal for salads or salad dressings. Also on ice or as spreads with fresh herbs, hemp oil tastes great. Noodle or potato dishes can be refined with oil instead of butter. And you cannot do much wrong with the dosage, because just as THC-containing marijuana oil cannot overdose, nor can cold-pressed hemp oil be taken too much. It is even recommended to use the hemp oil for three meals a day or even take it with a teaspoon. Only an almost daily and regular application can also change something positive.

The effects:

Hemp oil consists of about 70-80 percent of unsaturated fatty acids and is therefore valuable on many different grounds. It can be used to relieve many illness-related symptoms in the long term and regularly, or even to alleviate diseases. According to some experience reports, hemp oil or medical marijuana could even cure diseases like skin cancer completely. The ratio of vitamins and minerals in the hemp oil is so high that it is able to compensate for various deficiencies in the long term. Whether it is for children, sick people or elderly people, hemp oil has no side effects and can be consumed both pure and in food for example in salads.

The Benefits:

There are various benefits of both types of oil. Marijuana CBD oil can be used for stress, anxiety, obesity, appetite, asthma, heart health, various pain reliefs, some major health issues such as cancer. While on another hand Hemp CBD oil lowers incidence of Diabetes, has Antipsychotic effects, Mental illness and much more.

The conclusion:

Hemp CBD Oils and Marijuana CBD Oils in general, can be used very versatile and achieve amazing effects. The hemp oil, however, is the most nutritious and generally most tolerable of all compared to other edible oils. And even if the hemp oil has not yet found much use in the field of medicine, energy production or cosmetics, the trend clearly goes in this direction. And before we profit from the positive qualities of hemp oil in many other areas, we can now enrich numerous foods and beverages with it.

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