The HMR Program Diet

The HMR Program Diet

The HMR Program is the Health Management Resources Program. The program focuses on learning to live a healthy lifestyle.

It consists of meal replacements that reduce calorie intake. This diet includes eating fruits and vegetables. It also increases physical activity and teaches discipline.

What the HMR Program Consists Of

The HMR Program consists of meal replacements that are low in calories. These meal replacements result in huge weight loss. Following the HMR also teaches one to keep the weight off by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The program offers low-calorie replacement shakes, nutrition bars, meals and multi-grain cereals. These are replacement meals and only fruits and vegetables can go with the meals.

The Benefits of the HMR Program

The HMR Program rates as one of the best diets to follow. It is a great weight loss program for losing weight fast.

As far as commercial diets go, the HMR is excellent. It promotes healthy hearts and is good for diabetics. As it promotes a healthy lifestyle, it is also great for teaching people good eating habits.

How the HMR Program Works

The HMR Program was founded more than three decades ago by behavioral psychologist, Lawrence Stifler. The HMR for home use consists of two phases.

The Quick Start phase is the first. This phase is where the goal is to lose weight fast. All HMR Program replacement meals are provided for the first three weeks. Thereafter, shipping of replacement meals occurs every second week. Learning healthy living occurs during this time which is as long as it takes to reach the desired weight. The time to reach the desired goal depends on the individual.

Reaching the desired goal means phase two can begin. HMR replacement meals are then sent on a monthly basis. Implementing healthy foods occurs during phase two. This is also where one learns to incorporate better lifestyle changes. Professional support is available through telephone coaching sessions.

The First Phase of the HMR Program

The first phase of the HMR Program consists of a “three-two-five” system. This is three shakes, two entrees and five portions of fruits and various vegetables per day.

Between the daily meals, other low-calorie HMR replacement meals offer sustenance. It is important to keep these meals ready for consumption if hungry. Avoiding fast food, restaurant meals, alcohol, and coffee is key during this phase.

Increasing physical activity must occur during phase one. Walking, swimming, gym workouts and so is acceptable. The food was eaten and physical activity for the week is monitored.

The Second Phase of the HMR Program

The second phase of the HMR Program is where the transition takes place. This phase lasts up to eight weeks. The physical activity continues but the eating plan starts to change.

This is where less HMR Program replacement meals are eaten. The same amount of fruits and vegetables apply. Adding low-calorie HMR meals to the daily meal plan now occurs. The aim of the second phase is to begin healthy habits and maintain weight for the long term.

The best foods to start implementing include lean proteins and whole grains. Healthy cooking methods must be implemented and these are broiling, baking and steaming.

Easy Weight Loss with the HMR Program

Following the HMR Program takes dedication. Following the program is the only way to see results which can come fast. The HMR Program does cost money but outsourcing meals are convenient and simple.

Implementing an HMR foods is simple enough. Choosing healthier options such as CLA Safflower oil to cook with makes a difference. CLA Safflower oil has many added benefits and is great for general well-being. Using this oil where necessary will add to having healthy skin, hair, heart and more.

Exercising on the HMR Program

Exercise is very important for the HMR Program. Burning more than 2 000 calories every week is the goal. Over time, the amount of physical activity can increase.

While 2 000 calories may seem a lot, it is not. According to the HMR, all that is required is less than one hour of walking per day. Meeting the requirements does not involve high impact physical activity. Exercise is vital to a healthy lifestyle so implementing it on a daily basis will assist in weight loss.

The Health Risks and Nutritional Value

Medical supervision is not needed on the HMR Program. Some may, however, need the provided support. This is especially the case for those on a very low-calorie diet or those with medical conditions. Diabetes is one such medical condition.

It is best to talk to a doctor or health care professional before starting this diet. Being an established diet, there are no health risks. The nutritional value of the replacement meals is high.

The Cardiovascular and Diabetic Benefits

The cardiovascular benefits are good as weight loss is the main objective for a healthy heart. There is a huge reduction in the risk of heart disease, stroke, and heart attack.

Weight loss is also vital to lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Losing weight is one of the best methods for preventing diabetes. The healthy lifestyle that occurs with the HMR Program is great for those suffering from diabetes. It keeps them off their diabetic medication as the eating plan controls their blood sugar levels.

Customizing the HMR Program to Suit Needs

It is possible to customize the HMR Program to suit certain needs. Vegetarians can receive meat-free meals instead. There is also an option for lactose intolerance and other dietary restrictions.

All needed vitamins and minerals are included in the replacement meals. There is no need for vitamin or mineral supplements.

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