Hemp and Marijuana CBD Oil – What is the difference?

Hemp and Marijuana CBD Oil – What is the difference

Hemp VS Marijuana CBD Oil

As we already know, there is a huge variety of cannabis types but only some are helpful or useful in any way. Those that are useful to us are used for its oil and as food and in the case of hemp, for the manufacturing of clothing and rope. Hemp and marijuana are both beneficial for many different ailments but there are some differences you, as a potential user, need to know about if you are curious about these plants.

Hemp and Marijuana CBD Oil main difference in the plants themselves

The most important, and in fact the only real, difference between hemp and marijuana (and in essence its oil) is that hemp has a higher CBD to THC ratio than marijuana. This means that you get more of the beneficial CBD and less of the unwanted THC in your oil. Hemp is derived only from the Cannabis sativa plant and it was specifically grown for having the lowest concentration of THC of all strains. Marijuana strains had much more THC present. Looking at the plants, someone with limited knowledge would never peg them as being from the same genus, that is how different they appear. So, to summarize, hemp CBD is derived from the Cannabis sativa plant while marijuana CBD comes from the cannabis indica plant.

The differences in the oil ingredients

By now you know that you can get cannabidiol products from both hemp and marijuana but how are they different? As mentioned, marijuana CBD oil could contain varied amounts of THC while hemp contains only minute amounts. With regards to the CBD, cannabidiol remains cannabidiol no matter where it comes from. The word refers to the components cannabidiol consists of. The moment any component changes it isn’t cannabidiol anymore.

What the oil comprises of

The thing is that CBD and CBD oil differs from one another. CBD is a chemical compound but CBD oil is a mix of different cannabis plant substances. When hemp oil is made fatty acids are extracted from the stalks. Fat-soluble substances exist here and one of them is the cannabinoids. This means that they come out of the plant as part of the oil into which it dissolved. For example, if oil is made from industrial hemp it would consist of about 18% – 24% CBD. In other words, 18% – 24% of the oil is CBD and the rest is other substances that once formed part of the plant.

Scheduling CBD and composition

CBD oil made from marijuana plants are considered a schedule 1 drug which means that it is illegal in many countries and states worldwide. On the other hand hemp, CBD is considered safe and also non-psychotropic due to its low levels of THC. Apart from this point they also differ with regards to the amounts of other cannabinoids they each contain even though these are in such a small ratio that they have no effect on the user. A safe and legal option for those seeking to start on CBD is the industrial hemp oil version.

All is not as it seems with hemp

We have already determined that the safest kind of CBD is the type derived from hemp, but is it really? The processes involved in extraction, concentration, formulation, and manufacturing may be less than desirable in some instances. Some users even became very sick when using CBD oil that wasn’t created correctly. A few of these suspect products contained inactive ingredients that raised suspicion and different ingredients than those declared on the ingredients list. The FDA has very little control over this because CBD is marketed as a dietary supplement and thus they cannot review it for safety or effectiveness before it is marketed. The only way to avoid falling victim to sub-par hemp CBD oil is by finding a reputable manufacturer and sticking with them.

Neither is it with marijuana

On the flip side, marijuana CBD manufacturers are known to deliver high-quality medical CBD oils on a regular basis. There are many of these marijuana lifesavers and you cannot go wrong in finding them if that is something that is legal where you live. There is also a possibility of finding marijuana products that are much higher in CBD than hemp products.

For interest’s sake

Hemp production for the industry is legalized at the federal level but the law in this regard varies from state to state and country to country.

Be aware of the fact that a recreational marijuana or regulated medical supplier or representative need to be able to tell you exactly where the product originates, what test results with regards to their products show and what the ingredients are.

You also need to be aware of the fact that other cannabinoids are needed in order for the CBD to work as it should. This shouldn’t be a problem because cannabis contains hundreds of different compound and 80 of these are currently classified as cannabinoids with the main ones being CBD and THC.

Whole plant medicine in cannabis is when we make use of the full range of phytonutrients that occur in the plant naturally and this is something that can be done with both the hemp and marijuana types.

The use of THC is frowned upon mostly, particularly for children because of the feeling of euphoria it creates but using a small amount of this compound in conjunction with CBD greatly improves the efficacy of CBD’s medicinal properties.

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