Keeping Your Mind Healthy

Healthy body, healthy mind

Healthy body, healthy mind

Health is blessing for the human being. You can define health as the medical fitness of a person. Health has to do with the performance of the human body. It also has to do with different functions of each and every organ within the body.

A health problem occurs when even the smallest of the functions of the body are not as good as expected to be. Such health problems need to be cured and every problem has a different way of being cured.

One has to maintain his or her health at all times. It is a thought that must come to your mind whenever you are about to do something. When you are about to eat, you must think whether the food is safe for you.

When you are exercising, you must know how much weight your body can afford to lift. Even when you are willing to go out, you have to think about the effects of the weather on your health.

If it is too cold outside, you have a chance of catching a cold. If it is too hot outside, you might be at risk of a heat stroke. You have to avoid all the risks that your health is exposed to. It is not only painful for the body to not function properly, but it is also very annoying. You cannot do things that you are willing to do if you are sick.

What does a body need to stay healthy?

Maintenance of health is basically dependent on two things, namely, exercise and a balanced diet. Your food is not only to fill your stomach or satisfy your cravings. Food has a very important role to play in a human being’s life.

It has the ability to give us the strength to work. Food has different vitamins and nutrients that the body is in need of. It not only provides strength to the muscles in the body, but it also assists better blood flow.

It is important that blood is supplied to all parts of the body. This provides important nutrients to all the bones, muscles and tissues of the body. Food provides for the growth and functioning of the body.

The body does not produce vitamins or nutrients on its own. This means that food is the basic source of everything that the body is in need of. Even if you miss a single meal, you will  see the effects of it.

You will feel weakness because the body is in constant need of energy. Once you have left a meal, you have deprived the body of energy.

We understand that food has all the necessities for the strength and energy of the body. It also helps our body fight against harmful bacteria and everything that is working to make our body weak.

That is why the first thing that we do when we are sick is that we start eating the foods. By this, we aim to restore the nutrients to kill the bacteria that are infecting our body.

Different health problems call for the need of consumption of different foods. When our body needs to make more blood, we’ll eat a lot of pomegranates. When we seek to strengthen our muscles, we will eat grains and fruits that provide us with potassium and proteins.

So it is quite clear how different things are important for the body. That is why a balanced diet is suggested for us to stay healthy and strong. A balanced diet means that we consume starch, carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients in equal quantities.

We should neither ignore any of these nor should we have an excess of any of these. Excess of everything is bad. I am sure you have heard this saying before. When it comes to nutrients and vitamins, an excess of any one of them will have negative effects.

Sometimes excess nutrients and vitamins create problems in our body too. So it is important that we maintain required levels of all necessities in our body.

What are the most vitamins in our body?

There are many different vitamins that our body requires. All of these vitamins have certain roles that they are performing at all times. Some vitamins are good for the health of the organs while some vitamins make our bones stronger.

Let’s discuss some of the most important vitamins. Vitamin A is one of the most important vitamins and is found in liver, butter, eggs and other things. It has the ability to make your vision better.

A deficiency of vitamin A might make it difficult for you to see at night. If you are experiencing a dry cornea, you might want to get your vitamin A level checked.Chances are that you are in need of some extra vitamin A.

Vitamin B can be found in potatoes, liver and oranges. If you are deficient in vitamin B you are exposed to diarrhea. Other problems like cervical cancer, problems with vision and AIDS are also fought against by vitamin B.

Vitamin C is the next vitamin that we will discuss. The best sources for it are fruits and vegetables. Megaloblastic anemia is just one problem that might be a result of a vitamin C deficiency. Rickets and osteomalacia are some problems that you might experience if your Vitamin D is not meeting the required levels. Good sources of Vitamin D are fish and eggs and mushrooms.


We have already talked about food being the only source of vitamins and nutrients. Let’s talk about some of the most important foods that we should be consuming in our daily routines. These will help us in having a better functioning and a healthier body.

Vegetables are extremely healthy for the body. Consumption of different vegetables can really help you get rid of deficiencies that might be causing trouble for you. Brussels sprouts might not be your favorite, but is definitely very healthy.

It aids not only in digestion but improves the detox system of the body. Broccoli is not really different than Brussels sprouts in terms of value. It is full of calcium, vitamin C and potassium and other different nutrients. Spinach aids in muscle building. It will give you calcium as well as vitamin A, K, and E.

Some fruits are also very vital for your health. The first among such fruits is mango. It will provide you with potassium, magnesium, calcium and other nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin C.

If you are looking for fiber and different types of vitamins B, pomegranate is something you should consume. It is not only tasty but extremely healthy as well. High in fiber, vitamin A and C and potassium, oranges are something you just cannot ignore.

Importance of probiotics

Probiotics are also very important for the body. One of the best sources for probiotics is fermented raw cabbage. Pickles are also very good at providing probiotics.

Things like garlic, onion and cabbage provide you sulfur and they protect the body from harmful bacteria. Some probiotic supplements can also help you regain what you have lost or missed out on.

Probiotics will help those who are in need of losing weight. They will not only have a better immune system but will also have a better digestive system.

Digestive infections and intestinal inflammations are some of the things that probiotics can help in fixing. Now that you know how to take care of yourself, why are you still sitting? Get in your car and get the things that we have discussed and get a healthier body.


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