Health facts people should have

Health facts people should have

10 integral facts people should have about health

Health Facts: We will want to try out the latest diet or the latest fitness formula for keeping our body beautiful. However, a lot of people have a poor knowledge on general health. Many people are quite clueless regarding their health. More than half the people in the world do not even know their own blood group type.

Similarly, many do not know about their cholesterol levels, blood pressure or BMI. The idea about what a healthy weight should be based on the height is unclear. A vast majority of people do not even know the amount of water and calories they should intake every day. According to surveys, over 35% of the people have never undergone a medical check-up.

Moreover, almost four out of ten people assumes that they should only be concerned about health in case of an illness or disease. They feel that it is useless to worry about blood pressure and cholesterol levels without any medical condition.

10 health facts about which many people do not know about themselves

  • Body fat ratio
  • Cholesterol levels
  • The amount of vitamin D required by the body regularly
  • Body mass index
  • Blood group type
  • Blood pressure
  • The number of calories to be consumed regularly
  • Different allergies
  • How much alcohol is considered to be healthy
  • The units of water required being drunk every day.

General people’s idea about health

  • Idea about blood pressure

It is estimated that an average person does not start taking proper notice of their health before reaching the age of 47. It is common for people, in general, to ignore their health unless an issue is experienced. People know very less about the health of their hearts. Because of this, many people would struggle to tell what their blood pressure or blood group is.

It is expected of many people not to know anything about maintaining good health and hygiene. They carry out their daily lives and choose their own lifestyles. The knowledge about the impact of a poor lifestyle of health is not known by many.

People continue with their poor lifestyles, not paying heed to their health which is quite related. Waiting for a problem to arise and ignoring health otherwise may cause harm. It may become too late to do anything, in many cases. We can prevent severe health complications by simply enhancing our knowledge on general health.

  • Idea about cholesterol levels and heart health

Many people admit that they do not have the slightest idea about their cholesterol levels. Many have said that they do not have the idea about what cholesterol levels indicates or refers to.

The people who said they did know their cholesterol levels, do not have the idea about what level is considered healthy or normal. Over 43% of people do not have knowledge about their blood pressure and may have no idea regarding a good blood pressure reading.

This is considered dangerous for people as being aware of one’s heart is very essential. This gets increased even more after crossing the age of 40 to 50. Undergoing regular health check-ups is a must after exceeding the age of 40.

A coronary calcium score must be carried out by all men at the age of 50, and all women after 60. This test does not involve any kind of dye or injection. It is low radiation but accounts fo0r being the easiest test for prediction of heart diseases.

  • People on Statins

According to research, surveys, and studies, it has been found out that around 68% of people can identify that their heart is in good health. However, over 42% of people admitted to having no idea about maintaining the health of the heart. Four out of ten people have been told by a doctor that they are having extensively high blood pressure or cholesterol level.

It was found out that a quarter of people above the age of fifty are already taking statins. It is estimated that almost six to seven million people living in the UK are on statins. In most cases, poor choices of lifestyle lead to this. In case you are on statins, it is recommended to take vitamin D and ubiquinol along with statin intake.

This supports the health conditions of your heart. Statins are responsible for lowering blood levels of these nutrients which are essential for good health. In case you are already taking statins, you should be concerned about facing severe heart diseases.

  • What you should do

This should act as a wake-up call to you and you need to give more importance to your heart health. Try to avoid your regular diet and stop carrying out your regular activities. You need to consult a doctor and follow the diet chart he recommends. Several lifestyle modifications have to be made as well.

These changes will save your life before it becomes too late to bring things in control. Usually, only one out of five people who are on statin manages to carry out major changes in their lifestyle.

However, studies prove that at least 63% of people made some minor changes  for improving their heart health. 14% of them did not pay any heed and kept on continuing their lives exactly as it were.


Reaching any major age milestone is considered to be a good time to take a stock of your health. This will ensure that in your future years, you will be able to remain healthy and active, as much as possible. In case you have not undertaken any medical check-up in the last five years, you should act fast.

You should visit a doctor and consider all the screening and testing options which you may require. This should be done  even though your health seems fine. Having high blood pressure or an imbalance in cholesterol levels does not cause symptoms.

They damage the body’s blood circulation slowly. Hence, a health check-up is a must. Regular health check-ups will allow you to detect anything wrong or any disruption in your system. You will be able to prevent conditions and even stop them from starting.

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