Guarana Extract Benefits, Side effects and Uses

Guarana Extract Benefits, Side effects and Uses

What is Guarana Extract?

The Guarana extract is a natural biological stimulant. This would be the pretentious definition. In simpler words, it is a plant extract used in many health supplements present on the market, whose effects are vast and highly appreciated among those who are familiarized with it.

But there is something about it that goes beyond the realm of the regular supplements. The guarana extract is also used in treating various health affections as well, which makes it that much more valuable. Even though it does not stand as a medicine of its own, it plays a major role in assisting the body in its fight against certain affections. But we will leave that for later.

For now, we will focus on what guarana extract really is and where does it come from. It originates from the Amazonian forests and its name comes from a tribe that discovered it for the first time. The locals were the first to observe its effects and even if they have not harnessed its true potential, there is evidence that they were also using it as a medicine.

Later researchers have shown that the guarana extract is a great biological stimulant, providing the body with energy and faster metabolic rates, but also greatly reducing the physical, as well as mental fatigue and exhaustion. Its true potential, however, seems to be the subject of constant debate, because researchers still have not listed all the benefits.

Guarana Extract Benefits

The guarana extract is incredibly versatile. While some use it as a spice in the food industry, appreciated for its flavor, others include it among the medicinal ingredients, using it as a treatment against a wide range of health problems. Overall, the most well-known benefits associated with this plant extract are:

  1. It is used in the weight loss industry, as a natural physical booster.
  2. It aids in reducing the mental fatigue, as well as assisting the body in a faster physical recovery
  3. Can be used to elevate the blood pressure when needed.
  4. It is considered a prevention factor against dysentery and malaria
  5. Sometimes it is being used as a natural aphrodisiac, as well as a sexual stamina booster
  6. It has been proved to be a great addition to treating the CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
  7. Can cope with recurrent diarrhea
  8. Reduces food appetite
  9. Treats and prevents heart problems
  10. Reduces headaches and bone and joint pain
  11. Successfully combats heat exhaustion, among other things

The good news is that these are only some of the applications that the guarana extract is being known about and more seem to unveil as the time passes. For instance, among the benefits, we could even mention its contribution to increasing the urine flow, for those with bladder problems.

Guarana Extract Side-effects

The good thing about the guarana extract is that it virtually has no side effects whatsoever. The somewhat bad thing comes from how it works. Generally, it is being used as a physical and mental stimulant. This is its main attribute. This means that, under no circumstance, should you consume it before bedtime.

Due to the fact that it will greatly energize the body, you will find it difficult to have a good night sleep and get some proper rest. Remember, Amazonian natives still use it as an energy booster, much like how caffeine is being used.

But other than that, guarana extract has been considered safe for consumption by the FDA, so go for it.

Guarana Extract Sources

If you are looking to have a taste of the famous guarana extract, look for any energy drink available on the market. They all contain this powerful ingredient, even if in low amounts. If you want something more potent, have a trip to Brazil, who manufactures energy drinks highly rich in this ingredient. It is consumed more than any other product, especially due to its distinct flavor and immediate and prolonged effects.

How much should you take?

Although the guarana extract does not have side effects, you should not abuse it, because it can affect your sleeping patterns.

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