Flex Belt – The Ultimate ABS Belt

FlexBelt – US Review_ The Ultimate Abs Belt

Flex Belt – US Review: The Ultimate Abs Belt

Flex Belt Reviews: Getting a well-toned middle section is a universal desire among most people. Unfortunately, as reality would have it, this is not a walk in the park. It will take months to get the abs and not everyone is willing to wait that long for the results. The Flex Belt – the US offers the much-needed consolation with fast results.

Lately, if you have been watching TV, you might have seen a commercial for the Flex Belt claims to provide tighter and flatter abs by use of medical-grade toning technology. By using this product, whether while at home or in your office, the company behind this genius invention claims that you will see results within a few weeks.

That said, it is ok to put on your thinking cap and ask the following questions: Does it really work as claimed? Why or Why not? And lastly, is Flex Belt a worthy purchase?

No one can dispute the fact that, while abs are desirous, they are hard to achieve. This demands consistency, determination and a lot of pain and sweat. As any gym enthusiast will tell you, training comes easy compared to the core workouts.

The results seem painfully slow with the protocols demanding Herculean effort. It is with these considerations in mind that a brilliant ab-belt dubbed Flex Belt – US was launched.

This product has resonated well with the athletes, actors, models, and fitness trainers to be ranked the top selling fitness brand on the market today.

What is Flex Belt?

Flex Belt is the first device designed to help tone, firm and strengthen core muscles in both males and females to be FDA approved. In the same way, you wear a belt, simply wrap it around your tummy and keep it there for about half an hour.

The key benefit offered by this Abs-toner is that you can have it on while going about your daily chores. In fact, you do not need a trainer or join a local gym. Neither do you have to take 30 minutes of your time each day from your strict schedules and bend over backward to get the abs? No more butt ups, sit-ups, treadmills, and crunches to get your tummy toned.

For those with hectic routine, this belt can be worn while going about their chores and still offer the needed results. The belt is designed to work based on the EMS technology. EMS is basically an electrical muscle stimulation technology.

This means that the belt is specially designed to send electrical waves to your abdominal muscles. This signal, then results in a clenching reaction, after which the muscles then relax. This imitates the actions of an actual workout. It is designed to offer its users the ultimate convenience. Most people with cut throat schedules and barely have a minute to spare for workouts, then this belt is designed specifically for them.  The Flex Belt is designed to help users multitask.

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Who Can Use The Flex Belt?

As stated above, the belt is designed for physical therapists, athletes and many others planning to cut down on their belly fat. This product has gained popularity due to its ability to exercise user’s muscles. Without any significant stress on the tendons or joints.

The belt can also be used by during recovery after training, rehabilitation or even persons planning to get well toned and defined muscles. The best part is, it works on every major stomach muscle group, including the upper and the lower abs.

Does Flex Belt Really Work?

The flex belt claims to help users realize all this with the help of three gel pads designed to send signals to the main areas of the stomach muscles causing them to contract. The company behind the products claims that this FDA approved ab toning system requires to be used for only 30 minutes per session every day. During this time, the abdominal muscle is contracted up to 150 times.

The belt can be used by persons of any fitness level and claims to provide results without any side effects. However, it is advisable to always consult with a physician first.

With proper use of the product, the Flex Belt promises results within the first 6 weeks. The approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the fueling force behind the success recorded by the product.

According to a study done by Dr. John P. Porcari a professor in Exercising and Sports Science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and the Executive Director of La Crosse Exercise and Health Program, those who used the product for about five times every week and 20 -40 minutes per session recorded a significant change. Some of these changes include:

  • An increase in the abdominal strength and endurance
  • Reduced belly fat and a trimmer waistline
  • Firmer and well-toned abdominal muscles
  • 54% of those interviewed reported that their posture has improved after frequent use.

Who else can benefit from the Flex Belt?

Besides, people who simply want to tone and strengthen their abdominal muscles, others who can use this belt include:

  • People recovering from surgeries or injuries
  • People with weak tendons and joints
  • People suffering from frequent lower back pains and those who have a hard time doing conventional workouts
  • People without enough time to work out
  • People in need of versatility in their training program

If you are currently dealing with tummy fat and on a mission to get a six pack, then the Flex Belt is exactly what you need. The product guarantees results within 60 days.

How To Use The Flex Belt?

Ease of use if probably another reason why there is so much hype around the Flex Belt. Once you place your order for the Flex Belt package, the belt you received will be nicely wrapped with three electrical nodes- one going just below your navel with the other two on either side.

The package will also include a set of sticky gel pads which should be placed over the nodes. They will have a double stick where one attaches to the nodes while the other sticks to your belly. The pads can be peeled off after use and they come off as clean as new.

When you receive your package, remember to retain the plastic seals used to cover up the gel pads. This ensures that the pads do not gather any debris. The quality of the gel pads is exceptional and they can retain the stickiness even after 30 to 50 uses.

To use the product, you will have to assemble it correctly. To begin with, attach the pads to the belt. To do this, slide the cover off the sides with patterns on it. Metal studs between the lines with the belt will become visible.

Align large pad with these studs on the uncovered side of the belt. Remove the covers from the small pads and place them on the marked parts on either side of the larger pads. Open the battery cover on the control panel to fit in the batteries.

Once the belt is properly assembled you can then begin to use it. To do this, remove the covers on the pads and place them on the belt and against your tummy. Make sure that the large pad is located close to the belly button while the other two smaller pads sit between the hipbone and the ribs. Ensure that the belt is well secure to avoid shifting while using it.

The next step involves pushing the power button and choosing the desired program. There are several intensity levels to choose from. Go for the one that works for you. It is advisable to start with a low-intensity level  and work your way up.  Once you set the level, it will work for the set duration of time before shutting off.

For the best results, you will have to use the belt more often for you to get the desired results fast enough. How frequently you use the belt will depend on the results you intend to get. With proper use, the result should be visible within the first 2 months. Once you are satisfied with the results, you will be required, maintain the results by using the belts every now and then.

The belt, designed to secure through Velcro, is huge enough for a small to the medium waistline. It also comes with an “extender” for persons with “bigger bones”.

Here is how to use the Velcro

Step 1: Secure the belt with the Velcro

Step 2: Start by using the monitor. The control will demand few minutes of charging. This does not run straight from the outlet which is undoubtedly worthwhile safety precaution just in case a power surge occurs.

Step 3: choose a program and increase the intensity to kick off. Keep in mind that it will not start up until after you boost up the intensity. The belt features 150 varying levels, which include a hardly noticeable electrical stimulation to a significantly high-intensity level that will probably leave you feeling sore and cramped. With time, you will gradually adjust a level that you feel comfortable with by adjusting using the up and down buttons either side of the belt.

You are probably wondering how the belt can seamlessly provide results that seemed hard to come by even after endless hours at the gym. The answer is rather simple, Science. Extensive research makes a great deal of difference.

The Flex was introduced after 4 years of extensive and mind scratching research. The electric Muscle stimulation technology used by the belt has been widely used in the healthcare industry by the therapist for over 30 years.

The signals sent to the nerve force the muscles to contract and relax in a natural manner consequently working out the muscles. When doing the traditional crunches, the lower and upper abdomen is the main focus.

By performing the side planks, or even foot crunches, you get the obliques well developed. However, with the Flex Belt, your lower, upper and sides are all taken care of at once.

At first, while the belt works on your muscles, it will be an odd feeling. Your belly muscles will be worked out while on the other hand, you do nothing. The belt will do all the work for you. For the first few days, this will feel unnatural, but as time goes by, you will eventually get used to the feeling. The Flex Belt is without a doubt a great thing and you can easily conceal it beneath a jacket.

Is Flex Belt Safe? – Side Effects

It is understandable that well-toned abs are not all everyone is after. Instead, they are also after the assurance that the belt will not cause them any harm. Whether this product is safe for you to use can be answered by keeping the following three things in mind:

  1. The belt is FDA approved. This means that it has undergone intensive testing and after positive results, it was introduced into the market. All frequency modes offered by this belt are deemed safe for use.
  1. Besides the FDA approval, independent sources have also tested the belts. These sources include Dr. John Procari in the study discussed above. According to two tests, Procari carried out on the Flex Belt, he found that it can offer results after two weeks of proper use.

Currently, there are over two million users who are a living proof that the belt is indeed harm free.

Known disadvantages of using the Flex Belt include:

  • Work efficiency

The Belt is designed to stimulate your abdominal muscles to help the user focus on their chores. However, for the first few days, it may be hard for you to complete your tasks with efficiency while you have the belt on.

  • Budget

Since the belt is designed with convenience in mind, it is priced higher. It may not be an ideal option for people on a budget, but a worthwhile investment for those in need for it.

  • Accuracy

The Flex Belt is designed to work on one specific part of the body, your tummy. While this is the areas usually carrying excess weight, and known as a common problem area, this is not the only part of the body where fat is stored. The belt should only be used as a tool to supplement on your weight loss endeavor.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Flex Belt

The Flex Belt comes with a 2-year warranty which is a considerably long period for such a product. Should you fail to realize any results within the first 60 days, the manufacturer allows you to return it and get a full refund.

If you have tried abdominal workouts, then you know the amount of awful the resultant strain can be if not injuries. On the other hand, the Flex Belt is designed to statically stimulate your tummy muscles which eliminate the need for any aggressive movement in the middle region. As a result, you do not have to bend over backward anymore to get the perfect abs.

The Flex Belt stimulates your tummy muscles with the help of electric pulses. As you probably know by now, fats accumulated in the belly region is the most dangerous and raises your chances of suffering from cardiovascular conditions. Therefore, besides helping you get those perfect abs, the Flex Belt also helps you stay healthy.

Owing to the fact that it is light in weight, it can easily be worn whenever and wherever. Additionally, as long has you have the torso covered by your clothing, no one around will even realize you have it on.

The Flex belts make the best solution for people who are too busy to create time for exercise  but still want to burn the extra belly fats. As earlier indicated, the belt can conveniently be worn to workplaces and hardly interferes with your normal body movement.

Unfortunately, like with every other product, there are those who doubt the effectiveness of the belt. However, there is adequate research attesting to the fact that continuous usage will ultimately result in a well-toned tummy. Some of the benefits provided by the Flex Belt include:

  • Adjustable intensity: The intensity levels range from 1-150. The belt features a set of controls to boost the intensity as your abdominal muscles gradually improve. Beginners will have to start at a lower level and increase as they get used to the belt.
  • The Flex Belt features a rechargeable battery that users can recharge any time they want. You do not have to buy a set of new batteries after each session. With the Flex Belt, all you need to do is plug it on while you continue with your work or spending time with your family. Each session should last between 20 and 40 minutes.
  • Since the belt is designed to statically stimulate your tummy muscles, there is no need to engage in vigorous workouts which can lead to injuries. All you have to do is just have the belt on and a seat on the couch.
  • It is comfortable and light in weight: The belt is designed to accommodate any waist size from 24 inches – 52 inches without any discomfort.
  • Safe to use: The Flex Belt boast of being the first toning belt to get a clearance from the FDA and adheres to the Medical Device Directive requirements.
  • 60 days money back guarantee: If you fail to get the promised results within this period, you should return it to receive a full refund.

Product Pricing & Refund Policy

The biggest concern with the Flex Belt is the steep price. Each package will cost you $199. The cost includes:

  • The Flex belt and three gel pads
  • A rechargeable power supplies unit
  • A belt extension
  • An instruction manual

Upon placing an order, you are set to receive the following bonuses:

  • A meal planner– A 30-day access to the manufacturers patent meal planner designed to help you speed up the weight loss and ultimately lose the extra kilos.
  • One-year magazine subscription – You will be required to choose from the following top magazines: Woman’s Health, Elle, Men’s Health, cosmopolitan Magazine, or Travel & Leisure

If you go to the Order page on the manufacturer’s website, and then click on it, a pop-up will appear offering you the belt at a discounted price of $149.99. On this page, you will also be able to purchase an additional Flex Belt system at a lower price. You and also purchase extra gel pads, Flex Mini or even the Flex Arms products.

When choosing a shipping plan, you will go for either the $8.95 First Class shipping plan, or Priority plan at $16.95 or the Express plan in $39.95. The product also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, low priced shipping and handling services and a restocking fee of $9.95. Each Flex Belt you buy will also come with a 2-year warranty.

Where can you get a Free Trial?

When purchasing the Flex Belt, it is advisable that you do so for the official website. This way, you will be assured that the product you get is 100% authentic. Additionally, you will also be provided with a discount code for a 10% discount on the product.

Eventually, you will end up saving up close to $150 if you purchase more than two belts. The official website also provides buyers with the 60-day money back guarantee. This means you no longer have to worry about the effectiveness of the product. Since there is a high demand for these belts in the market, chances of running out of stock every now and then are quite high.

However, expect stocks to be back within 24 hours. If you are not comfortable with waiting for the next set of stocks , visit the website now and get your belt today.

Why Choose Flex Belt?

Most consumers have positively rated the Flex Belt. However, there are also a few moderate to poor customer reviews. Most of the negative reviews are based on the failure to get any results, poor quality i.e. it malfunctioned after a few months, gel pads get worn out and are expensive to replace. Most clients also seem to complain about the return policy.

In fact, most reviews claim that after placing an order for the product, most buyers received a Slendertone ab  belt in the Flex Belt box. However, most of these reviews are old and it can only be assumed that these issues have since been solved. According to one customer review on Amazon, the manufacturer is now providing free gel pads to a buyer who leave a 5-star rating.


What is the bottom line regarding the Flex Belt?

No one can dispute the fact that the Flex Belt sounds quite awesome, but is it?

To begin with, the toning belt boast of FDA approval. What does this mean? According to the FDA, any device is deemed cleared after the 510 (K) form is submitted by a manufacturer declaring that the product is substantially equivalent to another that is already legal in the market for the same use.

Simply put, this means that the means that the company acknowledges that the product is not entirely original. However, this does not in any way mean that it is FDA approved or that its claims have been substantiated.

In addition to the above information, according to the Flex Belt’s official website, the belt is “clinically demonstrated”. To be clinically demonstrated means that it has undergone clinical studies. In this case, the website seems to focus on a satisfaction questionnaire that shows how the users perceived the firmness and toning offered by the belt. Technically speaking, this does not qualify as a clinical study, but a demonstration of what the buyers think about the product.

Next, keep in mind that Flex Belt is only designed to stimulate your abdominal muscles and not facilitate fat burning. Instead, it only helps to tone, tighten and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

This is quite important given that even though the tummy may be stronger and toned, it may actually be covered with facts that you may not be able to see. This means that you may be forced to supplement the belt with regular workouts and a healthy diet.

Lastly, the Flex Belt is high priced and replacing the gel pads is quite expensive. Although the company claims that the gel pads can be used for a minimum of 30 sessions, most reviews claim that they only lasted for just a couple of weeks. Considering the steep price of the gel pads and the frequency at which you will be required to replace them, it appears as though they are just a money maker for the manufacturer.

This then leads to the critical question: does the Flex Belt work? Electrostimulation has been proven to tighten and tone muscles. However, you will be required to do it more regularly in order to retain the results. That said, you will probably have to be mindful of your diet if you intend to lose weight with long-term results. Additionally, you will have to stick to regular workouts to maintain the results.

Sum it up, the Flex Belt will without give you result provided that you stick to proper usage. However, without any exercises, results will be hard to come by.

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