The most effective probiotics are not found in yogurts

The most effective probiotics are not found in yogurts

Most people have no idea what effective probiotics mean

If you are to ask any number of people about the most potent source of probiotics they can think of, probably 9 out of 10 would mention yogurts. And I say 9 instead of 10 out of 10, which actually seems more likely to me.

The only people who actually know the most effective probiotics and where they can actually be found are specialists. Regular folks usually fall prey to the marketing strategies, looking to promote certain products, with disregard towards their actual effectiveness.

Just to break down one myth, the most effective probiotics are found anywhere else but in yogurts and the reason for that is actually quite simple. Not resumed to yogurts, the so-called “domesticated bacteria” have been adopted by the cultures of choice due to their ability to thrive and adapt to all types of environments, mostly regardless of the acidity. And this is an essential feature when it comes to the gut area, which is highly acidic and incompatible with life for most of these microorganisms.

But the strains that are used in yogurts, drinks or any other so-called natural products, usually fail in delivering the expected results and this is an important aspect, especially when the results are expected to come as solutions to the digestive problems.

But there is a bigger problem regarding the effective probiotics label we apply on these cultures. As it turns out, they are not adapted to living inside the organism, which is why they will quickly vanish, soon after administration. It is a matter of deep concern because we constantly look for the most effective probiotics and it just seems that these fail the test.

To make matters even worse, the microorganisms present and promoted through products like yogurts and various drinks are only in small concentrations and are quickly outweigh by the bacterial mass that already lives inside our guts.

Why all the probiotics fail?

The right term is not “all” is “those that are being promoted”. Studies have ultimately demonstrated that the microorganisms introduced in certain products, with the aim of including the said products in a different category, mainly “health”, are not adapted to the purpose they are being used for. And this is somewhat of a breakthrough if you like.

According to the same studies, subjects who have been given probiotic filled products that already exist on the market only felt the effects in regard to their diarrhea and bloating, but that is all.

Those particular microorganisms were not effective probiotics, in the sense that they were unable to deal with other gut problems, adapt to the environment and thrive or provide the body with benefits for longer periods of time.

Usually, the effects were temporary and in most of the cases problems often returned or even persisted throughout the treatment. This is quite important because it shows that, in our quest of finding the most effective probiotics, we are looking in a wrong direction.

The main issue here is that the microorganisms used in making the said products are part of a generation that has not adapted to the requirements yet. As a result, they are being absorbed by the organism and quickly drowned in the bacterial mass living in the digestive tract, with little to no effect.

How can we find the effective probiotics?

It is the exact question that could eventually lead to a breakthrough in this domain. And the interesting answer is the one you would not expect hearing: it depends on. The notion exists, but it varies, according to each body type.

As several studies have shown, people have different bacterial strains living in their guts. It is not as if everybody would share the same cultures because there are innumerable out there.

So several tests took place, during which scientists gave the subjects a certain type of bacteria, the same as one of those already living in their guts. The fact that the tests’ results concluded that the bacteria adapted quite well in the environment where already similar strains existed is not surprising at all.

What was really surprising occurred when they gave the same subjects different bacterial strains that were not present in their organisms.

Although they were different, though, they were effective probiotics, proven to assist the body throughout the digestive problems it could have encountered. This time, the results were vastly different, because these presumed effective probiotics vanished from the system few hours after administration.

This was not a singular test, but it was part of several that concluded the same thing: for a certain type of bacterial strain to adapt and thrive in one’s system, you need that strain to already exist in the organism.

In other words, prior to administering any probiotic cocktail, you need to make sure that the patient’s ecosystem already contains the same ingredients, otherwise, everything will end up being a complete fiasco.

There is no question that these microorganisms have a huge role to play in our physical and mental health, but the most effective probiotics can only be found as a result of a thorough scrutiny we all have to make, in order to get the most out of it.

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