Ebola vaccination works with 100% accuracy, according to the studies

Ebola vaccination works with 100% accuracy, according to the studies

Whether vaccination works or not, it is a matter of debate nowadays

Even though it has been proven that vaccination works, paradoxically, in the modern age there are a lot of people claiming otherwise and despite not appearing to be such a big deal, the contrary has been proven. A lot of anti-vaccination movements have begun to alter the perception of the population on vaccines, claiming that not only they cannot protect you against the said disease, but they can even trigger other health affections as well, namely autism.

This rumor has started with a paper published by a self-entitled scientist, who erroneously claimed that there is a link between vaccines and an increase in autism rates across the population. The paper has been refuted shortly after its publication, but this did not stop the rumor from gaining proportions and spreading. As a result, more and more people started doubting that vaccination works and prevented their children from getting the much-needed protection against some dangerous diseases.

This movement has gained strength in the US alone, leading to an outbreak of measles among children, many of them being hospitalized for professional treatment. Since then, authorities have advised the general public to avoid falling to false claims, lacking proper scientific evidence. Vaccination works and it has been proven effective against a lot of diseases that once were killing large parts of the population.

It has been discovered that vaccination works against Ebola

Not only that, but it seems like it has a 100% prevention rate. This is particularly important especially for the habitants of the Third World, where this disease causes ravages among the population. According to the statistics, around 11.000 people die yearly after being infected with the disease which shows the gravity of the situation and the need for an effective preventive measure.

Ebola vaccine has been developed several years back and it is still considered experimental. Nevertheless, it has already been tested on humans, in their natural environments, instead of laboratory conditions and it delivered flawless results. It was first used in Guinea, in order to create antibodies against Ebola in subjects who had been in contact with infected patients. The results showed that vaccination works and it repelled the disease with 100% efficiency.

It was a trial involving more than 11.000 subjects and, among them, 6.000 were given the rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine. None of them contracted the disease, even though being in contact with already sick patients. Among those who were not vaccinated, several dozens became sick shortly after the contact. As far as the tests go, it seems like Ebola vaccination works and it delivers impeccable results, which is great news, considering the aggression with which it manifests.

In the following period, researchers intend to use an immunization technique called “clusters”. It is the same used in eradicating smallpox, which involved vaccinating the persons belonging to the social circle of the sick ones. This way the patient will be isolated and the disease will have no host to spread to. The conclusion is clear: vaccination works and Ebola may soon be a thing of the past.

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