E-Cigarettes vs. Traditional Cigarettes

e-cigarette vs cigarette

       Smoking, next to a whole variety of other addictive products, is considered to extremely harmful for you, as well as those around you. But that does not stop you from smoking, does it? The reason is that everyone needs a means by which to relax and enjoy a peaceful and stress free moment. Smoking is exactly such thing and most of the smokers are doing it for some recreational time. However, you keep hearing more often about how they know how bad smoking is and they totally regret the moment they started doing it and wish they could set back the time and start all over again. But why don’t they just quit and put an end to the entire ordeal? Well, it may be easier said than done, because giving up your addiction is not quite a walk in the park. Yes, most of the smokers are desperately trying to find ways to quit, but it seems like they lack the proper motivation. As a non smoker, you cannot possibly comprehend the effort that you need to commit in order to quit smoking. Most likely you have your own addictions, but smoking is not the same as eating hamburgers or playing video games, because smoking, unlike many other ways you can use to entertain yourself, is causing a powerful effect in your brain that will cause a physical addiction. This means that a mere effort of will may not suffice when aiming to throw away that cigar.

That cigar is messing with your brain and is hanging on to you, regardless of your efforts. Of course there are plenty of people that succeeded in throwing away years of intense smoking in just a blink of an eye. Again, this is not simply a matter of will, although you can argue that those who can accomplish that have some in hand, but about the organism’s capacity to adapt to the ingredients found within a cigar. This is why some can quit this habit faster than others, or even doing it without any visible effort involved.

The problem

As you may know, the nicotine is commonly associated with lung cancer and with various other fatal diseases and it is responsible for countless deaths worldwide each year. Now, if that is the case, you may object, then why are not they banning the tobacco? Well, actually is not that easy. It seems that the nicotine, despite containing thousands of harmful toxins, it is not actively causing lung cancer, for example, but it helps triggering it, provided that your genetics favor it. In other words, nicotine boosts cancer development, but is not actually what causes it. If that were the case, then every smoker should suffer from cancer and, as you already know it that is not how the things are. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of smokers who are perfectly healthy and well and even live longer lives than those who are trying to keep themselves healthy by any means. But don’t take this as an appeal in favor of smoking, because it is not. Smoking is bad, undoubtedly and we need to grow aware of its harmful effects. Don’t consider just yourself in the process, but also bear in mind that those around you are also affected, especially children, because their immune system is not fully developed and they cannot take that dose of toxins with the same ease that you might.

As you already know by now, the exhaled smoke is as noxious as the inhaled one, if not more. The reason is that when exhaling, every substance that your body rejects gets absorbed by the passive smokers around you. And we are talking about all the nasty ingredients that will get stuck in their lungs and that may cause asthma, throat and lung cancer and so on. What you want to do is to avoid subjecting them to such a treatment and this means that you are forced to take measures, because no one can do that for you. We all want to protect the children and this is a great starting point.


What should you do?

The problem is not a dead end. You can take measure, regardless of how many years of smoking you have behind you and all it takes is you making the first step. There are plenty of ways by which you can quit smoking and you need to choose the right one for you, because not every method is suitable for everyone. Some manage to quit without any additional trickery involved. They just do it through pure will power; one day smoker, the other clean. Of course you may not be in the same category. If you are, good for you, it means that you can escape this death trap virtually effortless and you can consider yourself lucky, because you are among the few that can do that. For the rest of us, quitting smoking may be a real pain and for a good reason. As I have told you before, mere will power may not be enough to exorcize this demon. You will be needing side activities to fill your time with, to distract your brain from smoking, because every problem with addiction starts in your brain. It seems that your brain produces dopamine every time you smoke and this is common for every addiction. Regardless of your particular guilty pleasure, this is the sign that you may be addicted: the fact that the production of dopamine is stronger when using methods of entertainment. The only thing that you can do in this case is to replace one activity with another. Most of the people usually smoke because they are bored, in the beginning and then they do it because it became a regular thing to do. They use to smoke whenever they get bored or stressed and this is a loophole that you need to avoid at all cost. As I said, this means that you should find alternate ways to entertain yourself when feeling the need to smoke.

Some people start eating more, which can lead to different problems, so I cannot recommend this as a viable option. What you can do instead is exercising, for example. Take your time and do some running, some cardio, yoga or fitness. This will help your body to eliminate toxins as well as offering a plus of adrenaline, making you to feel better throughout the day. There are many other methods to get rid of smoking and there are plenty of advices that you can get from friends, relatives or even the internet. In fact, let me tell you about something I consider revolutionary in this field and I think it is pretty underrated among the smokers. The reason is that not many people are open to innovation and, thus, they are missing the most efficient ways by which they can improve their lives. I am talking about a product that I have tried myself, not about some shady and unreliable stuff that you don’t know if it will help you or kill you. I am talking about a product that has been tested and approved as one of the most efficient of its kind, currently on the market. It is called Blow EZPen and it is basically an electronic cigar designed to remove the cravings regarding the genuine tobacco, while having no negative impact on your health, neither on those around you. Not just that, but it also leads to a reduction of your tobacco cravings, which means that, as the time passes, you will feel less obliged to smoke and this is pretty damn nice. Not only that, but some of my friends also used it, which gave me the chance of witnessing firsthand the powerful effect of this product, before I start using it myself. Does this mean that you will quit smoking? No, because using this electronic cigar means that you are still smoking. Yes, it doesn’t contain any of the toxic waste that a regular cigar poisons you with, but it is a large step forward if you are looking to improve the quality of your life, as well as those surrounding you. From where I stand, this seems to be the most reliable solution to the smoking problem that society has nowadays. I would recommend it to anyone having problems in quitting this nasty habit, because I know what it feels like. Remember, until yesterday I was one of you. All you need to do is to keep an eye out for every innovation in this area. Maybe tomorrow a magic pill will be invented and we will never have to smoke again. Until then, I have just provided you with the second best option and trust me, you don’t want this to go untested. Give it a shot and I promise you that you won’t have to worry about smoking ever again!


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