Dr. Oz Medical Advice Is 50% Wrong

A study found 50% of Dr. Oz’s recommendations baseless

A study found 50% of Dr. Oz’s recommendations baseless

Mehmet OZ, the host to the talk-show “America’s Doctor”, speaks in a style that the mass can comprehend. It is the prime reason that makes him popular as Dr. OZ. He presents the complex medical jargon in a simple style that gives the mass good insight on various medical topics. People are not hesitant in stating that he is the only “American Doctor” that they trust.

Are the Americans doing injustice to the words, reliance and trust?

However, sometimes it seems that the trust is going in the wrong direction. The style he has adopted to present the medical programs seems he is emphasizing on entertainment than the gravity in medical topics.

These questions are floating in the air for a significant span of time. In June, Dr. OZ got hauled before the Congress. There, he was alleged of giving false hope to the people. The allegation got triggered by Senator Claire McCaskill, who described the talk-show as a disastrous recipe.

During the last month, there was a significant debate on an obesity-control pill. Dr. Oz stated that this pill is a safe and effective remedy to the obesity problem, irrespective of the age & gender of the consumer.

Excerpt of a study conducted by the British Medical Journal

The British Medical Journal gave an in-depth scrutiny over his works. This journal published a report last Wednesday, comparing between the talk-show Dr. OZ hosts and the other medical talk-shows running across various channels.

The comparison never generated reassuring results. A research team at the Alberta University, headed by Christina Korownyk, condemned the majority of the recommendations Oz had made till date.

The research team said it was shocking to observe that a hardcore medical talk-show, giving no medical information for the products it is recommending. Hence, the public should take those suggestions skeptically.

This study is a component of the running debate on hosting medical programs on the television. The show Dr. OZ host is within the top-5 medical programs in the US, having a daily viewership of 3 million. In addition, around 2.5 million readers read the “The Doctors” article in the newspaper.

Dr. OZ got observed presenting the ailments as per its market value. He recently compared Cancer with Angelina Jolie relating the market value of this brutal disease with that of the legend. This approach in the presentation is hurting a significant portion of the medical professionals and the mass.

What the experts have to say?

In the opinion of a portion of the doctors in the US, Oz is simply playing the role of an entertainer, doing no justice to the spirit of a medical show. Ideally, such programs should educate the mass about the ailments, its probable causes, and remedial measures as well as tricks and tips to speed up the recovery.

As, for instance, the experts vehemently criticized some of the diet plans that Dr. OZ suggested for preventing cancer. In the opinion of the experts, the recommendations hardly had solid evidence and facts to its backing.

Oz is intentionally emphasizing on the popularity and entertainment value. His program is not giving the minimal inputs on the medical terminology and concept. Thus, it is completely contradicting the purpose and objective of hosting medical shows in the television.

How Dr. OZ backs his standing?

Oz was called for a hearing where he clearly stated that he firmly believes on the recommendations that he makes during the course of the show.

He stated, he tries those recommendations on himself, his family members and friends, before advocating for those products to the mass. He said these recommendations are just to share the benefits that he had reaped from the use of certain products.

Dr. OZ is not preaching the mass the right information 

The British Medical journal, however, did not give a clean chit to OZ. The research team picked about 40o recommendations that he made within last 12 months. The research team conducted a test on these recommended products.

To their observations, only 46% produced the results as OZ claimed and 15% directly contradicted his claims. The rest 39% recommendations failed to produce any results.

Expert’s standing on the medical shows running on the television channels

Though the experts are majorly targeting OZ show for compromising on the content and information quality for entertainment values, this is a charge that they hold in common for all the medical shows on the Television.

As the profit of the TV channel is directly linked with the stretch of the viewers, it is obvious that the channels will emphasize on entertainment. They will try to catch the audience with fairy-words like miracle results, assured-outcome, instant outcome, safe & effective, so on and so forth.

The emphasis on these words definitely enhances the entertainment value, but, does the biggest injustice with the objective of medical shows.

Hence, experts are suggesting that the mass should always take these points skeptically. They should be wise and considerate, before trying any of these recommendations. The experts even appealed to the channel authorities, not to suppress the technical side for emphasizing the entertainment part.

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