Here Are What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About Weight Loss

Here Are What Your Doctor Isn't Telling You About Weight Loss

Can the doctor help you lose weight?

In the United States, the UK, Europe, and even in South Africa, most people see obese people as people with a disease, ready to kick the proverbial bucket. Personally, I have once experienced this, I’m one of these people that were morbidly obese at a point in my life but lost all that weight to gain my new body.

Every person that has ever lost weight has a story to tell. Most people have tried and failed. Just like most of them, I also have my own share of failures; I tried almost every diet, supplements, and programs I can get my hands on. Doctors kept on prescribing more “diets and exercise” for me. Most of these diets and exercise didn’t work out.

A couple of years later, by a stroke of fate, I was able to meet with a different type of doctor. This time around, it was a licensed naturopathic doctor. It was this doctor that finally told me the truth and most of what he told me is what your doctor isn’t telling you.

According to my doctor, the cause of this obesity is as a result of “standard modern life” that includes poor nutrition and lack of exercise. This time around, this doctor didn’t prescribe another diet or drugs. Instead, she asked me to get a dog that will help me in getting at least 2 and half hour walks every day. But that’s not all; she also recommended another strategy – eating a plant-based diet.

With this new recommendation, I cleared my kitchen of every animal product and stock it with fruits, spices, vegetables, herbs and foods made from plants. I started preparing every meal with recipes provided by my new doctor. Of course, I took my doctor’s advice, got a dog and started getting a daily walk with my doctor.

Within 6 months, I started noticing changes – For the first time in a long time, I was able to keep my glucose, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels normal. But that’s not all, I dropped from 340 pounds to 185 pounds within 10 months and my waistline shrank from 52 inches to 34 inches. The changes aren’t the only reason I was happy, I also felt happy.

I was very surprised the way I achieved my new status. In fact, it took me a couple of months before I adjust to my new lifestyle. This got me thinking what if I can help other people with the same problem with the advice my doctor gave me. But that not all, I also wondered why all doctors aren’t recommending this method of treatment.

A few months later, I enrolled in college where I learned how to read food labels and medical journals. I learned a few stuff and I will like to share them with you.

Some of the things I learned includes:

  1. To get healthy weight, you will need a good nutrition. Focus on eating nutrition from plants and reduce animal-based products.
  2. According to a research, about one-quarter of all United States doctors took a class in nutrition. Most graduates of the medical school have inadequate training on nutrition. While most doctors can easily treat traumatic injury and disease, most of them fall short when it comes dietary causes of obesity and related lifestyle diseases.
  3. Unlike medical doctors, most licensed naturopathic doctors and registered dietitians have extensive training on nutrition. They know better about diets than your average normal doctor. If you are looking to achieve your ideal weight and want some advice on nutrition, you shouldn’t be talking to a medical doctor. Instead, you will need to talk to a vegan-friendly licensed naturopathic doctor or registered dietitian
  4. A research has linked excessive consumption of animal-based products to chronic lifestyle diseases such as cancer, Type-2 diabetes, stroke, and even myocardial infarction. Alternatively, plant-based diets will reduce the risk of these diseases.
  5. I saved more than 10,000 per year in insurance deductibles and copays after losing my excess weight. You may think that eating a plant-based diet is extreme but saving a lot of money is certainly enough motivation to try this diet.
  6. In addition to your plant-based diet, you will need to add CLA Safflower Oil supplement to help you lose weight better. This supplement prevents you from overeating and helps you lose weight faster in a sustainable way.
  7. Finally, note that no weight loss program is complete without an exercise. While you are taking plant-based diet, you will need light, regular exercise to achieve and maintain your weight loss goal. Note that extreme exercise is not necessary for weight loss. In my own case, walking my dog was the exercise I got and that was enough for me. You too can try this and I believe it will work for you too.

Some plant-based diets you can try include:

Eating plant-based diet will certainly go a long way in helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

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