Cryotherapy Reviews – The Healing Power of Cold

The Healing Power of Cold

Cryotherapy – the healing power of cold

The ability of humans to revive and rejuvenate under the influence of low temperatures, namely under the influence of liquid nitrogen is known in cosmetics under the term “cryotherapy.”

Cryotherapy is a cosmetic and medical method, in which by using low temperature is achieved the treatment of certain diseases or removal of skin problems. Has been scientifically proven the beneficial effects of low temperatures on the overall condition of the human body.

The fact is that the cold has the ability to boost immunity, improve resistance to stress, increase efficiency and to normalize the work of the endocrine system.

At each of us has happened to feel relief after placing a bag of ice on the affected area in muscle pain or injury.

Since ancient times people have realized that cold helps with certain diseases or injuries without having a scientific explanation for this.

The most popular application of cryotherapy is in dermatological problems and illnesses. Rosacea, acne, flabby skin and seborrhea are some of the diseases that are affected positively by this method. In this cases is applied the cryo massage with snow from carbonic acid and liquid nitrogen.

What is the medicinal effect of the cold?

Cold is a wonderful analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-itching source especially for bruises, swelling, fractures, arthritis, burns, fever. Cold lowers the temperature of the tissues, the blood flow becomes slower (this helps prevent or stop bleeding) and pain receptors weaken.

With cryotherapy successfully are treated a number of skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne, seborrhea fat, rosacea, warts, varicose veins, vitiligo.

Nordic people do use the cold and the cold drinks as an effective medication even for colds.

The cold also helps for a better sleep. If you sleep in a cool room, your sleep will be far more relaxed and enjoyable. A shower with lukewarm or cold water tones and helps you feel rested. You can try the so-called Swedish bathrooms – the alternation of hot (about 1-2 min.) with cold water (about half a minute).

The cold acts on the nerve endings of the skin and is reflected in the autonomic nervous system. Under the influence of cryotherapy, the biochemical processes are changed not only in the cells that are directly exposed to but in the deep-lying tissues. As a result, the nutrition of the skin is improved. The beneficial effects of the cold and its amazing ability to rejuvenate cells are applied in the most recent cryo treatments with anti-age effect.

In what form is used the cold for therapeutic purposes?

At home you can use ice (or snow) but as a medical treatment is applied the liquid nitrogen (-196 ° C) or carbonic acid (-80 °C).

Important: Do not put ice directly on the skin. This can lead to frostbite and pain from the cold. And do not hold more than 10-15 minutes of ice to the affected area of skin.

Cryomassage with liquid nitrogen

Cryomassage is a procedure at a time at which liquid nitrogen affects the skin of the face and neck, restoring youth and beauty. It is made using a special spray applicator.

After the procedure the skin pores shrink, the skin becomes elastic and flexible and the roughnesses disappear almost completely.

If using a cryomassage in combination with other methods of maintaining and restoring beauty as a natural anti-aging cosmetics, the effect of the procedure is amplified several times.

Cryotherapy in cosmetics

Cryotherapy is widely used in cosmetic studios for the rejuvenating effects of the cold. It is believed that if you rub the eye area with an ice cube it will help you to remove the bags under your eyes and the puffiness of the eyelids and to smooth the wrinkles.

Because the cold tightens and smooths the skin and also reduces fat deposition, the cryotherapy is used as a treatment of cellulite. For this purpose, there are specifically designed Cryosaunas in which you stay for only a few minutes (1 to 3 min.) under -100 degrees Celsius. Cryosaunas stimulate metabolism, strengthens the immune system and you feel full of energy.

How to get rid of the extra fats forever?

Probably you often ask this question. And probably often you get the response that you do not like. There is no such way. Actually, there is and it is called cryotherapy. This is a relatively new technology that removes the local fat deposits on the belly, love handles and thighs by freezing fat cells. It sounds strange, but in fact, technology is quite simple and effective.

How does cryotherapy procedure?

The patient enters the cabin warm socks and underwear from natural fabrics. The operator raises the lift so that the patient’s head is at the upper end of the cab. The cabin is filled with dry nitrogen air

The mixture, the patient puts his hands on top of the cab. Due to the fact that at ultra-low temperatures water vapor in the mixture practically absent, the feeling is comfortable enough unlike the bathing with ice-cold water. The operator is located close to the patient to be able to control the patient’s condition. The procedure lasts from two to three minutes and, if necessary, it may be terminated at any time.  After the procedure, the patient leaves the sauna.

How does the cryotherapy work?

During the procedure occurs rapidly cooling of the upper layer of the skin where are located the receptors for cold. They send to the brain a powerful signal for the presence of danger in the periphery, without notifying its character. Because of the slow transmission, the information enters the brain only after completion of the procedure, so the body begins to thoroughly check all organs and systems in search of the source, and thus regulates all vital processes.

Under the influence of the cold, the blood vessels of the skin and the fat cellulose shrink to expand after the procedure and get a rush of blood and nutrients. The metabolic processes in these layers are strengthened, removal product exchange is accelerated, which improves the condition and appearance of the skin. In addition, the brief impact of ultra-low temperatures tones and strengthens the blood vessels, which is a prevention against the appearance of varicose veins. Generally, the procedure is restoring the metabolism and strengthens the body as a whole.

What is the technique of cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is done with a medical device for aesthetic adjustments designed to reduce fat deposits through a unique cooling system. Cryotherapy is a new procedure based on precise and controlled cooling. This new technique removes local fat deposits, but unlike most alternatives is completely non-invasive. It is important to know that cryotechnology except noninvasive is painless.

Especially effective is the use of cryotherapy in combination with other physiotherapeutic procedures. In particular, cryotherapy sessions allow you to relieve muscle strain after sports and is greatly combined with a massage in the gym.

In medicine the cryotherapy allows shortening the time for rehabilitation after illness, operations, to relieve pain and to smooth the implementation of gymnastics.

Who is the ideal candidate for cryotherapy?

The ideal candidate for cryotherapy is of normal weight but who have problem areas of the body with accumulated fats. The composition of the fatty deposits directly depends on the food that the patient consumes. If cryotherapy is combined with a proper diet, it will help to achieve maximum results. It is recommended the patient to avoid foods high in fat three weeks before the procedure.

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