What Are Cannabidiol (CBD) Pills And What Are Their Uses?

What Are Cannabidiol (CBD) Pills And What Are Their Uses?

How to consume CBD?

There are few drugs out there that had so much controversy surrounding it like CBD has. CBD or Cannabidiol is most likely the best-known cannabinoid that is found in cannabis, a plant that is also used as a recreational drug by many people across the globe. It has a huge range of medical benefits that are set to turn the medical field upside-down because of the fact that it may be easier to access in certain areas than other treatments.

Cannabis for the use of a huge variety of medical issues have caused quite a stir off late and people are becoming more and more aware of the benefits this drug (which is still illegal in many areas of the world) may hold for a variety of afflictions.

How did they come to be?

These are the facts of it and definitely not something that a pothead sat around dreaming up one day to justify his use of the ‘herb’ to the many nay-sayers that judged so harshly before. There is a myriad of scientific results that were gathered from tests conducted in actual laboratories over a period of time in many countries around the world.

The pills and other forms of treatment are manufactured using a strain of marijuana that keeps the CBD but is free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is an ingredient in the cannabis plant that is responsible for the psychological effects and intoxication associated with the use of the plant. Read on to learn about some of the benefits it may hold for you and your ailment.

Stimulates the appetite

In illness, a patient may sometimes lose their appetite due to weakness or a general feeling of being unwell. This is not the best thing for a body that needs to heal itself. CBD stimulates the appetite so that the body has all the energy that it may need to heal properly and quickly.

How this happens is the CBDs bind itself to the cannabinoid receptors that exist within the body and they are responsible for regulating how often we eat if we even do. It also helps to curb vomiting and nausea that are also sometimes part of being ill and that can be caused by some lifesaving treatments. We know how nausea and vomiting can impact our appetite.

Beneficial as an antipsychotic

The University of Cologne which is in Germany conducted research on 39 subjects (they were all hospitalized for a psychotic episode) which showed that CBD has the ability to relieve the psychosis related to schizophrenia. 19 of the 39 test subjects were treated with a well-known antipsychotic medication while the rest were given CBD.

The scientists and the patients were all left in the dark with regards to who got which medication but in the end, there was no difference in the treatment outcome of any of the patients. This means that the CBD was just as effective a treatment as the usual medication without some of the typical side effects. CBD had a better effect on schizophrenia’s negative symptoms as well.

Lack of motivation, social withdrawal, and pleasure blunting are symptoms of this condition that is usually very hard to treat but they are improved with CBDs. 1.1 % of people worldwide are affected by schizophrenia so there are literally millions of people that can benefit from CBD just for this condition. The fact that it has less or no side effects is a great reason for patients to at least try CBDs for the treatment of their psychosis.

Protects against cancer development

Several studies are detailed by the National Cancer Institute and these tests show that CBD has amazing anti-tumor effects. In a study on mice and rats, it was determined that CBD may even protect against the development of some types of cancer. Their efficacy in these areas is due to the fact that they encourage the death of the tumor cells and because they impede the spread and growth of cancerous cells.

Pain relief

Patients suffering from pain due to a range of reasons find relief with the use of CBD meds. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which go a long way in reducing swelling. The reason that it helps with pain is that the CBDs bind to the CB1 receptors found in the body (similar to previous explanation in the ‘Stimulates the appetite section) and through this occurrence relief in pain is experienced.

Diminishes anxiety

SAD or general Social Anxiety Disorder is one of the most prevalent types of anxiety disorders and it can greatly impair a patient’s quality of life. A study from 2011 saw CBDs and placebos given to two groups. The group who took the CBD showed reduced stress levels and discomfort in public speech scenarios than their placebo counterparts. Some people complain of increases in social anxiety when they have used marijuana but that could be attributed to CBD levels being low in comparison to higher levels of the ingredient THC. THC is known for having this effect.

After all the facts are looked at, it becomes clear that CBD mainly assists those with serious illness to better handle the side effects associated with the intense treatments that they go through. It does have some healing properties of its own like with schizophrenia but it is better used in conjunction with other meds and treatments to alleviate an array of discomforts and in doing so helps the body to become strong again.

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