The cancer will kill over 5.5 million women per year by 2030

The cancer will kill over 5.5 million women per year by 2030

By 2030 is expected a sharp increase in mortality rate from cancer among women. according to two scientific reports as victims of the disease will reach 5.5 million annually.

This represents an increase of 60% in less than two decades. The report of the American Cancer Society (ACS) was published recently at the World Congress on Combating Cancer in Paris.

As the global population grows and ages, the biggest problem will be women in low- and middle-income countries. Many cancers are largely preventable.

“Most deaths are of young and middle-aged people, which is a heavy workload for their families and national economies,” said Vice President of ACS Sally Cowal, which has made a report together with the pharmaceutical company Merck.

A second report published in the journal Lancet estimates that the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer could increase to 3.2 million per year by 2030 compared with 1.5 million in 2015.

Patients with cancer of the cervix may increase their numbers by at least 25% to 700 000 new cases a year by 2030.

What shows the statistics?

Reports indicate that one in seven women worldwide died from cancer. This is the second most serious cause of death after cardiovascular diseases.

The four most lethal types of cancer (breast, cervical, lung and colon) are largely preventable or can be detected early when the cancer treatment is more effective.

In poor countries much smaller percentage of patients are diagnosed and treated, making the mortality significantly higher.

Women in these countries are exposed to an increasingly greater degree of risk factors for developing cancer, which is associated with the rapid economic transition. It’s about increased physical activity, unhealthy diet, obesity and reproductive factors such as postponing of motherhood.

According to experts, because of these changes, cancers that were previously characteristic mainly for developed economies increasingly occur in poor countries.

Breast cancer and lung cancer are the two most commonly found in rich and poor countries.

The most common are breast cancer among women in 140 countries and cervical cancer in 39 countries.

The data of the International Agency for Cancer Research show that in 2012 around the world are registered 6.7 new cases of women with cancer and 3.5 million deaths. More than half of them are in poor countries.

What are the most common types of cancer and the need for prevention?

Cancerous diseases are among the five groups of socially significant diseases. The causes of cancer are not yet established, though many experts indicate some of the preconditions for its occurrence. The treatment is also different depending on the type of the tumor formations. Usually, is paying attention only to how to reduce the risk of getting this bad and already quite massive disease because it is impossible to eliminate the impact of the harmful factors.

The most common type of cancer among women is breast cancer

Diagnosed in the first stage, this type of cancer is almost always curable. The bad thing is that only 15 percent of sufferers are diagnosed in the first stage, due to poor prevention and negligence. Predisposing factors are family history, smoking, hormonal contraceptives, obesity.

Practice shows that women who did not give birth or breastfed more often get breast cancer. Therefore, as a prevention of cancer diseases, experts recommend quit smoking, normalize weight, regular physical activity, and healthy lifestyle.

Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women

Of cervical cancer are affected mainly, young women. For one year of all newly diagnosed patients, 30% of them die. There is a direct causal connection with the early start of sexual life among young girls. This often leads to infection with the HPV virus, the main “culprit” for the disease.

Found on time, cervical cancer is completely curable. Also, surgery and radiotherapy are quite effective. Its first clinical manifestation (in 4/5 of infected) is the occurrence of bleeding after sex. Is necessary, immediately to seek consultation with a gynecologist, if any symptoms.

Cancer of the uterus occurs mainly among older women

Predisposing factors for this cancer are obesity, diabetes, late menopause, hypertension, hormonal contraceptives. The main indicator is vaginal bleeding after menopause occurred. If it is not diagnosed on time this type of cancer it has certainly given metastases, mainly in liver and lung. Then its treatment is almost always doomed to failure.

Another common malignancy among women is ovarian cancer

It also affects older women. Among the predisposing factors are long intakes of hormones that stimulate ovulation (sterility). It is usually not diagnosed to time and proceeds malignantly.

Many experts indicate as a cause of ovarian cancer diseases stress, which is part of all our lives. They recommend a diet for preventing obesity. It is known that obesity is a factor of the risk of developing many cancers.

Reducing the use of fats containing carcinogens, it is also necessary. It is obligatory to consume fruits and vegetables in your diet, providing the body plant cellulose, vitamins, probiotics and substances with anti-cancer properties.

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