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Regardless whether you want to or not, you train your brain every day for your entire life. Learning is a process that never stops, even without requiring large efforts from your part. While in the past people were unaware of the many factors that contribute in the appearance and the expansion of some serious brain illnesses, once the time has passed, we have reached to a deeper understanding in this regard. This is how we found out that Alzheimer’s disease is a genetically evolving affection that can be delayed and even completely avoided by simply taking care of your brain’s health. There have been many studies proving that those who get involved in activities that stimulate thinking and the overall brain activity are less likely to develop some of the most serious affections in the world. It is always a better idea to prevent rather than cure, and this is where you need to find out about the most efficient brain training apps and games who have been put together by scientists and proven to improve your brain’s capacity. So let’s break them down one by one:

  • Wizard

The first on the list is an app developed by scientists with the main goal of improving the short-term memory. Also, it seems like this app is strongly related to improve other areas of the brain’s health, such as providing assistance in dealing with schizophrenia. An estimation puts schizophrenia in the range of $14 billion every year in terms of patient care costs. The bad thing about it is that it does not show signs of improvement. Which is why apps such as Wizard are priceless assets, because your brain’s health is crucial for your body’s wellbeing. No matter what other illness you would contract, it cannot be that severe than one destroying your brain.

  • Lumosity

This is probably the most used application in the world. The interesting part about it is that it offers a wide range of games specifically designed for each mental area or faculty. This way you can chose which area you would like trained and pick the correspondent game. It may be that this feature is responsible for the fact that there are more than 70 million users worldwide and the number seems to grow by the day.

  • Eidetic

This app is a program designed to improve your mathematical memory, which is a priceless asset for those who are working with numbers. Or for those just looking to improve this aspect. This is what makes it a perfect addition for students and people working with various data, in the bank sector or who deal with a lot of phone numbers.

  • Elevate

This application is meant to improve your focus, your memory and your reading comprehension altogether. It is also an important asset if you look to maintain your brain up and running every minute of every day. The most important feature about this app is that it keeps track of your evolution and your progress will be noted so you can come back to it later. This way you will know whether you need to improve yourself and increase the difficulty, or just keep it at the same level.

  • CogniFit Brain Fitness

Next is an app that is designed to polish your cognitive abilities, among which we will mention memory and focus, using extremely fun, educative and demanding games that are more than just mere games. They have been designed by scientists aiming to help the brain develop a natural resistance to some degenerative diseases that may have severe long term effects. What makes this app different is that it can be played in tandem and you can set the difficulty according to your profile. Also, the interesting fact is that you should be able to notice improvements after couple of weeks of using these games for about 20 minutes daily.

  • Brain trainer special

It is more like Eidetic, a basically similar app looking to improve your ability to retain numbers by improving your memory. You can use this application with great success and you will no longer experience those annoying memory loss episodes like you used to. There are a wide range of degrees, ranging from rookie to expert and you can be satisfied regardless of your preferred level.

  • Happify

This is an interesting entry, I have to give it that. For a long time it was believed that there are not correspondents of the negative thoughts in real life. It was believed that stress cannot be cured by simply subjecting yourself to positive messages, but it seems like it is after all possible. This application uses fundamentally positive psychological resources to alter your vision of the world in highly positive ways. Its ultimate goal is to provide the users with the feeling of a more positive life and never let them get grumpy again. You cannot miss it.

  • Positive activity jackpot

While it may sound like a cheap casino game, I assure you it is more than that. It is actually an app initially developed to cope with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder – an affection commonly known as battle fatigue) in veterans. It can successfully fight against stress and depression and will eventually help you in looking at the world with different eyes.

As a final word, these applications are not designed to completely replace medical treatment, but rather to prevent it if possible by any means. This is because, just like I have mentioned the beginning, it is better and easier to prevent an illness, than to fight it.


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