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Gentelmens, in today’s article we’re doing your testicles are solid. We’re going to help those little guys do what they do incredibly well which is produced the incredibly awesome and the central hormone testosterone.

This article is all about testosterone, we’re going to discuss

  • What is Andro Boost X
  • What testosterone is
  • Why it’s important and
  • How to boost your testosterone levels

What is Andro Boost X

When you’re a young, one day, you’re all like signing like a soprano and the next day, your voice starts cracking air start sprouting out everywhere, that`s puberty. Congratulations, you are becoming a man viral,  strong, testosterone flowing like rivers, sex drive through the roof and for the next like 15 to 20 years, everything is cool.

But around the age of 30, testosterone levels start to drop and with the drop and decline and testosterone levels so does your sex drive your energy level muscle mass. When your testosterone levels plummet you feel like crap. A lot of guys will go to the doctors get tested and if your levels are low enough, they may prescribe you synthetic testosterone. But there are also some simple lifestyle adjustments that are incredibly effective.

One of my personal pet peeves to our society is that we’re really quick to go and look for a quick solution as in like a drug or “Hey, I’m not sleeping,  I’m going to take a pill” and doctors are too quick to prescribe medicine as opposed to actually recommending solid lifestyle adjustments.

And so today, I’d like to actually talk about seven specific things that you can do that will or have been shown to naturally increase your testosterone level.

How to increase testosterone with Andro Boost X

Is true that you can increase your testosterone levels withouth any supplements and I will give few examples. The number one natural way to increase your testosterone level is to actually lose weight. Number one biggest risk factor for a dude that have low testosterone is being overweight or obese and there are a few different reasons for that:

The first reason is that testosterone is actually converted to estrogen in fatty tissue, the more fat, you have the higher the conversion.

How does Andro Boost X work?

Another reason for low testosterone is that obesity decreases testicular function. The best thing you can do to increase your testosterone is to actually reduce your body fat if you are overweight. But if you’re already low, don’t go too low. If your body fat level is too low, you actually will hurt your testosterone levels as well which is actually number two you can’t be to lean your body needs body fat, you need to consume fat.

If your body fat drops too low and stays down your body will shut down production of testosterone. You don’t want too much, you don’t want too little and I would say a safe zone is between 10 and 20% for a man.

If you can increase your testosterone naturally is make sure you’re consuming enough vitamin D and the mineral zinc. Your body needs the essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients in order to operate at max capacity. Vitamin D and Zinc are two of those minerals that are essential and critical for test production.

Andro Boost X Pros and Cons

  • With Andro Boost X you will have increased stamina and endurance
  • Better energy and increased sexual confidence
  • Increases the testosterone in your body
  • Better blood circulation across your penile region

So far Andro Boost X has no negative reviews or side-effects and is already called the number one male enhancement pill in the United States. Made with natural ingredients inside the US, Andro Boost X is backed up with 100% satisfaction guarantee by the manufacturing company.

Best ways to increase your testosterone naturally?

The best way to increase your testosterone naturally is to chill out and reduce stress. Cortisol is a hormone that is caused when your body is under stress and when your body releases cortisol all hell breaks loose. Cortisol is the stress hormone just like testosterone is like the hormone that is awesome and we need, cortisol, we could do without. When we’re under stress cortisol skyrockets and as a result it drops the effects of testosterone. So, reduce stress, exercise meditate and chill.

Natural boost testosterone is responsible for lots of amazing things like:

  •  Sexual and reproductive function,
  • Muscle mass
  • Hair growth
  •  Bone density and one of the most important things.
  • Feeling good

Another good way to increase your testosterone levels naturally is to get better sleep. The University of Chicago did a study, they studied the sleeping patterns of healthy men and what they found is the guys that slept seven to nine hours a night actually had higher testosterone levels. Groundbreaking right? Well, there’s more, It’s not just quantity, It’s quality. Developing better sleeping habits and rituals are one of the easiest things that you can do that will most dramatically affect the quality of your life, like every aspect of your life.

You can also increase your testosterone naturally is by reducing the amount of alcohol you consume. Study after study after study is actually shown that when you consume alcohol, especially in access your testosterone levels drop.

And last but certainly not least, this way you can increase your testosterone naturally is worked out gentleman pump iron working out with weights rigorously is has been and always will be one of the best things you can do to increase your body’s release and production of testosterone.

In conclusion gentleman testosterone is critical. It is essential and it’s vital to your feeling looking and basically bad if you give the seven natural testosterone boosters a try you essentially just give yourself a better life.

Where to buy Andro Boost X?

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